With roots reaching back to Colonial America, Rockville is one of Maryland’s oldest communities with a rich history of business and culture. Because of its proximity to Rock Creek, the town was given the name “Rockville” by the Maryland General Assembly in 1801. Since its foundation, Rockville has expanded from a calm, agriculturally-oriented county seat to a cosmopolitan city with numerous neighborhoods. It has a well-educated populace and is a center for national biomedical businesses, the federal government, and county government employment. 

As the town grew throughout the years, it eventually became a hub for several biotechnology and software companies and a couple of government agencies. For this reason, startups and company owners are considering the town’s economic growth as the perfect opportunity to start or expand their businesses. However, turning a brand’s identity into an attractive, functional, and well-designed space can take a lot of work. To help with that, check out this curated list of the best commercial Architects in Rockville, Maryland. These were chosen based on their recognition, expertise, and work history.

GTM Architects

7735 Old Georgetown Rd., Suite 700, Bethesda, MD 20814

GTM Architects is a multi-award-winning firm that thrives in guiding and assisting clients with their architectural needs. For over 33 years, the firm has shown extraordinary commitment to its clients through its exemplary service and well-rounded design solutions. The firm works efficiently by closely collaborating with other parties of professionals and its clients to deliver ideal project results. Its dedication is matched only by its responsive principle, allowing for attentive and successful designs.

Throughout its history, the firm has garnered several awards. Recent accolades include the 2021 ABC Excellence in Construction Awards, 2021 Chrysalis Regional Award Commercial Remodel, and 2020 AIA MD People’s Choice Award, among several other titles. Many of the firm’s architects and principals are also certified by several professional associations such as AIA, IIDA and LEED.

Walgreens-Rockville, awarded with an AIA Excellence in Design Citation, is a prime example of how the firm delivers to its clients. This commercial establishment was once a billiards venue that was abandoned and crumbling. After the firm renovated the property, it became a signature Walgreens branch with a modern and industrial design. GTM Architects redesigned the entire structure while adding upgrades to enhance the style and functionality of the building. Improvements included new lighting, enhanced ceilings, and a 37-foot-long sculptural panel installation by a local artist.

FILLAT + Architecture

400 East Pratt St, Suite 502, Baltimore, MD 21202

Taking on an inclusive philosophy is FILLAT + Architecture, a design firm that handles services and projects for all clients. It also employs its passion for individuality, ensuring that all accomplished projects are unique to its clients. The firm has over a century’s worth of collective experience and is managed by a team of professionals.

At the forefront of the firm is Peter Fillat III, AIA and LEED AP, who has decades of work experience within the architectural industry. He formed the firm in 1992, and since then, he has honed himself in craft, professionalism, and leadership to guide his firm in achieving a commendable reputation. Since then, the firm has also developed into architecture that handles a broad range of services with sustainable practices. 

An example of the firm’s accomplished projects is Oella Mill Apartments, located in Ellicott City, Maryland. The building results from the firm’s take on employing an adaptive reuse service on a former studio space. The building has become a sizable apartment with 147 units to choose from. Aside from each unit’s varying sizes and floor plans, the place also has additional amenities, such as integrated parking spaces, easy access to nearby commercial institutions, and a fantastic view that overlooks a river and forested landscape.

Bates Architects

121 North Court St., Frederick MD 21701

For a decade, Bates Architects has dedicated itself to being a solid pillar within its communities. With a client-driven approach, it seeks to elevate the users’ experiences that enjoy the projects it delivers. It heavily preaches creativity and takes pride in offering its clients visually appealing yet practical and enduring designs and concepts. It has a specialized team of architects who hold three decades of combined experience. Each of their members is approachable and professional at the core and seeks to help their clients in any way they can.

At the top of the firm is Marty Bates, AIA, who is extremely devoted to architecture and charitable conduct. He is a registered architect in multiple areas of the Atlantic States and has a vast knowledge base regarding his craft. He also holds several memberships in associations such as the USGBC and NCARB. With his expertise and passion for helping others, he leads the firm in managing its projects while strengthening communities. 

Danac Building is a distinguished office building within the local area of Rockville, Maryland, that signifies the firm’s excellence in commercial projects. This three-story office has a solid frame with steel materials and is designed beautifully with a pre-cast and glass exterior. The firm handled the design for all areas, including the lobbies, corridors, and restrooms, and shaped it to resemble and function as a condominium.

Steven J. Karr, AIA, Inc.

210 North Adams St., Rockville MD

Serving the state of Maryland for four decades is Steven J. Karr, AIA, Inc., a dependable and qualified firm that manages construction and architectural needs. These qualifications result from its principal architect’s career background of 33 years. Steven Karr, AIA, has a broad range of specialization, which lies in different structural types, construction practices, and design solutions—all of which have been developed through his decades of perseverance. Now, he leads the firm in its technical services and project management and employs his outstanding skill set in congruence with his team’s capabilities to satisfy anticipating clients. 

