Also known as the “crown of the valley,” Pasadena is a Los Angeles suburb with a thriving economy and vibrant community. The city appeals to young professionals, families, and retirees alike thanks to its rich culture and charming neighborhoods. Business owners looking to build or expand will find plenty of architects located in Pasadena, Irvine, Culver City, and across the rest of the greater Los Angeles area. 

When sourcing the best commercial architects in Pasadena, make sure you provide a clear and concise brief about your business or property. Interview the firm to determine if the architect can execute your vision properly without compromising the design or budget. On this list we’ve tried to make your life a bit easier: these are the top architecture firms in the Los Angeles area. These companies were handpicked by our editorial team. We looked at each firm’s experience, expertise, and customer reviews. All 10 of these contractors have been operating for more than 20 years; one firm has even been in business for nearly a century.

ONYX Architects

2540 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91107

ONYX Architects specializes in designing for commercial, adaptive dwelling units (ADU), mixed-use, housing, and renewable energy projects throughout Southern California. Founding partner and award-winning architect Dale Brown leads the company’s efforts in delivering superior design quality and service. With a comprehensive portfolio and plenty of industry experience, Dale and his team are focused on revitalizing communities by providing creative and efficient design solutions. For 21 years, the results-driven company has formed strong partnerships with clients, consultants, and vendors.

The design studio has been featured in various media outlets including Urbanize, Pasadena Now, and With decades of service, the firm has earned accreditations from the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, and the Urban Land Institute. After completing the Gahnal Pasadena project, ONYX Architects was commissioned to create a cohesive design for Gahnal Lumber as part of its rebranding. Taking a cue from the store’s elements, the firm curated a design that reflects the company’s heritage. The combination of textures and materials created a warm and inviting environment that welcomes customers.

James V. Coane Associates

30 North Raymond Avenue, Suite #611, Pasadena, CA 91103

James V. Coane & Associates Architects has been specializing in custom residences,  historic renovations, expansions, interiors, corporate, and retail projects since 1994. The design firm completed projects throughout Pasadena, West Los Angeles, and abroad including Beijing and Taiwan. Firm founder James V. Coane is recognized for his extensive industry knowledge and experience. Under his guidance you’ll find a dedicated team of architects, engineers, and professional staff who consistently collaborate with clients to ensure high standards of execution.

The company’s streamlined approach involves pre-design, schematic design, design development, construction documentation, permitting, and construction observation.  After over two decades of designing for a broad range of clients, James V. Coane & Associates has earned numerous awards and recognitions. For several years the firm was named by Pasadena Weekly as the Best Architect in Pasadena. Many of the firm’s projects have also been featured in various television shows, films, fashion media, and other advertising campaigns.

MCG Architecture

15635 Alton Parkway, Suite #100, Irvine CA 92618

With nearly a decade of architectural excellence, MCG Architecture has expanded its services with offices in Irvine, San Francisco, Denver, and Cleveland. Offering a full scope of design services, the firm focuses on curating timeless and innovative designs while keeping up with the latest trends. Founder Robert Ainsworth paved the way for the company to take on various types of projects ranging from commercial and residential to institutional sectors. Robert is recognized by the community for his outstanding work on the most prominent buildings across Pasadena.

Over the years, MCG Architecture has grown its clientele to nearly 50 states including Canada and Puerto Rico. The firm’s success is driven by the company’s hardworking team of skilled architects, designers, and project managers under the guidance of managing principal Olga Ruiz. Specializing in the areas of retail, office, hospitality, and healthcare, the firm has worked with top retail brands and businesses including Nordstrom, Chipotle, and Whole Foods.

GGA (Gonzalez Goodale Architects)

135 West Green Street, Suite #200, Pasadena, CA 91105

Offering complete architectural services, Gonzalez Goodale Architects (GGA) specializes in a wide range of commercial, residential, mixed-use, and civic projects. With 40 years of service, GGA has designed for a diverse clientele throughout California. Leading the firm are principals Ali Barar and founder Armando Gonzales. Ali is an industry leader, particularly in urban mixed-use projects and he has been recognized for his work on significant commercial revitalization projects. Armando, on the other hand, serves as a trusted advisor in civic, education, and non-profit groups and continues to play an advisory role in the company.

Over the years, the company has earned accreditations from the AIA, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). GGA was commissioned to design the Bus Maintenance and Operations Facility in Los Angeles. For this project, the firm came up with a simple and efficient design incorporating carbon-neutral and energy-efficient materials as well as renewable methods. This sustainable project earned the USGBC Los Angeles Project of the Year Award.

