Lewisville is one of the oldest cities in Texas. Once a run-down small town, the city’s rapid population growth has allowed for the development of recreational activities for locals and tourists alike. From Lewisville Lake to libraries and museums to a thriving entertainment scene, the city offers natural wonder, historical vibes, and modern amusement. With its thriving economy, easy access to various parts of North Texas, and its skilled workforce, the city is an excellent location for establishing a business. 

Our editors have found five of the best commercial working contractors in Lewisville. These firms have extensive knowledge of the different types of commercial buildings. We chose them for their craftsmanship and professionalism. These firms understand the value of time spent in constructing commercial spaces and are dedicated to delivering the best quality builds. Building a brand necessitates extreme attention to detail; a store’s layout or the details of a new dining room can make or break a brand. Hiring the best commercial contractors can help business owners achieve the goals they set for their brands.

Parkway Construction & Architecture

1000 Civic Circle, Lewisville, TX 75067

Parkway Construction and Architecture believes that the finest way to deliver the best quality service is to establish relationships with clients who share the firm’s core beliefs in integrity, trust, and respect. It also holds the view that knowledge gained from discovering the best practices and successful processes leads to increased efficiency and quality. Licensed in 49 states, the firm can provide services across the country wherever it is needed. This extensive reach allows the firm to combine its experiences from various environments and tailor them to the needs of a project. 

Aside from building relationships with its clients, the firm also recognizes the importance of its team as the driving force behind its success. The firm’s in-house team can help with budgeting, permitting, architecture, development schedules, and construction. In this way, the firm continuously monitors each project as it progresses toward the established goals. With more than four decades in the industry, the firm has continued to grow with new employees and new regional offices. As it continues to cultivate its team, it has significantly increased its success; the firm was named among the Top 300 U.S. Architecture Firms by Architectural Record Magazine in 2022, and among the Top 400 National Contactors by Engineering News-Record.

ACT Construction

350 McDonnell Street, Lewisville, TX 75057

ACT Construction began by focusing on residential remodeling projects in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but as opportunities shifted, the company shifted its focus to commercial projects. The company has completed 4,500 projects across the country since making the switch to commercial construction. Whether through a complex project or a simple remodel, the firm understands a project’s significance to its owners. During its years in the industry, the firm has developed a fully coordinated system that will deliver all aspects of the construction process on time and efficiently. It maximizes the structure of its team and subcontractors to produce quality builds. 

Each type of commercial construction includes a general project process that is used as well as a process that is unique to them; the firm uses its team’s combined skills as well as the best practices, materials, equipment, and technology available. Working on a variety of projects, the firm is committed to delivering successful outcomes while protecting the project owners’ investment.

Eloy Construction Co

4315 Windsor Centre Trail, Suite 100, Flower Mound, Texas 75028

Eloy Construction Company has built over 3,534 projects. With the goal to be the best general contractor in North Texas, the company provides economic value, customer satisfaction, and integrity management to all parties involved in the construction process. From start to finish, the company provides a turn-key approach to those looking for a one-stop construction company. Its knowledgeable team of experts and a large pool of dependable and skilled subcontractors are committed to providing quality, speed, and customer service. The firm shares its expertise and establishes a collaborative and business relationship with its clients to create an efficient construction process. 

Mena’s Tex Mex Grill and Cantina is one of the firm’s best projects. The commercial project is a 4,000-square-foot restaurant built on a shell of a multistory building and features an open bar patio and private dining booths, as well as lounge spaces. The firm demonstrated its dedication to collaboration and quality in this project as it worked closely with the project owner and the building landlord to complete this restaurant project.

Texas Built Construction

860 Hembry Street, Suite 401, Lewisville, TX 75057 

One of Texas Built Construction’s full in-house design team is ready to assist its clients with comprehensive construction services. Based in Lewisville, the firm provides residential and commercial construction services to the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. With a broad range of experts on staff, the firm manages all aspects of the project and skillfully walks its clients through each phase. 

With years of experience in the industry, the firm understands the importance of completing each project on time, as well as the long-term impact of the space on those who will use it. Its design-build and one-team approaches ensure a collaborative environment that produces guaranteed results. The firm as a whole handles every aspect of the project, including project planning, design, estimating, permitting, and construction. The firm’s understanding of the efficient building schedule and constant communication with clients has developed trust with its clients as it executes high-quality builds.

CoDel, Inc.

103 Hillside Drive, Lewisville, TX 75057

For CoDel, the concept design phase of a project is the most vital in its construction process. During this phase, the firm analyzes the project’s geotechnical, civil, and structural conditions, which are then continuously evaluated to ensure that every dollar and investment made by the client is worthwhile. With each of these factors carefully considered, the firm coordinates with clients and provides solutions that work toward the project’s intended goal, meticulously managing the entire process from concept to completion. Its cost-effective approach ensures timely completion, high-quality building, and the project’s ultimate end-user satisfaction.

Robert C. Day guides the firm via his extensive industry experience and ability to add value engineering to problem-solving. Day has developed an extensive network of relationships with banks, lending institutions, corporate executives, municipal officials, the real estate community, architects, engineers, and subcontractors, which has helped the firm to produce excellent projects.


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