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In a major city like Sacramento, there are various commercial establishments throughout the area. Retail stores, shopping centers, restaurants, office buildings, and recreation facilities are some of the things that comprise a city such as Sacramento.

If you are considering establishing a business, it may be a challenge to stand out from the rest and have a unique identity. The best commercial contractors in Sacramento offer their clients personalized services that are flexible and within budget, specifically tailored to each client. These firms have the ability to adapt to numerous conditions while maintaining the foundation of the client’s project. We have curated this list of the top ten best commercial contractors by looking into the firm’s experience, portfolio, and process.

DesCor Builders

3164 Gold Camp Dr. #250, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Pictured here is the Natomas Corporate Center addition project in partnership with Vitae Architecture Planning Interiors. The corporate center features a radius lens curtain wall system that complements the neighboring twelve-story office building. The office also includes sustainable features, focusing on human comfort with modern furnishing and floor-to-ceiling natural light. Sustainable features include a 50% reduction in water use, a 21% reduction in energy use, and a filtration system. This project is the first to receive certification under the new Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) version 4 BD+C Core and Shell Certification system in Sacramento County.

President Brad DesJardin and Vice President Neal Cordeiro have a combined 65 years of experience and currently oversee the production of the firm’s projects. The pair have completed numerous construction projects totaling 1.4 billion dollars. It continuously aims to evolve its process, incorporating new methods to innovate its approach. Today, DesJardin and Cordeiro have established DesCor as a top commercial contractor, supported by a diverse portfolio.

Rudolph and Sletten, Inc.

1504 Eureka Rd. Suite 200, Roseville, CA 95661

Rudolph and Sletten, Inc. have been in the business for over six decades, completing more than 3,000 projects across the firm’s five offices in California. The projects it has tackled range from research centers, institutions, government establishments, and healthcare buildings. The firm’s success comes from a group of well-experienced, diverse personnel with extensive knowledge in technological advancements and ethical business practices. Throughout the many projects it has tackled, the team continues to innovate its approach, incorporating new construction technology and earth-friendly materials, promoting a better environment for the client and community.

This featured project is a new building that is part of the Department of General Service’s 10-year sequencing plan for renovation and replacement. The 11-story, 360,000-square-foot building includes amenities and features such as office spaces, building support, parking, and commercial foodservice space that can cater to the 1,200 employees. The building designs are optimized to reduce energy and water use, resulting in reduced maintenance and operational costs. The finished product has each floor having a solid structural foundation with functional spaces such as conference rooms and break rooms, resulting in a practical floor plan.

DPR Construction

1801 J St., Sacramento, CA 95811

DPR Construction began providing its services in 1997, tackling large-scale projects ranging from ground-up high rises to multi-million-dollar facilities within the advanced tech, commercial, healthcare, higher education, and life science industries. Its process solely depends on the client and their business, allowing the staff to tailor its construction, providing the best value possible. Strategic solutions are constantly involved with each phase of the project, taking into account sustainable features, virtual designs, and fabrication. The firm has received numerous accolades with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) certifying the team and winning the 2020 U.S. WoodWorks Wood Design Award for Regional Excellence – WoodWorks, and the 2017 Award of Excellence – Sustainability – SEAOCC.

Pictured here is California State University, Chico, Science Replacement Building. The four-story, 1100,000-sq-ft project is a ground-up design-build consisting of the design and construction of a new, multistory science building on a site near the center of campus. The new science building houses the departments of Neuroscience, Chemistry, Physics, Geological Science and Science Education, and includes research and science teaching labs, active-learning classrooms, graduate research studios, a dean’s suite, faculty offices, administrative support areas, prep rooms, and storage areas.

McCarthy Building Companies

3721 Douglas Blvd. Suite 180, Roseville, CA 95661

Since its establishment in 1991, McCarthy Building Companies have continuously evolved its process, incorporating modern techniques and green-building solutions. It is currently on the list of the top 20 green builders in the business, providing energy-efficient features resulting in cost-effective components. Through each stage, the staff’s goal is to intricately utilize the appropriate methods to best suit the client’s needs. Some of the accolades the company has received include the 2011 Business of the Year Award – Sacramento Sustainable, and some features from the 2020 Business Tribune and the 2018 Engineering News Record.

Pictured here is one of the firm’s recently completed projects, featuring a 14-story office tower in Dallas which includes numerous office spaces, a parking garage, and 8,500 square feet of retail and restaurant space. The parking garage area consists of two levels below grade, holding an estimated 470 cars that can cater to the numerous employees. As for the interior, six levels of office spaces comprise the building’s floor plan. Currently, it is up for certification from LEED, establishing the project as one of the firm’s best projects.