CO Architects

5055 Wilshire Boulevard, 9th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Founded in 1986, Los Angeles-based CO Architects is nationally recognized for architectural planning, programming, and design in the higher education, science and technology, and healthcare sectors. The firm’s specialized expertise includes transformative schools of medicine, advanced research and teaching laboratories, and innovative clinical facilities on higher education, healthcare, and urban campuses. CO Architects has been recognized with more than 175 awards for innovative design and project delivery, including the AIA California’s Architecture Firm of the Year Award. CO Architects has designed major “benchmark” and award-winning facilities for clients that include the University of California system, Kaiser Permanente, and Los Angeles Unified School District.

Featured here is Shriners for Children Medical Center outpatient surgery/clinic complex in Pasadena, the organization’s Southern California flagship. This specialized healthcare facility houses pediatric orthopedic care services. The three-story medical center includes a surgical suite, diagnostic clinic, radiology department, rehabilitation clinic, orthotics and prosthetics manufacturing, patient and family support services, administrative offices, and an underground parking garage. Outdoor spaces include a rehabilitation therapy garden and a gathering/event space. The energy-efficient design meets CalGreen sustainability requirements. The building’s honors include an AIA Pasadena & Foothill Chapter Merit Award and an LA Architectural Award.


8665 Hayden Place, Culver City, CA 90232

For more than half a century, Cuningham has been providing superior architectural, design, and planning services throughout the U.S. and abroad including China and Qatar. The design firm has over 250 employees with offices located across the country. With a wide network of clients and suppliers, the company is fully equipped to provide superior design and workmanship that includes a wide variety of projects and industries.

The firm served as Executive Architect on Pendry West Hollywood Hotel and Residences on iconic Sunset Boulevard. The luxury hotel features 149 guest rooms, two dining venues from Wolfgang Puck, Ospero and Moerois, as well as lounges, a private social club, bowling lanes, a screening room, and a rooftop pool sanctuary with spectacular views of Los Angeles. Also featured is an intimate live music venue that recalls the building’s former site, the House of Blues. The project also brings housing to the Strip. The highly-amenitized Pendry Residences include 40 luxury residences with generous private terraces, city views, and distinctive common area features. Additionally, the project includes five affordable dwelling units and a small retail footprint. The project is registered with the certification goal of LEED Silver®.

Bestor Architecture

2030 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Bestor Architecture is an award-winning architecture firm in Los Angeles. Founded in 1995, the firm specializes in commercial, residential, retail, and office projects.  Founder Barbara Bestor has vast experience in a broad range of sectors including building many private residences. Under her leadership, the firm meticulously curates each design balancing creativity and functionality. Barbara—backed by her talented team of architects—delivers the most efficient design solutions without compromising the style and design concept. 

For over 26 years, the design studio consistently delivers superior design quality and service. Accredited by the AIA, the design studio is recognized for its distinctive style and expertise in urban-inspired projects. Since its inception, Bestor Architecture has produced award-winning designs including the head office of Beats By Dre and Snap, Blackbirds, and Silvertop. Its work has been featured across various publications including California Home & Design, Architect Magazine, and Architectural Digest.

Lehrer Architects

2140 Hyperion Avenue, Silverlake, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Los Angeles-based Lehrer Architects is a full-service architecture firm offering a broad range of design and planning solutions catering to a diverse clientele. Specializing in commercial, residential, and institutional projects, the firm uses a creative process that incorporates multimedia techniques into each design. Under the guidance of founder Michael B. Lehrer, the company maintains high standards using advanced tools and techniques in architecture.   

Founded in 1985, the design studio’s philosophy is anchored in serving the community and enhancing the quality of life it offers its residents. With decades of industry experience, the firm has earned several awards including the Civic Award and Design Concept Award from the Los Angeles Business Council. One of the firm’s most notable designs is the CalTech Keck Institute for Space Studies which also won an award for Exceptional Contribution in Sustainable Real Estate. Lehrer Architects transformed the old building into a functional modern office space and brought in lots of natural lighting to do it.

Yazdani Studio

444 Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071

For over two decades, architecture firm Yazdani Studio has developed a strong reputation for its innovative design practices. The Los Angeles-based firm’s philosophy focuses on discovering new and innovative design techniques across different industries. Early in his career, award-winning architect and firm founder Mehrdad Yazdani was named by Progressive Architecture as one of the top emerging architects in the world. His design philosophy is to create designs that reflect the client’s wants and needs while being practical.

Mehrdad has amassed over 90 awards throughout his impressive career with projects located across the globe. The firm’s most inspiring projects have been published in various media outlets including the New York Times, Dezeen, Fast Company, and Architectural Digest. With years of experience, Yazdani Studio can take on all types of design challenges. Yazdani Studio was recently honored as the Top Institutional Project for its work on the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine at the Rethinking the Future Design Awards.