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The county seat and city in Webb County, Texas—Laredo—has a diverse landscape that includes flatlands covered with grasses, oaks, and mesquite as well as tranquil creeks and lakes. With unique eating and retail options and attractive sites that entice people into the surrounding hills, this city has plenty of reasons to captivate tourists and residents—making it a highly convenient location for business reasons. Our editorial team selected the best commercial contractors in Laredo, Texas, to assist business owners and entrepreneurs to get the most out of what the city has to offer in the business market. These contractors were chosen for their relevant experience, their years in the business, and their reputation.

Quantum Building Services

6548 Springfield Avenue, Laredo, TX 78041

Based in Laredo, Texas, Quantum Building Services is a pioneer in offering high-quality construction due to its extensive experience in a wide range of industrial projects. The company has the capability to tackle every project thanks to a collaborative approach. The firm tailors each of its projects to match the demands of its clientele, regardless of the size or complexity. The company’s decade-long history is built on providing some of the best services in the region, from design building and site evaluation to field construction. Led by its founder Abraham Gonzales, its team handles each project with professionalism and rigorous adherence to safety regulations. 

Quantum Building and Services is one of Laredo’s leading contractors in hotel construction. Laredo’s  82,867-square-feet Tru Home 2 Hilton stands out among its hotel projects. The company collaborated with the clientele to ensure that every detail and expectation was met in this new construction. Through meticulous planning, permits, and construction processes, the company featured up-to-date technology upgrades in pet-friendly luxury rooms. Several amenities are also included, such as a pleasant public area, a 24-hour fitness center, and free parking spaces.

Zertuche Construction

107 Calle Del Norte Drive #4, Laredo, TX 78041

Since its establishment as a one-person operation in 1998, Zertuche Construction has steadily risen to be one of the leading contractors in the region. Founder Ramon Zertuche II has progressively expanded Zertuche Construction into a company capable of managing numerous complex projects at the same time over the course of two decades. With 28 years of experience in the construction industry. Ramon’s outstanding leadership and managerial abilities are the drive behind the company’s progressive nature. His portfolio includes a long list of advanced construction projects totaling $250 million.  

With more than a dozen projects completed in the region, the company is an expert in providing a variety of extensive construction services. A notable example from its commercial portfolio is its stunning work on Flip Flop Coffee Shop. The company executed a contemporary design that delivers the perfect space for fantastic coffee and meals situated in a busy neighborhood.

Summit Building & Design

4506 Hwy 359, Laredo, TX 78043

Summit Building & Design is a premier contracting business widely considered one of the region’s top contractors. Character, leadership, and vision are its guiding values, all of which are critical in delivering projects entirely tailored to each customer, regardless of their scale or difficulty. With over 19 years of experience, the company has made great efforts in fulfilling its commitment to excellence through sustainability and safety; it currently employs environmentally-friendly materials for each project to reduce its environmental footprint. Its in-house Safety Manager is fully accredited in Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHA) for the Construction Industry. 

The highlighted project of the firm is the Orange Fitness Theory in Laredo. The company worked extensively with the clientele to keep the franchise’s iconic style while delivering a distinct look. The fitness facility was developed in a streamlined, modern manner and features a range of orange accents, mood lighting, polished concrete floors, and workout spaces that sync with the client’s brand.

Modern Construction Inc.

2120 Blaine Street, Suite 200, Laredo, TX 78043

With a work history of over half a century, Modern Construction has proven time and time again that it deserves its place and mark in the industry as a pioneer in contracting. With a significant amount of opportunities and the appropriate time to tackle each one, the firm has maintained a steady pace of development and service to the community it serves. Despite its specialty in low-rise commercial buildings, its wide array of services also includes multiple market sectors thanks to its diverse and well-rounded capabilities. On top of its unmatched commitment and exceptional efforts, the firm also offers an effective insurance program to ensure clients are secure in collaborating. 

Hayes Wellness Center is a prime example of what the firm can deliver given the proper budget and time frame. As a health service facility, the building is designed to give off a clean, calming, and engaging atmosphere through its light color palette (with a mix of dark hues for contrast) and intricate design patterns. It has also been equipped with the proper amenities, including a set of pools, a court, and walkways for both recreational and therapeutic endeavors. The firm also paid attention to details such as ample amounts of shrub and vegetation to pay tribute to the environment it resides in.

Park Avenue Construction

6909 Springfield, Suite 303, Laredo, TX 78041

Park Avenue Construction is a reliable contractor within the area that takes pride in delivering innovative and well-rounded solutions for its anticipating clients’ needs. Using state-of-the-art technology, the firm can accurately plan and build its clients’ desired projects and establishments. Thanks to this method, the firm has been able to earn the certifications of associations such as LEED development accreditations. 

In its 33 years of business, the firm has been able to work on multiple commercial projects. And throughout its history, it has been developing itself and honing its craft to deliver its projects better. One of its awards includes the Metal Building Association’s Top 100 Metal Building Builders in the Nation, which serves as a testament to its prowess and skill as a contractor. 

My Lil Big School is a massive commercial project completed by the firm. This institute has a massive space dedicated to youth education and has a sophisticated theme. The property has almost 19,000 square feet of space distributed throughout its facilities, including the main office, warehouse, and parking spaces. The framework also consists of sturdy walls and a well-built foundation to last an extended period of time before due renovation.

Cobalt Construction

216 West Village Boulevard, Laredo, TX 78041

For over three decades, Cobalt Construction has been serving Loredo by building projects that reflect and elevate their users’ lifestyles. The firm is also dedicated to building healthy relationships with its clients; it centers its services around them and does everything it can to exceed their expectations. The firm offers the full range of contracting services, starting from the conceptualization process to the completion phase. The firm’s efforts have been recognized by the Laredo Morning Times.

At the top of the firm lies Eduardo Salido, Jr., the founder and current president who guides the firm in dealing with its projects and achieving incredible feats. Eduardo is a real estate developer whose expertise is found in multiple projects over different areas such as Laredo and San Antonio. He has expanded his knowledge base over varying projects, which he now uses in leading his firm in handling a wide range of projects. He prioritizes the firm and its principles as he pursues success in the industry.

Take a look at the OXXO, a convenience store project. Cobalt took on the project to handle the construction and design of the establishment’s exterior and interior parts. The exterior was designed so that although it uses a different style and color scheme than its kin establishments, it still retains some hints of the symbolic red, white, and yellow icon. The interior includes the typical features of a convenience store with well-managed space, appropriate items, and a compact, open area for smooth accessibility for its clients.