Challenges faced when planning a commercial space comprise choosing the right and best building materials, electrical, and appropriate visual solutions that will last through time. Knowing this, architects must hold a broad knowledge about the various markets, the latest technologies, and how to take advantage of the project location. With a vast pool of architects serving the commercial market, entrepreneurs must determine which firm can help them the most in designing their property.

To help you in your search, our editorial team listed The Best Commercial Architects in Manhattan Beach, California. These firms have a phenomenal portfolio of commercial projects that exhibit artistry, functionality, and marketability. Noted in this list are their sustainable solutions, founding core values, services, and reputations for maintaining good relationships with clients and professionals.

Rockefeller Kempel Architects

145 Standard St, El Segundo, CA 90245

Rockefeller Kempel Architects (RKA) collaborated with the Rockwell Group for the completion of the Warner Music Group Headquarters. Together, they brought sustainable, creative, and engaging layouts and designs into the historic fabric of the building while assuring compliance with local codes and regulations. This project allowed RKA to gracefully land on the pages of DTLA Magazine, Music Business Worldwide, Curbed LA, South Bay Digs, Interior Design, and Spain’s Architectural Digest.

Rockefeller Kempel Architects focus on making each detail unique to every project, considers the property lines and zoning, and minds the approximate value of guest capacity. They find creative design solutions to preserve the architectural character and highlight the components of every structure. 

Rockefeller Kempel Architects has a warm, welcoming environment which allows ideas to flow generously. With this kind of atmosphere, each team member at RKA can confidently share their ideas and articulate what they believe can add to the success of any project. With this strong team dynamic, the firm has attracted various clients and obtained projects from ground-up buildings to adaptive reuse in many locations including North Carolina, California, Indiana to Hawaii. 


333 South Hope St, C200, Los Angeles, CA 90071

Understanding the power of architecture, CallisonRTKL utilizes the design field to promote a productive and sustainable community. They design head-turning, high-performing buildings through their exceptional design skills, superior project management capabilities, and imaginative vision. The firm has built a portfolio with structures that bring positive economic, social, and environmental impacts to communities. What started as a planning and design practice has evolved today into an influential firm that addresses the impact of resiliency, well-being, and technology in the developing world. 

One of CallisonRTKL’s notable projects includes the Manhattan Village, a once struggling retail center, that has now been transformed into an upscale beach shopping location. The multi-phased repositioning included the renovation of the center and a 36,000 square foot open-air retail extension that mirrors the alleys of Manhattan Beach. Manhattan Village’s relaxed beach theme achieved the owners’ desires to draw high-end lifestyle tenants and boost rent income,  while increasing the value per square foot.

Joseph Spierer Architects, Inc.

707 Torrance Blvd, Suite 100, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

For the Crème de la Crepe restaurant project, Joseph Spierer Architects took advantage of the ideal Southern California weather by uniting the indoor and outdoor spaces. They designed a large entryway to allow open access and created a blended ambiance for a traditional European dining experience.  This project is an example of how the firm approaches every project with innovation and incorporation of the client’s vision. This resulted in refined and practical design solutions. Joseph Spierer Architects conduct a thorough analysis of all site conditions and use it to magnify the creativity and purpose of each design. 

Joseph Spierer, licensed architect and CEO of Joseph Spierer Architects, Inc., draws inspiration from his expertise in residential and commercial architecture. Having designed homes all over the South Bay and beyond, Spierer approaches each project thoughtfully and brings out the best in both ground-up construction and adaptive reuse. Today, Spierer leads a LEED accredited and incorporated green design team that possesses a complementary skill-set and personality. Working together, this team creates an unbeatable design force demonstrating a passion for fine architecture.

Fasola Architects

800 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Suite 110, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Jim Fasola grew up in Southern California and has embraced the vibrant energy and creativity of the region. He attended the SCI-Arc European Studies Program in Switzerland and has traveled the world, witnessing the diversity that inspires the streetscape in each country. He has learned traditional construction methods from European artisans and design notions from Japanese architects. For two decades, this experience guided Fasola in establishing his design philosophies of accentuating the inherent qualities of materials, using sustainable and energy-efficient products, and creating engaging and inspiring designs. 

Jim Fasola founded Fasola Architects as a design firm that offers full-service residential and commercial architecture. This firm designs contemporary structures such as the Behrens Engineering building, a commercial structure that extends 6,000 square feet. It combines split-faced concrete blocks with an integrated steel frame. Supported by diagonal steel struts, the canopies allow plenty of natural light to enter the offices while eliminating glare from direct sunlight. Additional natural light enters the central atrium through a tinted pyramid skylight. A high level of craftsmanship by Fasola Architects is evident in the construction details, as this building is one of the most recognizable structures in the city.

Oakes Architects

545 Cypress Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Established in 1987, Oakes Architects is a Santa Monica-based firm providing professional services in architecture, planning, interior design, and entitlement processing. They specialize in commercial, industrial, and residential projects throughout Southern California. When refurbishing existing structures and constructing new facilities, the firm works with a combination of unsurpassed technical expertise and refined design to assure clients of the best possible design solutions.

Oakes Architects contracts engineering services to outside consultants that are highly respected in Southern California. Each consultant is selected based upon their particular expertise and the needs of the project. 

For almost three decades, Oakes Architects has also worked closely with many cities in architectural and consulting capacities. These partnerships prove that the firm does not approach a project with preconceived ideas but only with expertise and an open mind. 

Moreau Architects

703 Pier Ave, Suite B-322, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Growing up in Lakewood, CA, Devin Moreau finished his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Cal Poly State University and his Masters from Long Beach State University. With such a solid educational foundation, Moreau founded Moreau Architects as a full-service firm specializing in architecture, design, planning, and consulting. This firm works to establish a synergetic relationship with each client, maintains exceptional communication and project management, as well as customizes agreements implemented by a team of qualified engineers and designers.

Moreau Architects blends classical and modern concepts with eco-friendly materials to create efficient commercial buildings. They believe that the combination of trends from different eras and sustainable methods is key to designing a forward-thinking structure. The firm specializes in designing nursing facilities, commercial buildings, and residential projects.