Named the best place to live in America by Money in 2018, Frisco continues to grow and become one of the rapidly progressive cities in Texas. Once offering a small-town vibe, Frisco now provides a vibrant community with urban entertainment, fascinating attractions, and unique experiences. 

Given Frisco’s explosive growth in recent years, start-ups and business owners seek to invest in this city. Noteworthy commercial architects in and near the region transform these brands into excellent commercial spaces. This list compiles the best commercial architects in Frisco, Texas, selected based on their experiences, awards won, media coverage, and years in the business.

HKS Architects

350 N Saint Paul St, #100 Dallas, TX 75201

Designing is a strenuous, immersive journey that requires boundless creativity, which HKS Architects is devoted to fulfilling. HKS Architects has consistently improved its practice to fully exceed its clients’ expectations through continual evaluations and design tweaks. The firm has over 1400 architects, interior designers, urban designers, scientists, artists, anthropologists, and other professionals. It explores, develops, and creates better solutions as it builds a community that thrives with creative, functional spaces. Behind this firm’s progressive nature is CEO Dan Noble, FAIA, FACHA, LEED AP, who is dedicated to perfecting the art of designing. 

For eighty-two years, HKS Architects has designed spaces that blend elegance and functionality. Building + Design Construction Magazine and Interior Design Magazine are among the publications that featured the firm’s excellent designs. One of its noteworthy projects is the firm’s take on the Texas Health Hospital Frisco and UT Southwestern Medical Center located at Frisco. This modern design of the healthcare center connects a large healthcare institution into a new neighborhood on the outskirts of a big metropolis. The firm filled it with natural light and ventilation, as well as views of the outdoors and the natural environment. It was designed to create a healing atmosphere for patients and workers.


3000 Internet Blvd Suite 550, Frisco, TX 75034

Parkhill values unique designs and engineering solutions. This principle has allowed the firm to design and build vibrant communities where people work, live, and play together. This well-rounded design and engineering firm has over 400 people in locations throughout Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Spearheading the firm is CEO Jay Edwards, who prioritizes innovation and sustainability in transforming spaces. With Edwards’ leadership, the firm has garnered numerous awards, including the 2021 ACEC Gold Medal and the 2021 ACEC Silver medal.

Parkhill has an extensive portfolio that showcases a range of projects in the government, commercial, and institutional sectors. One of its remarkable designs in the commercial industry is the 30,000 sq. ft. active adult center, The Grove at Frisco Commons. The firm collaborated closely with the client to guarantee that this rapidly developing neighborhood’s expectations were fulfilled through its timeless design. The firm’s design also included a 300-seat multipurpose area, specialized cardio and exercise rooms, and social activity spaces partitioned for gaming leisure or group crafts.

5G Studio/5G Architecture

1217 MAIN St. Suite 500 Dallas, TX 75202

Sometimes, the most complex challenges can be solved with simple solutions. This belief sets 5G Studio/5G Architecture from the rest of the architectural firms in this list. The firm’s collaborative and programming methodology effectively transforms a client’s vision into a simple yet functional and attractive space. Scott Lowe,  AIA, LEED utilizes this approach as he takes on the most complex projects and fosters cooperation within the firm’s teams and clientele. Lowe was also named as one of D Magazine’s Top 500 CEOs. His leadership has led to the firm consistently receiving accolades, distinctions, and media exposure. 

This featured project is one of the firm’s award-winning designs in Texas, the Legacy ER. Winning the 2007 Healthcare Environment Award, the Emergency Care facility deviates from traditional healthcare design principles by using simple blends of transparent panels and natural materials. The facility’s design perfectly balances an intense medical exterior and a calm interior ambiance.


401 North Houston St, Dallas, TX 75202

In a globally competitive scene, with constant market upheavals and evolving technology, commercial businesses seek firms that can keep up with the times. Corgan’s awareness of this challenge has allowed itself to become a global leading architectural and design firm. With innovative methods and cutting-edge research, Corgan has consistently provided designs that are sustainable and timeless. 

The firm’s eight-decade long history of designing is filled with progressive concepts, exceptional customer service, and lifelong commitments that exceed client expectations. The firm’s capacity to guide its clients into choosing effective design solutions has allowed it to garner several awards, including the 2020 Award of Merit in Higher Education/Research Category by ENR Texas & Louisiana. 