Featured is IM=X Pilates & Fitness Studio. The firm equipped this fitness center with all the appropriate materials and equipment for users to enjoy. The space of the area was also well-managed, given how each training area is appropriately spaced to provide comfort zones that aren’t too wide and too tight but just the right amount. It also has additional areas separated by rooms for other practical uses. These include other training areas, storage rooms, a dance studio, and other amenities.

Colimore Architects

1501 S Clinton St., Floor 13 Baltimore, Maryland 21224

Colimore Architects has established itself as a leading brand within the state and the architectural industry with almost five decades of continuous and excellent service to the community. Through its 49 years of business, it has had multiple opportunities to develop itself and its services, as well as build a long list of satisfied clients. It emphasizes diversity in team-building and project-managing, which is evident in its team of diverse cultures and specialties, as well as its diverse list of projects within its provided portfolio. 

The firm is certified with AIA and LEED AP, with several of its projects earning at least 11 LEED certifications. Colimore Architects also ensures its clients that its projects are built and designed using sustainable practices that offer charming, lasting qualities that leave a positive environmental footprint. It has also been featured in some publications, such as SoMDNews and The Baltimore Sun

Citron Restaurant at Quarry lake is an exemplary project in the firm’s portfolio. It’s often associated with positive reviews for both its service and visual appeal, which was made possible by the firm’s team. It has a straightforward yet elegant interior that is characterized by modern standards in style. This modern design also brings a neutral atmosphere which is accentuated by the monochrome color scheme and classy furniture.

Mangan Group Architects

7034 Carroll Ave, #3, Takoma Park, MD 20912

Mangan Group Architects understands that architecture isn’t just about providing the best visually captivating designs. It is an art that revolves around providing spaces that positively transform the lives of its clients. Through imaginative thinking, comprehensive solutions, and attentive collaborations, the firm provides meaningful spaces for its clients on a regular basis. Aside from its wide array of architectural services, it also provides rich data that includes building information, realistic prices, and a timeline that meets the convenience of its clients. 

Throughout its 27 years of service, it has accomplished several projects from multiple market sectors, signifying its flexible expertise. Bon Mi is among its commercial accomplishments that continue to remain one of its notable works. This restaurant has a simple design that conveys a cozy and inviting atmosphere. With plain furniture, cost-effective materials, artistic touches, and efficient use of spacing, the creative combination of these features result in a beautiful, innovative space. It also has a dark theme for a professional yet welcoming appeal.

DVA Architects

9201 Corporate Blvd., Suite 150, Rockville, MD 20851

DVA Architects was created in 1975 on the primary premise of producing assistive and premium architecture while focusing on passionate, client-centered services. The firm’s architectural team comprises brilliant, dedicated, and active members whose broad knowledge base gives way to exceptional project outputs. The same members also strictly adhere to the firm’s work principles of actively putting the clients first during project management, ensuring that the highest quality projects are delivered, and client expectations are exceeded. 

For over 47 years, the firm has achieved multiple notable awards for some special projects. Some of these awards include but are not limited to the 2017 NAOIP Award of Excellence,  2015 Northern Virginia NAIOP Award of Excellence for Best Building Repositioning, and 2011 MD/DC NAIOP for Best Interior Tenant Space. It also has several LEED AP certifications for its team members. 

MultiView Office is a unique commercial project found within the firm’s available portfolio. This office facility is adorned with dominant contemporary designs that are indicative of the client’s theme of technology and market aspects. The visual elements of the office include a nice pop of color to promote lively energy, chic designs and furniture, and comfortable working spaces for each staff member. It is a massive complex separated into different sections for various functionalities and levels.

DCI Architects

107A W Edmonston Dr., Rockville, MD 20852

DCI Architects is a successful architectural firm that emphasizes close collaboration with clients and other professionals, among other principles. It believes that through this principle, along with direct and intensive supervision of project development, clients are able to fully visualize and observe the projects that would be accomplished. Through these conducts, the clients and architects are able to identify even the tiniest of flaws to be solved and minor changes to be applied for the best possible version of the project. Because of these efforts, the firm has garnered certifications such as AIA and LEED AP. 

ACAC – Timonium Studios & Kids Zone is the result of the firm’s take on handling and renovating an existing fitness club to include additional amenities and improve the present designs and offered atmosphere. The finishing touches include an engaging theme for both the main lobby and fitness spaces that encourages its users to immerse themself in their fitness activities. Additional upgrades to the facility also include an addition of a friendly kids-only space, added fitness rooms and equipment, and a new cafe, which are all for users to enjoy after their personal endeavors.