Across a range of sectors—including manufacturing, healthcare, construction, education, retail,  and foodservice—the economy of Eugene in Oregon is thriving. Construction, in particular, is both an established and growing industry that collaborates closely with the commercial markets in the city. Many schools and businesses enlist the services of the local builders to build or remodel their headquarters and structures.

If you are looking for commercial construction services in the area, look no further than this list of the best commercial contractors in Eugene, Oregon who can help you achieve the build you require. These builders were selected by our editorial team based on their local background, their extensive experience, and their ability to cater to the unique needs of diverse markets.

Essex General Construction Inc.

4284 W 7th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97402

Established in 1987, Essex General Construction is a commercial general contractor serving the areas of Western Oregon and Southwest Washington. The firm was founded and continues to be operated by builders with a true passion for their craft. Jon Texter and Bo Oswald—both Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professionals (LEED AP —lead the firm’s operations as it strives to be a steward of its communities, all while being mindful of the built and natural environments.

The firm typically works in the restaurant, retail, industrial, tenant improvement, mixed-use, medical clinic, office, affordable multifamily housing, and bank sectors. One example of the firm’s work is the Wayfair Call Center tenant improvement. The client commissioned Essex to convert 44,388 square feet of the Symantec building in Springfield, Oregon into a call center. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the project and what made it much more rewarding was that the firm facilitated the donation of thousands of pounds of high-quality office furniture and carpet tiles from the previous tenant to local non-profits, a move that kept those materials out of local landfills.

Ordell Construction

29771 E Enid Road, Eugene, OR 97402

Ordell Construction was founded in 1959, and the firm is still one of the leading construction firms in Lane County.  Over the years the firm has been under the leadership of a number of dedicated professionals, including its present principals, Mark and Robert Stolle. Together, Mark and Robert combine their skills in construction, design-build, masonry, steel structures, wood frame, and pre-engineered metal buildings to lead this team of trusted architects, engineers, and design-build subcontractors who see each of the firm’s projects through to completion. 

Some of the firm’s most notable clients include Starbucks—Ordell Construction has completed 70 projects for the coffee giant—and Trader Joe’s. A great example of the firm’s work is a renovation for a McDonald’s in River Road. The renovation involved a complete replacement of the interior and exterior finishes. It also included the demolition and replacement of some drive-through equipment and signs, as well as a redesign of the bathrooms and dining areas.

Chambers Construction Co.

3028 Judkins Road, #1 Eugene, OR 97403

The construction firm of Chambers Construction has made an indelible mark throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, leaving a striking record of successful projects. Originally founded by Richard A. Chambers in 1955, the firm is now led by CEO/President David Bakke. To date the firm has built over $400 million in CM/GC projects, accounting for over 80% of the total work the firm has completed during that period. This feat was made possible by the firm’s dedicated team of contractors who oversee the construction process, from pre- to post-construction. 

One example of the firm’s work is the Oregonians Credit Union, for which the firm completed several remodels and renovations. Since 2012, Chambers Construction has been working with Oregonians Credit Union to remodel and expand their branch locations throughout Oregon. To date, Chambers has worked on four locations in Prineville (2012), St. Johns (2014), Gresham (2017), and Kerns (2020). Each of the locations presented its own set of challenges such as small spaces, tough logistics, tight timelines, staging complications, and completing work while the branches were still in operation. Regardless of the situation for each location, the Chambers team is proud to say it finished all of that work on time and within budget.

McKenzie Commercial

865 West 2nd Avenue, Eugene, OR 97402

McKenzie Commercial is a prolific builder with over 2,000 completed projects in its portfolio. Over the years, the firm’s projects of various sizes and types have amounted to more than half a billion dollars, bringing the firm success and earning it a reputation as one of the largest and most reputable general contractors in Western Oregon. 

The firm typically completes projects in the markets of education, finance, healthcare, office space, and retail/restaurants. One example of its work is The Duck Store renovation in Eugene. Located in Valley River Center Mall, The Duck Store’s complete renovation involved demolishing the shop and rebuilding the walls, ceilings, casework, and windows. The store sits next to the mall’s busy food court, which required the firm to carefully manage noise and dust to avoid disturbing patrons. The firm only required 2-1/2 months to complete the project.

Dorman Construction Inc.

303 South 5th, Suite 135, Springfield, Oregon 97477

Dorman Construction is an Oregon general contracting company that focuses on commercial, industrial, and medical projects. The firm was established by its namesake Steve Dorman in 1990 with the purpose of catering to Oregon’s growing need for high-quality construction services in both the private and public sectors. Today, Dorman Construction is well-known throughout central Willamette Valley for its high caliber of professionalism and a progressive work ethic—a reputation for consistency that has generated repeat business and rapid growth. 

