Thousand Oaks features an abundance of natural scenery and a downtown area filled with welcoming establishments and business ventures. National corporations, retail stores, restaurants, and recreational facilities are all available. The balance between a bustling city and the natural environment makes Thousand Oaks a diverse city that provides a dynamic living experience.

If you’re thinking of establishing or updating a business in Thousand Oaks, you know it is important to partner with the best commercial architects. Such firms offer a range of services that can provide you with a broad scope of designs, styles, and materials selection. Those options lead to custom-made services tailored to your needs, resulting in an accurate rending of your vision. Our editorial team created this list of the top six best commercial architects providing work in the Thousand Oaks area looking into each firm’s experience, portfolio, and process.  

Behr Browers Architects 

340 N. Westlake Boulevard, Suite 250, Westlake Village, CA 91362

Behr Browers Architects (BBA) has built an impressive portfolio of commercial and institutional projects. Throughout its three decades of business, the firm has consistently adapted and evolved its approach. Incorporating efficient, functional methods is the foundation of all its work; the result is consistent results and homes tailored to the client. The firm is the recipient of the 2017 Citation Award from the American Institute of Architects.

Pictured above is a project for one of the firm’s notable clients, Dole. This project features Dole’s new headquarters—80,000 square feet of space for 200 workers. The floor plan includes an auditorium, a test kitchen, and two product development labs. The key to this project was to create a proper flow and coordination between each department. Behr Bowers did just that with a functional floor plan that encourages worker collaboration. A notable characteristic of this project is the presence of technology in each area. BBA partnered with various vendors to provide touch-screen TVs and iPads to boost overall efficiency and productivity.

GKA Architects

351 Rolling Oaks Dr, Su 202A, Thousand Oaks, CA 91361

Gregory Ian Korn is the principal architect leading the firm. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has completed over 100 projects. That work includes commercial, industrial, multifamily, and municipality projects. The firm’s primary goal is to offer its clients affordable, quality services that are straightforward and effective. Throughout the construction process, it maintains a consistent level of quality that ensures an accurate output, leading to the bevy of projects it showcases today. This type of approach has led to the completion of projects like this medical office building in Sherman Oaks. The project’s scope includes six commercial units, a 5,106-square-foot floor plan, and a building size of 73,000-square-feet. GKA completed this project in 2016, providing a functional medical office that can efficiently serve patients.

ENR architects

9109 Ravenswood Road, Granbury, TX 76049

Pictured below is the San Carlos Stairs Fabrication Shop & Showroom project. A father and son owner expressed interest in expanding into a completely new facility, including a manufacturing shop, showroom, and office. ENRarchitects in collaboration with Topos Architects. Palo Alto, CA, developed various design schemes for the new 5,000-square-foot structure. These services included CAD modeling, design renderings, and electrical and mechanical features. Apart from the actual floor plan, ENR designed clerestory windows and a curving balcony so that natural light could illuminate the showroom. Eric Neahr Rohlfing is the project architect behind this project. He has an extensive background in the fields of architecture, biotech, and mechanical engineering design that started in 1984. Throughout his career, he has garnered numerous accolades with various licenses and accreditations. Rohlfing continues to offer his services throughout California but tackles projects in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Texas as well.

Kingdom Industry

2490 Turquoise Circle, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

Pictured below is the Procore project provided by the Kingdom Industry team. The primary goal of this project was to make employees more comfortable. The incorporation of modern technology on the floor plan made the project particularly distinctive. The client’s office has a laid-back, coastal theme that presented a challenge to balancing the client’s style and the inclusion of technological features. These tech tools had to be present to enable the company to function at a higher efficiency. The firm’s ideology of actively pushing architectural designs as a means to provide clients with a long-term establishment guided the vision of this project. It involved modern methodologies and new techniques to accentuate the quality it always strives for. From conceptualization to completion, the firm’s approach included close collaboration between the team and client. Thanks to projects like this guided by the firm’s robust process, the firm can show you a diverse portfolio that demonstrates its ability to tackle a broad scope of projects.

Neal Scribner Architecture

4765 Via Don Luis, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

Neal Scribner has been a licensed architect since 1964. He would later establish his own practice in 1972, and go on to tackle projects in California, Texas, and Nevada. His approach depends completely on the client he is working for: he adjusts to their needs. Doing so allows him to create a flexible construction plan that is capable of applying the necessary adjustments as the project progresses. As a seasoned veteran in the industry, Scribner’s four decades of experience have allowed him to incorporate various design methods that include everything from traditional to modern concepts. Today, Scribner continues to offer the same level of quality he did years ago.

This contemporary office property is a good example of what Mr. Scribner is capable of. Masonry, concrete, and windows provide the stability and the foundation that the property needed to be functional and practical. Upon its completion, the office offered a floor plan that promotes a productive environment.  


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