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Hearing the calm waves and watching sunsets on the beach is a regular pastime in Carpinteria, California. Dubbed the “World’s Safest Beach”, it’s no wonder why people want to make it a part of their lives. Being one with nature is a daily occurrence with rich biodiversity, from sea lions at the rookery to the largest known Torrey pine tree on Earth.

This list compiles ten general contractors serving the area. Their years of experience, backgrounds, and projects seamlessly integrate the Californian landscape into the design, allowing clients to enjoy the scenery Carpinteria has to offer. Whether you’re looking for remodeling services or a new home concept built from scratch, here is a list of some of the best general contractors in Carpinteria, California.

Lindsey Adams Construction Inc.

P.O. Box 271, Summerland, CA 93067

A family-owned and operated business based in Santa Barbara, Lindsey Adams Construction gives homeowners the peace of mind they deserve from start to finish. Established in 2003, it has been in business for 18 years and serves Carpinteria and most of Santa Barbara County and Ventura County. What makes this general contractor a crowd favorite is its hands-on approach. Lindsey Adams Construction takes it upon itself to build genuine relationships with clients that they can count on for years to come. This dedication results in uncompromising professional services and the highest level of craftsmanship. The firm is a Santa Barbara Contractors Association (SBCA) accredited company. It packs a combination of skill, creativity, and efficiency to meet customer needs.

While the firm specializes in new construction, it doesn’t shy away from other ventures, including remodeling, commercial building, and tenant improvements. A notable project completed by this firm is the Toledo Residence remodel in Montecito. The finished home transports you to the Mediterranean with its Tuscan design.

Anacapa Builders Inc.

1187 Coast Village Rd. #109, Montecito, CA 93108

Anacapa Builders Inc. began with small remodeling projects such as hanging garage drywall and installing flooring in condos. Today, it is a far cry from its humble beginnings. As a full-service general contracting company based out of Santa Barbara, Anacapa Builders works with clients, architects, and sub-contractors to deliver the best quality of work. 

Serving the areas of Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Santa Ynez Valley, award-winning owner Christopher Joyce loves nothing more than starting a project from scratch. The hands-on approach of Joyce allows a personalized perspective for each project Anacapa Builders undertakes. Despite having numerous focuses on renovations, remodels, estate maintenance, and light commercial construction, the team accepts different ventures with confidence. 

One of its most successful undertakings is the Rincon Project. The homeowners had very specific goals: an ocean view from the kitchen and a natural exterior. Involved in every step, Joyce was single-minded in delivering the homeowners’ desires and more. A year and four months later, Anacapa Builders produced a beachside home renovation with clean lines, high-quality finishes, and a comfortable aura. Anacapa Builders Inc. distinguishes itself for its contemporary and beachside projects.

Jack ‘N Tool Box, Inc.

520 Laguna St. Ste. B, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Jack ‘N Tool Box, Inc. is a licensed, full-service building contractor serving Santa Barbara and the Tri-Counties. Although it started by providing maintenance and repair services in 1987, it has steadily grown into a powerhouse of construction services. Today, the award-winning company performs all facets of residential and commercial building construction. 

The contractor specializes in the traditional style of construction, as seen by its Foothill Remodel project. The large two-story farmhouse in Santa Barbara features a large, open porch and pointed roofs. It also uses the traditional building material of wood and features it in both interiors and exteriors. 

Jack ‘N Tool Box has a wide range of professional memberships, including the Santa Barbara Contractor’s Association (SBCA), Association of Construction Inspectors, National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce, and Santa Barbara Better Business Bureau. It also holds the Builder’s Choice Award for Townhomes.

Lynch Construction

209 Santa Cruz Blvd., Santa Barbara, CA 93109

Proudly serving Santa Barbara, Montecito, and the surrounding areas since 1989, it is the 32nd year Lynch Construction has been in business. Lynch Construction is an award-winning builder experienced in all aspects of construction, ranging from new homes and remodels to commercial work. With its dedication to the finest craftsmanship, a high percentage of its clientele is from repeat customers and referrals.

Lynch Construction distinguished itself as a forerunner in the industry with the remodeling and restoration of the historic George Washington Smith designed home. George Washington Smith was a prominent architect in the 20th century, having designed some 80 homes in Santa Barbara County alone. The Andalusian farmhouse was originally set for a simple six-month bathroom-and-kitchen remodel. However, the homeowners’ desire to preserve Smith’s work soon morphed into a three-year restoration project for Lynch Construction. The final product included the signature style of Smith preserved in every corner of the house, combining historical design with modern architecture elements. The success of the restoration of the Cunningham Residence in Montecito resulted in the Santa Barbara Contractor of the Year Award in 2008.

The firm has also earned other accreditations, such as a feature in the LA Architects Home Builder Digest, and is a SBCA-accredited contractor. 

RHC Construction, Inc.

2070 Creekside Rd., Montecito, CA 93108

Having been involved in custom home construction for 30 years, RHC Construction has a company philosophy that has never failed its craftsmen. Equipped with the right team, RHC Construction has the resources to flourish and the experience to back it up. Since 1996, the contractor has completed over 35 new homes and large remodels in Santa Barbara over a wide range of architectural styles. It has a track record of repeat business with top architects, cementing the contractor as an industry leader. 

An architecturally-significant home that the client will enjoy for generations is the end goal for RHC Construction. The company uses a collaboration process that results in projects that exceed client expectations. 