In terms of commercial work, the firm typically builds for wineries, manufacturing, medical/hospitals, offices, institutions, and retail. One example of the firm’s work is the Blu Mist Restaurant. As its name suggests, the Blu Mist Restaurant is dominated by the color blue. From stones and fixtures to signage and booths, blue, in different shades, runs like a vein through the restaurant’s design, imbuing the place with both an atmosphere simultaneously electric and relaxing. The modern Thai restaurant’s name was inspired by the mountains of Thailand, as well as the nearby Willamette River. Thanks to Dorman Construction’s work, the restaurant and bar are able to serve the best Asian fusion cuisine to clients in Eugene.

McIntyre Construction Inc.

91 S Danebo Avenue, Eugene, OR 97402

Since its establishment in 1972, McIntyre Construction has provided the Northwest with high-quality commercial construction services. The firm performs everything from tenant improvements to the construction of large commercial buildings, approaching each project with an unrivaled attention to detail and an uncompromising commitment to quality and cost-efficiency.

The firm typically takes on work in the restaurant, commercial, industrial, multi-use, retail, office, and medical markets. For restaurants in particular, the firm ensures its early involvement so it can save clients normal construction cost and time—that means the client’s doors get opened sooner. One recent example of the firm’s work is the Nekter Juice Bar on the University of Oregon campus. The space was completely transformed and includes new HVAC, electrical, plumbing, insulation, framing, and paint.

Stonewood Construction Inc.

935 Oak Street, Eugene, OR 97401

What started out as a successful residential contracting company serving Lane County soon turned into a commercial construction powerhouse able to offer comprehensive commercial services to clients throughout Oregon. Today, Stonewood Construction Inc. is a household name in both residential and commercial markets. The firm includes experienced builders devoted to building. The Stonewood team is also uniquely experienced in the most intricate installations, including beer brewing and serving, hot food preparation, sushi preparation and service, cold storage, fire suppression, and sanitation.

Because the firm has long believed that the local community deserves a contractor who cares about clients’ projects, Stonewood strives to deliver what it promises, for the price quoted, on the timeline promised. The firm completes tenant infills, office remodels, restaurant/lounge construction, and multi-family construction and remodels, all for local businesses. One example of the firm’s work is the Claim 52 Kitchen, located at the heart of the Midtown District in Eugene. The restaurant and bar, which purports itself to be “a mash-up of Northwest traditional and innovative styles” reflects this same principle in its design. The restaurant’s shell and interior feature rustic wood and exposed beams; the exterior windows add a touch of modernity to the shell, thanks to their metal and reflective composition. Inside, some exposed ductwork adds to the industrial feel, which blends in nicely with the exposed wooden beams.

Meili Construction

10 Van Buren Street, Eugene, OR 97402

For Meili Construction, building is not just about structures, it is really about people and communities. And because relationships are at the core of its practice, the firm has developed a client-centric approach, striving to build structures that will improve the lives of the community at large. The firm is led by the father and son team of Dennis and Gary Meili; their combined experience in the construction industry spans over 80 years. Together, the duo oversees all of the firm’s operations, including field and office work. 

The firm considers one of the keys to its success to be its ability to master several project and construction types, including multi-family, retail, civic, educational, warehouse, and professional office buildings. The firm also has extensive experience in wood-frame, structural steel, and various types of concrete construction. One example of the firm’s work is the new construction of an office building for Strapworks Inc. Completed in 2013, the project involved the building of a new 30,000-square-foot metal building. The family-owned business was quickly growing out of their current facility, so they enlisted the help of Meili Construction. The firm was able to complete this project in only six months.

John Hyland Construction Inc.

1941 Laura Street, Springfield, OR 97477

With over four decades of family ownership, John Hyland Construction is one of the Pacific Northwest region’s most trusted full-service construction firms in operation today. The company is a firm believer in establishing good relationships not just with owners, but also with architects, engineers, and community members. And with relationships at the core of its practice, the firm places a strong emphasis on collaboration throughout the design, construction, and post-construction phases. The firm often works with the same companies on multiple projects, which speaks to the team’s consistency and reliability.

One example of the firm’s work is the luxurious Inn at 5th Street Market in Eugene. The Inn represents the height of Pacific Northwest luxury, offering elegant accommodations and the ultimate in personal service. From its artistic design to the high-end dining, spa, and shopping available onsite at the 5th Street Market, this boutique hotel underlines all that makes Eugene the unique place that it is.

Kimball Construction

1229 W 7th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97402

Kimball Construction focuses on commercial and residential construction and remodeling. The firm is owned and operated by Roman Anderson, a builder who has worked in the construction industry since his youth. Today, Roman leads a team of professional administration and field employees who share in his sense of commitment, that same passion that built the business. The firm’s approach involves treating people right, constantly improving, and enjoying the process of creating spaces for people. 

One example of the firm’s work is the Eugene Guitar Center. When the Guitar Center needed to combine their building with the Lesson Factory, they enlisted the services of Kimball Construction. The firm worked through multiple nights so that the business could stay open during construction. The result was a speedy project delivered on time and within budget.