Located in North Central Texas, Fort Worth is called by home by several cultural sites, landmarks, as well as universities. It is the fifth-largest city in the state and is among the fastest-growing hubs in the entire country. That said, this list showcases ten of Fort Worth’s best and leading construction companies. These firms were chosen based on their impressive portfolios,  backgrounds, and countless distinctions.

Beck Group

810 Hemphill St., Fort Worth, TX 76104

With over a hundred years of industry experience, Beck Architecture is one of the oldest firms on this list. It has worked across the United States and specializes in architecture and construction. The firm is also highly regarded for its sustainability efforts, assuring clients that all of its spaces are highly efficient and environmentally friendly. It tailor-fits its methods to better accommodate each project that it takes on. Additionally, it prides itself on the impressive rankings it has garnered for itself through the years. In 2021, it was named the Best Managed Company in the country by Deloitte Private and The Wall Street Journal. 

The featured project below showcases the firm’s work for Shake Shack. Spanning over 2,900 square feet, this project is located in Dallas. It was built on a leftover corner of the Crescent Development. For this, it employed a glass pavilion and made use of locally sourced reclaimed wood. 

Located in the heart of Fort Worth, this project is composed of 900,000 square feet of office space and 820,000 square feet of parking. This project serves as Radio Shack’s corporate headquarters and features a campus-style inspired design. For this, the firm’s team provided the necessary electrical, communications, control conduits, and HVAC piping systems to the entire campus.

Byrne Construction Services

551 E. Berry St., Fort Worth, TX 76110

With nearly a century’s worth of industry experience, Byrne Construction offers its clients a complete and comprehensive range of general contracting work. Since its establishment, it has grown to become the largest Fort Worth-based construction firm, as well as the largest Hispanic-owned construction company. It is also highly regarded for its commitment to sustainable practices, assuring clients of the high efficiency of its spaces. The chosen project below is an excellent example of the firm’s talent and expertise. 

Spanning over 450,450 square feet, this project involved the renovation and MEP upgrade of an existing structure first built in 1928. For this, the project had to work on 600 new aluminum punched windows, painting the entire exterior façade, an aluminum storefront system at the first level retail shops, a three-ply roofing system, a new fire sprinkler system, a new cooling tower with two new HVAC chillers and associated pumps.  It also entailed several high-end finishes and custom touches. Impressively, the project was recognized with several distinctions including the National Excellence in Construction Merit Award from Associated Builders & Contractors and a feature in McGraw-Hill Construction and Texas Construction Magazine.

Fort Construction

224 E. Vickery Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76104

Fort Construction offers its clients a full range of services and provides expertise not only in construction but also estimating, project management, and preconstruction. It completed all of its projects on time and within agreed-upon budgets. Since its establishment, the firm has secured solid relationships with some of the area’s best and leading architects, designers, and engineers. The firm’s comprehensive services encompass working on accurate budgets, quality control, material tracking, and Leadership in Energy and Enviornmental Design (LEED) Certification. At the firm’s helm is the company’s president, Scott Price. He graduated from Wesleyan University and has been in the industry for the greater part of four decades. 

Featured here is one of the firm’s most impressive projects. Located in Fort Worth, this project was finished back in 2012. It spans over 23,788 square feet and was completed in collaboration with the professionals at VLK Architects.

Hill & Wilkinson General Contractors

1227 W. Magnolia Ave. Suite #125, Fort Worth, TX 76104

With over five decades of industry experience, Hill & Wilkinson offers expertise in a wide variety of architectural vernaculars for a long list of markets. It delivers all of its work in timely and cost-effective approaches. That said, it can take on any project regardless of size or scale. It takes great pride in the countless repeat clients it has amassed through the years. The company is also highly regarded for its comprehensive master builder approaches. Showcased is one of the firm’s most impressive spaces. 

Spanning over 391,441 square feet, this project is located in Fort Worth. This parking garage was completed for Texas Christian University. It contains six levels and two elevators. The project is built into the side of a hill and also won the 2017 Texas Parking & Transportation Association Award of Excellence.