Corgan’s extensive portfolio of remarkable and award-winning designs is founded on its unshakeable dedication to serve its clients. This dedication can be seen in one of its commercial projects, the lifestyle space, Home Design Center. The 400,000 sq. ft. project will include a showroom, pad retail, distribution, commercial suppliers, and a home marketplace. The firm decided to strategically place this project in a convenient shopping place for retailers and customers. The project will also include over two hundred brand names.

708 Studios

5000 Eldorado Pkwy, Suite 150 Frisco, Texas 75033

Since its inception in 2006, 708 Studios has provided creative and efficient designs in and near the region. By valuing clear communication, collaborative approaches, and innovative practices, the firm can design and tailor a concept to a client’s personal preferences. 

Behind the firm’s driven nature of personalization are co-founders Clara Carlisle, AIA, NCARB, and Holly Stuart, AIA. The two founders’ joint creativity and efficiency lead to seamless designs that transform a client’s vision into sustainable and functional spaces. Green Building + Design Magazine and Frisco Style Magazine have featured the firm’s progressive, friendly approach to designing. 

This featured project is 708 Studios’ design of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in Frisco, Texas. The firm’s take on the dining room is filled with vibrant colors. By focusing on the strategic use of colors, the firm’s brand signifies an optimistic, enjoyable environment filled with affordable dining choices. The small footprint design of the dining room is ideal for blending in the neighborhood.

GGO Architects

1808 S Good Latimer Expy Suite 105, Dallas, TX 75226

Enhancing the quality of people’s lives, protecting the ecosystem, and conserving natural resources for future generations are vital to  GGOArchitects. This private architecture firm dedicates itself to environmental responsibility by designing contemporary spaces through sustainable practices.

GGOArchitects is the first firm in Dallas to launch a green practice that focuses on sustainable designs. From combining energy efficiency and passive solar methods to incorporating non-toxic and natural materials, the firm has made its name in the sustainable industry. Plano Magazine and The Oprah Magazine have featured this growing green architecture firm. 

Throughout GGOArchitects’ three-decade-long experience, it has provided over 500 unique projects and spaces in the residential, commercial, institutional, and museum sectors. The High Point Tennis Center and Pro Shop is one of the firm’s recent projects in Plano. This newest recreational spot is a two-story building that boasts a 270-degree viewing deck and bar. The firm’s work also includes updates to the master tennis  court and a sleek and modern downstairs pro shop.

O’Brien Architects

5310 Harvest Hill Rd #136, LB 161 Dallas, TX 75230

Motivated by the desire to elevate the human experience through timeless designs, O’Brien Architects has adopted a transparent, dynamic, and collaborative design strategy. This enables O’Brien Architects to shape a client’s goals into comprehensive design concepts that exceed expectations. 

Driving the firm’s development and success are founder Jack O’Brien and CEO Sean O’Brien. Jack brings over four decades of expertise working on projects of all sizes to the firm. Sean manages a team of designers that are innovative and cooperative. The team works to transform its clients’ dreams into meaningful and immersive spaces that create a thriving community.

With over 4,500 projects completed across the country, O’Brien Architects has established a nationwide reputation for its progressive designs. One of its notable projects is The Star in Frisco, Texas. This architectural paragon is a timeless icon to generations of football fans. The firm designed a unique and groundbreaking concept that integrates the Dallas Cowboys corporate offices and practice fields into a ninety-one acre destination. 

The firm’s use of straight and clean lines and open spaces reflects a progressive atmosphere that proves comforting to workers and customers. The project also includes a restaurant and retail area, an event center, a hotel, a medical facility, and a leased office space. The Star was named by the Dallas Business Journal as the Best Real Estate Deal in the HQ/Campus category in 2014.

Triune Architecture

11966 Salisbury Dr. Frisco, TX 75035

Triune Architecture PLLC, founded in 2008, is a multidisciplinary team of architectural specialists that assist with any building project. It offers a full range of architectural services for big and small-scale building projects and is known for its dependable technical knowledge and design quality. 

This LEED AP firm has completed several projects since it was established.  From restaurants to office buildings, the team at Triune Architecture is flexible and adaptable. Featured here is an example of an office building the firm has designed. The Virginia Office Building in McKinney features interesting stonework and pops of color on its facade.