One such project of the general contractor is the San Ysidro home remodel. It was an extensive project that required remodeling as well as new additions in different styles. RHC Construction supplied a new addition to an Andalusian style main house, a new Moroccan style pool cabana, and a new guest house. 

RHC Construction doesn’t shy away from the media, having been featured in numerous magazines throughout the years. Its most recent tribute comes from the New York Times in 2015. Serving the areas of Carpinteria, Goleta, Santa Barbara, Mission Canyon, Montecito, Summerland, and Toro Canyon, this contractor underlines high-end custom home building and remodeling. 

Projects General Construction, Inc.

21 E. Carrillo St. Suite 190, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Female empowerment is the cornerstone of which Projects General Construction operates. As a female-owned and operated business, this contractor is a distinct entity in the construction industry. Serving the Santa Barbara community with their home remodeling needs since 2006, the contractor is reputable for remodels and residential projects. 

Recognizing the importance of representing a home, this firm gives full care and attention to every project. From the initial meet, the team in Projects General Construction works closely with every client down to the minute details. This results in maximum efficiency and minimum disruption. One such project is the company’s 2019 Montecito complete home remodel involved a coastal home design that brought the client’s dreams to life. Summer is year-round inside the home through the use of natural light, soft tones, and a clean style. The open space evokes the breeziness of the beach without having to leave the comfort of home.

With projects like these, Projects General Construction has thrived in the industry. In 2009, it was honored with the Santa Barbara Beautiful Award Category for Ornamental Gates. This SBCA-accredited firm was featured in several issues of Food and Home Magazine as well as Santa Barbara News Press, Santa Barbara Magazine, and more. 

Giffin & Crane

224 S. Milpas St., Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Since 1986, Giffin & Crane has worked to build an extraordinary community around Santa Barbara and Montecito, one custom home at a time. Having been in the business for over 30 years, the contractor has had the same goal since its inception: to build and remodel fine homes for exceptional people. It achieves this goal every single time by equipping itself with the next generation of cutting-edge homebuilders and industry professionals. 

Although Giffin & Crane performs all facets of construction, it takes pride in custom home building and remodeling. This Santa Barbara Beach House custom home was achieved through a balancing act of replacing the old with the new and maintaining structural integrity. The contractor’s award-winning expertise succeeded in preserving the built-in maritime ambiance with a clear ocean view. Complementing this are bed and bath renovations and upgrades to the homeowners’ personal space. 

A recipient of the 2015 Edwards/Plunkett Award, Giffin & Crane advocates for building green. As a sustainable or high-performance building process, the contractor creates structures and uses processes that are environmentally responsible. The company’s team is passionate about building energy-efficient homes to address the growing threats of global warming and energy security. 

DD Ford Construction

303 Palm Ave., Santa Barbara, CA 93101

With humble beginnings and ambitious plans, DD Ford Construction is a multi-award-winning contractor that services the Santa Barbara area for over 40 years. The custom home builder takes on projects of all shapes and sizes, focusing on the finer details so homeowners can concentrate on the bigger picture. Providing the highest levels of service and workmanship, DD Ford Construction builds, remodels, and maintains custom homes.

The company consists of closely coordinated departments that work cohesively from conception to completion. With its close attention to detail and strong customer service and communication skills, the firm has earned many repeat clients. Its reputation as the top Santa Barbara custom home builder is apparent with the Fernald Point renovation project in Montecito. The team was able to solve any and all problems that arose, successfully adhering to the set time frame for construction. The clients were extremely satisfied with the end result, which comes as no surprise since DD Ford Construction is revered in the industry with awards to show for it.

The contractor was given the 2020 Chrysalis National Award for Residential Interior Over $300,000, the 2018 SBCA Builder of the Year Award for Best Residential Construction Over $5M, the 2018 Chrysalis Regional Award for Best Historic Renovation, and more. Even if DD Ford Construction receives praise from top-rated institutions, it believes that the most telling marker of success is their long list of appreciative clients who keep coming back for more.

Allen Construction

201 N. Milpas Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Thirty-eight years strong, Allen Construction is dedicated to building quality and sustainable homes. With a passion for energy conservation and sustainability, this contractor is a leading provider of responsible and high-quality building solutions in Santa Barbara. New clients come to Allen Construction because of its reputation for quality and dependability, whilst long-term clients stay because of professional guidance long after the project’s completion.

Its team members are pioneers in the green building movement, progressive thinkers who build energy-efficient and healthy living spaces. Nationally recognized as a team leader in green building practices, Allen Construction is a certified Green Business. It has achieved certification at the Innovator level with Green Business Santa Barbara County in 2020. Going the extra mile to adopt environmentally friendly policies, the contractor is aiming for a minimum set of green building standards for every project it undertakes. As such, Allen Construction holds many green building accolades. One upgrade is its building process to reduce a home’s susceptibility to fire. Following local wildfires, Allen Construction has since build fire-resistant new homes and also helped to rebuild homes that were lost.

Allen Construction’s initiatives and forward-thinking operations are just some of the reasons why it is beloved by clients and institutions alike. The contractor won three awards in 2020 alone, having been honored with the Best of Santa Barbara Independent Award, the Green Homes Award & Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Golden Leaf Award. In 2021, Allen Construction has already been awarded the SBCA Woman in Construction Award for Karen Feeney. Its successes also don’t go unnoticed by the press. Allen Construction gets regularly featured in Santa Barbara Independent, Food +Home, Architectural Digest, and more. With remodeling in the DNA of the company, it is the go-to general contractor with deep roots in the Santa Barbara community. Allen Construction also has regional divisions in West Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura, which provide local support to projects in those areas.