Bakersfield is known for being one of the fastest-growing medium-sized cities in California with a plethora of entertainment and dining scenes. With its rapid growth of population, many businesses in the area are starting or growing, and commercial contractors are working hard to help.

Many of these firms in the area are experienced, educated, and have won many awards for their work on commercial structures. These firms know that when it comes to designing and advertising a brand, communication is key to properly portray a client’s brand. Listed below are the best commercial contractors in Bakersfield, all of whom emphasize communication and have years of experience building in the area.

Grijalva Contractors

22318 Bakersfield, CA 93390 

Grijalva Contractors is a well-established firm that dove into the industry in 2001. During the time it has worked in the industry, it has completed several projects in the commercial and residential markets of Bakersfield and the surrounding areas. In these markets, it has done various services including drywall, steel stud framing, stone and brick veneer, and masonry. Regardless of the job, Grijalva contractors’ 20+ years of experience polished its customer service into one of renowned efficiency and attention to detail.

S & L Building Inc.

1009 Stine Rd., Bakersfield, CA 93309

S & L Building, Inc. handles both commercial and residential clients. Since its establishment in 2005, the firm has been one of the most reliable names in remodeling. Alongside these services, the firm is also experienced in mold remediation, asbestos inspection, and concrete work. With an experienced and friendly staff, S & L Building is usually praised for having top-notch customer service with quality builds.

J&M Construction

440 Buena Vista Blvd., Bakersfield, CA 93307

From remodeling, adding, or building from scratch, J&M Construction incorporates efficient designs that present the firm’s quality workmanship. J&M Construction is an established firm with 48 years of experience in the industry. During this time, it has worked on both commercial and residential projects. From 1975 to 1994, it was able to complete 90 homes in the Bear Valley Springs and numerous other tenant improvement projects.

Abate Construction, Inc.

1615 Elzworth Suite A, Bakersfield, CA 93312

Abate Construction, Inc. has completed over 500 projects across California. Since its establishment in 2014, the firm has been known as a high-performance team experienced in remodels, renovations, new construction, and custom design projects for both commercial and residential niches. With years of experience, Abata Construction Inc. has become one of Bakersfield’s premier residential and commercial contracting firms.

Wallace & Smith Contractors 

3325 Landco Drive, Bakersfield, CA 93308

Wallace & Smith Contractors is most famous for having multiple commercial green projects. Established in 1950, Wallace & Smith Contractors is a veteran that puts emphasis on caring for partnerships and creating lasting relationships through a collection of striking commercial projects throughout California. So far, it has excelled in the creation of aerospace buildings, agricultural, institutional, industrial, and commercial projects. Among these include the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified project in Central Valley and the first two LEED-certified buildings in Bakersfield.

KinCo Construction

1515 E. 19th St., Bakersfield, CA 93305

Established in 1985, KinCo Construction has collected enough construction experience to extend its expertise into various markets. It has completed projects in residential, agricultural, industrial, medical, commercial, and more. Regardless of the project, this firm holds fast to the reputation of delivering high-quality work through customized solutions. The firm’s owner Ed Kinney has been in the construction industry for over 35 years and successfully still leads this firm today.

Pacific Construction Services, Inc.

4705 New Horizon Blvd., Bakersfield, CA 93313

Back during its establishment in 2009, Pacific Construction Services mostly provided residential remodeling services. By 2012, the firm began performing commercial projects until it expanded to local government projects. Today, the firm’s portfolio includes a mix of residential and commercial projects that present excellent craftsmanship, solid project management, and exceptional customer service. Over the years, it has worked with several names including AT&T, Chevron, and Pensco among many other brands.

Klassen Corporation

2021 Westwind Dr., Bakersfield, CA 93301

A hub for high-end construction projects, Klassen Corporation has a rich history forged by builders, architects, and craftspeople. The veteran firm dived into a wide variety of markets after its establishment in 1977. Among these markets include community, industrial, healthcare, education, and commercial sectors. Decades in the industry have taught its team the best practices in project management, construction, and customer service. These practices have, in turn, gained it several clients who come forward with the desire to create large and complex projects like Artisan Square. A 15-acre, high-end retail shopping center, it includes four building-ready certified building pads and six undeveloped pads for future development. With other notable projects in its folio, Klassen Corporation was presented the Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce’s 2019 Beautiful Bakersfield Award in Architecture.

Colombo Construction Company

3211 Rio Mirada Dr., Bakersfield, CA 93308

Colombo Construction Company’s long-standing reliable reputation is one that fits a 70-year-old veteran firm. A family-owned business, this firm’s services extend from construction management to design-build and general contracting services for different markets. As an award-winning firm recognized with honors like the American Public Works Project of the Year Award, its portfolio is lined with impressive, detail-oriented projects like the Bakersfield Amtrak Station. A modern structure with glass walls clad with India red sandstone displayed in the classic ashlar pattern, the structure highlights the red glow of its materials in every angle of the sun. Over the years, this veteran has adapted to the changing environment and employs two LEED accredited professionals to help the firm create sustainable environments for the ecosystem and community. 


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