Brown Construction, Inc.

1465 Enterprise Blvd., West Sacramento, CA 95691

Pictured here is the Capitol Garage project featuring a size of 141,000 square feet with a six-story parking garage, 414 stalls, and 12,000 square feet of ground-floor space housing retail stores. Located in downtown Sacramento, the building has a modern appeal with its structural design and vibrant lighting, illuminating the complex at night. The Brown Construction team are seasoned veterans in the business, having been around for over five decades. It continues its meticulous process, evaluating material selection, design methods, and construction techniques. Currently led by President Ron Brown, the firm continues to produce quality projects, further enhancing its portfolio and showcasing its extensive knowledge in construction. The firm has garnered accolades such as the 2017 Citation Award American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Central Valley and the 2017 Award of Merit for Best Special Use while receiving numerous features from the Sacramento Business Journal from 2015-2017.

Swinerton Incorporated

15 Business Park Way Suite 101, Sacramento, CA 95828

Swinerton Incorporated has been in the business for over five decades, assisting cities and neighborhoods by providing sustainable features in its establishments. Throughout the numerous projects it has tackled, the team has partnered with various non-profit organizations, supporting health and social services, cultural, educational, and environmental programs. This is to promote a healthier environment that reduces the environmental impact it has on the surrounding areas. The team has been awarded for its works in Sacramento, earning the 2021 #1 Safety Award of Excellence, over 4,000,000 Worker Hours, Building Division – AGC California, and the 2012 Constructor Award – AGC California.

Pictured here is one of the firm’s most notable projects, the TikTok Headquarters located in Culver City, California. The five-level building has a size of 108,000 square feet of office space, highlighted by a two-story full glass conference room with an automatic acoustical Skyfold partition system. Other amenities include open offices, break rooms, stadium seating, and restrooms finished with illuminated ceilings, high-end finishes, and state-of-the-art AV and security systems.

Otto Construction

1717 2nd St., Sacramento, CA 95811

John Otto established the firm in 1947 with a clear vision of having a core of skilled professionals that he can trust to deliver the quality of projects the firm aims for. The company is now run by his granddaughter, Allison Otto – the third generation of the family to serve as president and CEO. Along with the emphasis on quality finishes, Otto puts just as much importance on offering ecologically friendly construction that will provide the best value possible to the client and retain the level of quality the firm strives for. This is to promote an effective and efficient space while reducing the impact the construction has on the environment. Some awards the firm has received include the 2021 AGC Constructor Award and the 2014 Project of the Year – American Public Works Association.

This feature project above is the CA State Lottery Headquarters, promoting a number of construction and design practices to increase profitability while reducing negative environmental impacts. Sustainable features include a Vegetated Roof System for water conservation, a solar heat gain and reduction system, and photovoltaics – generating electric power by using solar cells. Upon its completion, the project received the LEED Gold Certification by the USGBC for its energy-efficient features.

Deacon Construction, LLC

7745 Greenback Ln., Citrus Heights, CA 95610

Pictured here is the AppNexus office featuring a revamped design of the 9,000-square-foot space, including modern finishes with a level five drywall, a marker-board painted walls, and glass doors. The floor plan offers numerous conference rooms, an open office setting, and a group collaboration area. The entire office space promotes an encouraging, collaborative work environment, allowing the employees to work in a vibrant, motivating workspace. Deacon Construction’s collective approach results in the diverse portfolio it showcases today. A comprehensive construction plan allows the team to evaluate and analyze the proper steps and methods to properly structure the project that will complement the clientele’s needs. Other aspects such as green-building features further accentuate the project, offering a refined finish.

RCP Construction, Inc.

5180 Golden Foothill Parkway Suite 110, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

RCP Construction, Inc. is celebrating 10 years in the Sacramento region. It’s founders have been building commercial construction projects for over 35 years. RCP’s core markets include Healthcare and Multi Family, but also provide construction services for educational buildings, industrial buildings, religious centers, fitness centers, restaurants and various types of retail projects. With this range of projects, the RCP team adapts its processes to each client, showcasing its ability to be flexible with their delivery methods. Their goal is to make the building experience a better experience through high-quality customer service and attention to detail. Owners Rick and Cindy Poipao continue to lead the firm, maintaining its status as a reliable, trustworthy general contractor in Northern California.

Pictured here is Sutter Triangle, a unique mixed-use project in East Sacramento. The three-story, wood framed, building has eleven residential units including (5) two-story units. Each home has access from a central lobby that contains an elevator and a central stairway. The first floor of the building is retail space and is connected to a generous outdoor seating area that sits on the promenade with views of the neighborhood park.