Glendale is one of the most populous cities in Los Angeles County. Thanks to its proximity to Los Angeles and the surrounding suburban communities, Glendale is an ideal location for work, play, entertainment, and living. 

The best commercial architects in Glendale are helping businesses take advantage of the balanced lifestyle and vibrant marketplace that the city offers. These professionals guide business owners and developers in the planning and design of appealing and functional spaces. The award-winning architects listed here have had their work recognized in publications and are regularly recommended by the industry’s design institutions.


320 Arden Ave. Suite #210, Glendale, CA 91203

CWA AIA’s approach to architecture and design is to focus on the needs of their clients, and they have been doing just that for over 75 years. Every project starts with evaluating the project’s structural and architectural requirements, then balancing these factors with the client’s business goals, and looking at how customers will respond to the spaces. This method is used for a wide range of industries, including retail, hospitality, public safety, corporate, education, and civic.

Stephen Finney leads the firm’s, commended by industry leaders, including the American Institute of Architects (AIA). California Magazine is one of the many publications that highlighted the firm’s work in recent years.


1257 Vista Ct. Glendale, CA 91205

Studio/RCL’s over three decades of architecture and design practice have been featured in Town & County, Los Angeles Architecture & Design, Cool Restaurants Los Angeles, and Architectural Record.  Principal Richard Cutts Lundquist is the force behind the firm’s success through the years, especially as a commercial architect. 

ChoSun Galbee Restaurant is one of the firm’s notable projects that won an AIA recognition as one of the 10 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles. Images of this work were published in Space & Design and showcased the restaurant’s creative geometry and contemporary appeal. The designers explored the structural and stylistic aspects of bamboo and stainless steel materials to deliver a restaurant that provides a different dining experience.

Herman Architects Inc

1725 Gardena Ave. 2nd Fl. Glendale, CA 91204

Herman Architects Inc. was commissioned to deliver the architectural work for Burger Village’s expansion project. The work involved the transformation of the commercial building’s 2,756-square-foot interiors. This remodel included updating the layout and functionality of the space, as well as custom finishes and paintwork to reflect the client’s branding goals. The completed design is filled with the warmth of stained wood and a contrasting black palette to add a hint of modernity and sophistication.

For over three decades, Herman Architects Inc. has produced similar projects that put forward the specific identities of each client’s brand. Richard S. Herman and John Herman are principal architects that have helped the company deliver these projects for decades.

Reveal Studio

1426 Flower St. Glendale, CA 91201

Established in 2003, Reveal Studio provides architecture and design services to a wide range of clients, including commercial, entertainment, and urban brands. The firm is also known for their residential custom work and historic restoration projects. Their depth of expertise and comprehensive offerings make Reveal Studio one of the most diverse companies in the region.

Principal Brad McDonald has led some of the firm’s most notable projects including a landmark commercial center that was designed to house signature brands. The structure featured stone brick siding with a more contemporary interior of floor-to-ceiling walls. This showcased the firm’s understanding of balance in design.

Menachekanian Asik

Glendale, CA 91208

Since Menachekanian Asik first launched its practice over 35 years ago, they have catered to the residential and commercial markets to deliver designs that highlight traditional and contemporary styles. As a residential architect, the company not only worked with private homeowners, they also collaborated with the region’s leading developers to produce multifamily buildings in California’s wealthiest neighborhoods.

As a commercial architect, principal Asik Menachekanian has worked with local and regional clients for decades. The firm’s portfolio consists of different types of mid-range and high-value projects designed to provide architecture and interior designs for retail spaces, gas stations, and corporate offices.


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