PRIM Construction

252 Roberts Cut Off Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76114

PRIM offers its clients a full range of construction management services and extends its work throughout Fort Worth. The firm’s stellar portfolio includes several impressive corporate campuses, institutional and medical office buildings, retail space as well as tenant improvement projects. The firm has been in business since 2007 and specializes in contract negotiation, collaborative design management, construction design management, development cost estimation, environmental services, site feasibility selection, and entitlement acquisition services. The chosen project below is a great example of the company’s work. 

Located at 101 Nursery Lane in the River District, this project spans 23,000 square feet. It took around ten months to finish and features a unique combination of steel and wood. Its exteriors are reminiscent of timeless industrial architecture, while its interiors feature an open concept floorplan complete with clean lines and minimalist finishes. It was completed in collaboration with BECK Architecture.

Ferrier Custom Homes

5017 Byers Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76107

Now on its fourth generation of builders, Ferrier Custom Homes extends its services throughout Fort Worth and is highly regarded for its green building construction and design. That said, its commercial and residential spaces are highly sustainable and energy-efficient. At the firm’s helm is the company’s president and CEO, Don Ferrier. He has been in the industry since the 1980s and is known by the Dallas Builders Association as among the area’s leading green builders. In fact, he has traveled all across the country educating professionals in the industry in terms of the benefits of sustainable and energy-efficient construction techniques.

Showcased above is one of the firm’s best homes. The owners of this home wanted to downsize from their previous home and go for a more minimalistic lifestyle. And so, as a solution, the firm’s team worked on this all-new modern home with great open interiors and warm finishes. It spans around 2,330 square feet and features several sustainable details like its passive solar design, structural insulated panel walls and roof, and tankless water heater.

Fred Parker Company Inc.

4313 Frazier Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76115

Founded in 1951, the Fred Parker Company works out of its office in Fort Worth and has since secured a solid reputation for its residential design and construction services. It provides prospective clients with stellar and timeless architectural design, as well as the use of the latest building technology. Some of the firm’s best projects can be found spread throughout the Greater Fort Worth area. It is composed of a talented and experienced team of designers, craftsmen, and suppliers. Showcased below is one of the company’s most impressive homes. 

Labeled in its portfolio as the Eagle Mountain Estate, this project sits on acres of lakefront property. It features a great colonial theme complete with large cast stone columns, a gable façade, window, and door surrounds, and featured special shaped brick. Inside, its foyer has a floating stairway, several open balconies, and a custom handpainted barrel ceiling.

Bannister Custom Homes

3605 El Campo, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Bannister Custom Homes is a family-owned and operated practice that specializes in every aspect of residential general contracting services. It works out of its office in Fort Worth and has had the opportunity to across some of its most sought-after communities. Since its establishment back in 2001, it has secured a stellar reputation for its distinct designs and expertise in a wide variety of architectural vernaculars. Depicted below is one of its best homes. 

Located on 2313 Ryan Avenue, this project showcases a great 1920s Mission Revival design. It features a great screened-in porch and an eat-in kitchen. Its team also incorporated several modern touches and details.

David Lewis Builder

4204 Deering Dr., Fort Worth, TX US 76114

David Lewis Builder is regarded for its outstanding luxury residential work. It specializes in upscale homes and services the entirety of Fort Worth and the areas that surround it. The firm has been in business since 1981 and is composed of a talented and experienced team of architects, engineers, and craftsmen. Its work is often distinguished for its love for straight lines, contemporary finishes, and modern touches. 

At the firm’s helm is its founder and namesake, David Lewis. He was born and raised in Fort Worth and draws inspiration from over four decades of industry experience. His residential portfolio ranges from the period of restoration of historic estates to sleek contemporary dwellings.

Trinity Design & Build

4909 Camp Bowie Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76107

As its name suggests, Trinity offers its clients a comprehensive list of design and construction services. It extends its services throughout Dallas and Fort Worth and has since become known for its great new construction, extensive renovation, and remodeling projects. The company provides excellent turnkey solutions that allow it to keep the entire process in-house. This lessens the challenge for clients in terms of having to look for additional subcontractors and professionals. Its team ensures that each project the firm takes on receives a personalized package that would best address its specific needs and visions. Featured below is one of the firm’s best works. 

For this home, the firm’s team made use of excellent pops of color and a contemporary design. It features wood-paneled flooring and various custom details. The company achieves great work like these through maintaining affiliations with vital organizations like the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).