The coastal community of Daly City, California shares a boundary with the county of San Francisco and is regarded as the “Gateway to the Peninsula.” With a growing population of 106,677 residents, start-ups and business owners are investing in the region. Helping shape these brands into bustling and functional spaces are commercial architects around the area.

We’ve compiled a list of the best commercial architects in Daly City, California. We selected these architects for their design expertise, their experience, and the award-winning work they have produced. 

John Mufarreh Architecture

354 Ludeman Lane, Millbrae, CA 94030

From its technological advances to its close-collaborative approach, John Mufarreh Architecture has consistently provided innovative and fresh designs to its clients around the region. The firm’s attention to detail and capacity to address a project’s problem is what allows it to surpass client expectations. John Mufarreh Architecture is also involved in all aspects of the approval, design, and building processes. That level of involvement allows the firm to ensure that its clients understand and collaborate with the design, which creates the space for more client insights and thus even better results. 

For more than ten years, John Mufarreh Architecture has delivered positive spaces and ensured that each client has a comprehensive grasp of its designs. John primarily works on the design of restaurants for national chains and local restaurateurs. He also designs residential projects. Featured here is the storefront of CREAM in the Anchorage International Airport. John has been instrumental in designing for CREAM franchisees in developing new locations.

Martinkovic Milford Architects

101 Montgomery Street, Suite 650, San Francisco, CA 94104

Spaces can have the power to transform the environment and lives. This is what Martinkovic Milford Architects, a San Francisco and New York City-based architectural design firm, believes. When it comes to everything from better learning environments to more productive spaces, a good design can be the nugget of success that communities need to grow. This firm makes it a priority to blend creativity and innovation and thus translate goals and dreams into an architectural concept that is unique and tailored for house owners and developers, healthcare providers, and commercial clients. 

Martinkovic Milford Architects is a pioneer in developing attractive branded environments and engaging consumer experiences for business owners and entrepreneurs. Delving deeply into a company’s internal dynamics and goals, this firm ensures that a space strengthens a brand and surpasses the target audience’s expectations. An excellent example of this is the firm’s design of Proper Foods in California. The firm’s modern design and simple lines effectively ensure a simple and efficient client experience. In contrast with the neutral tone of wood and stainless steel, bright orange elements create the company’s logo. This streamlined design creates a smooth and fresh environment that attracts customers.


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