Nestled within the vibrant heart of the Bay Area, Oakland, California, boasts a dynamic blend of culture, innovation, and history. Known for its diverse neighborhoods, striking architecture, and thriving arts scene, Oakland captures the essence of urban living on the West Coast.

If you’re looking to dive into the world of architecture in Oakland, this list has got you covered. We’ve handpicked these top-notch architectural firms based on their stunning portfolios, forward-thinking designs, community engagement, and industry recognition. Whether you’re into sleek, modern structures that blend with the cityscape or beautifully restored historic gems, these firms are all about turning dreams into functional, gorgeous buildings that fit just right.

Feldman Architecture

1648 Pacific Ave Ste B, San Francisco, CA 94109

Feldman Architecture, known for its innovative residential and commercial designs, creates inviting, light-filled spaces that harmonize with their surroundings. With the core value of collaboration, the firm views design as an ongoing dialogue between clients, the design team, and the site. The studio fosters an informal and non-hierarchical culture, where a tight-knit team engages clients in a shared process, prioritizing clever and sustainable solutions. Each project becomes a unique opportunity to craft ingenious solutions tailored to specific needs and local contexts. 

With an eye on research and a commitment to delving deep into project parameters, designers and project managers guide projects from conception to construction. Thoughtful partnerships with consultants, builders, and artisans further ensure well-informed design choices, resulting in projects characterized by clear concepts and meticulous detailing. This dedication has led the firm to receive industry recognition like winning the Residential Magazine Honor Award and being featured in esteemed publications like Iconic Life, Dezeen, and Designboom. The firm is also affiliated with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) San Francisco, showcasing its commitment to upholding industry standards. 

Tierney Conner

363 17th St, Oakland, CA 94612

Tierney Conner is a dynamic, full-service firm that seamlessly integrates architecture, landscape, and interior work. With decades of professional mastery, the firm’s team of talented professionals curates spaces that harmonize life, work, and play. The company’s expertise was recognized during the 2020 Kitchen & Bath Awards, which praised the firm for its work on Indoor/Outdoor Bathroom Design. The firm has also been featured by California Home Design and Diablo Magazine.

The firm is led by principals Anne Tierney, Erin Conner, and J. Conner. Under their leadership, the firm’s ethos resonates in its holistic approach, sculpting environments that transcend mere structures—instead evoking refined living atmospheres.

Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

1144 65th St #E, Oakland, CA 94608

Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design is a dedicated architectural practice that creates exquisite buildings, interiors, and hardscapes tailored precisely to each client’s vision and site demands. Rooted in attentive listening and observation, its designs emerge from a fusion of influences and are always primarily guided by value, integrity, and proportion. Though the firm’s expertise ranges from contemporary to traditional styles, all of its designs are created to be enduring, energy-efficient, and holistic, as well as built in harmony with their environments.

Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design proudly maintains affiliations with AIA San Francisco, underscoring its commitment to architectural excellence. Led by Principal Jerome Buttrick, who has a Master’s in Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design and a BA in Architectural History from Northwestern University, the team unites experience and innovation to bring its clients’ architectural aspirations to life.

YHLA Architects

1617 Clay St, Oakland, CA 94612

With three decades of experience, YHLA Architects dedicates itself to enhancing the quality of life within the projects it designs. As a versatile architectural and planning firm, YHLA collaborates closely with clients to craft innovative and sustainable solutions across diverse project types. Its designs unfold in a distinctive manner, adeptly addressing unique challenges and settings, while harmoniously integrating with and enhancing the intrinsic character of each locale.

Affiliated with the Metropolitan-Oakland Chamber of Commerce and Summit Hospitals Foundation of Oakland, YHLA Architects maintains its commitments to the local community and to industry progress. Led by Yui Hay Lee, a distinguished graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Design, Miami University, and Ecole des Beaux-Arts, the firm embodies expertise and vision, consistently delivering purposeful and contextual architectural projects.

Cass Calder Smith

44 McLea Crt, San Francisco, CA 94103

Cass Calder Smith, an acclaimed multidisciplinary firm established in 1992, exemplifies design excellence through its team of dedicated professionals. Comprising a handful of principals—Barbara Vickroy, Taylor Lawson, and Tim Quayle—the firm operates across San Francisco and New York, engaging a skilled staff of 20. However, its creative reach extends beyond the United States, allowing it to craft spaces internationally for dining, living, shopping, working, exhibiting, and more. With a wealth of experience, it offers comprehensive architecture and interior design services, including new construction projects, renovations, and interior build outs. 

The firm has received many noteworthy accolades, including the Interiors of Latin America and the Caribbean Award from the International Interior Design Association (IIDA). The firm’s affiliations with the IIDA and the AIA further underscore its commitment to industry standards. Its work has also graced the pages of publications such as Hospitality Snapshot and Ocean Home, reflecting its dedication to pushing creative boundaries.

Amato Architecture

1396 Park Ave, Emeryville, CA 94608

Based in Oakland/Emeryville, Amato Architecture specializes in crafting spaces that enhance lifestyles and promote unity. Its projects seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with historical context, resulting in transformative residential and office designs. One noteworthy project of the firm involved the conversion of an office space into Twitter’s first headquarters, aptly capturing San Francisco’s tech-driven spirit. This project exemplified the way in which Amato Architecture’s creations extend beyond structures, making sure to also encapsulate the essence of how people work and connect. The firm’s entire portfolio reflects this dedication to both innovative design and harmonious human experiences.

Rebecca Amato, the visionary behind Amato Architecture, guides the firm with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Design/Architecture from the University of Colorado Boulder. Under her leadership, the firm has been featured in publications like Oakland Magazine and the Craftsman Painters Blog and is an AIA member, showcasing its commitment to architectural excellence.

Glass Associates, Inc. Architecture & Planning

1 Lakeside Drive, Studio 716, Oakland, CA 94612

Glass Associates, Inc. Architecture & Planning was founded in Berkeley in 1979 as Shen/Glass Architects and later incorporated in 1989. Today, it specializes in architectural, urban, and interior design services, delivering projects to the private, commercial, institutional, and governmental sectors. It brings decades of experience to every project, focusing on creating innovative, functional, and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Its collaborative approach transforms visions into reality while emphasizing sustainability and design excellence.

With William R. Glass at the helm, who holds a Bachelor’s of Architecture from UC Berkeley and a Masters in Architecture and Urban Design from Harvard University, Glass Associates, Inc. Architecture & Planning embodies a rich academic and professional background. The company also holds a LEED certification, reflecting its commitment to sustainable design practices. 


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