Brentwood is a medium-sized city that’s one of the best choices for raising a family. As a residential area with easily accessible groceries, schools, parks, and other conveniences, it has a quaint ambiance that attracts affluent locals especially since it also affords easy access to Nashville. This location in turn makes Brentwood a popular choice for the top professionals in Nashville’s music and healthcare industries, and even for players and staff associated with the NFL’s Titans.

With this type of resident and a median home price of $500,000, Brentwood has a collection of residential homes that attract budding designers and contractors. We found the professionals in the area that have been praised for their ability to craft quality homes that highlight the smallest, yet most elaborate details. With their experience, these contractors are fully capable of crafting charming homes that embody Brentwood’s quaint suburban setting while still offering a touch of the modern.

Oak Tree Builders

641 Old Hickory Blvd #127, Brentwood, TN 37027

For over 35 years, Oak Tree Builders has been a trusted firm in the Brentwood community. Known for its sophisticated craftsmanship using high-end materials, Oak Tree Builders has put together an impressive portfolio of whole house renovations and remodels that don’t compromise quality or service. The firm’s portfolio includes residential projects in the traditional and colonial styles. 

Old Hillsboro Building Company

407 Church Street, Unit #1, Franklin, TN 37064

Old Hillsboro Building Company has over 150 years of experience as a land development and construction company. The firm has completed luxury projects that range from hospitality developments to high-end custom homes in the farmhouse and traditional styles. Among its most notable projects is the Farmhouse renovation in Nashville. The entire exterior was updated to add more depth and a lot of rough-cut cedar to both the front and rear porches. Inside the house and just above the garage is a new bedroom and a new bathroom that includes murals, sliding barn doors, and unique painted floors.

Woodward Homes

1614 Gordon Petty Drive, Brentwood, TN 37027

Woodward Homes is a family business founded by husband and wife team Mike and Elizabeth Jakubowski. Prior to Woodward Homes, the duo found their passion for construction and design, and they spent their youth getting experience in the industry. Eventually, they founded Woodward homes. Combined, they have 26 years of experience in high-end residential construction and design. This duo provides a wide range of services that includes kitchen and bathroom remodels, full home renovations, additions, and even outdoor projects. The firm’s most notable is the Brentwood remodel. This kitchen remodel presents an attractive and refreshing transitional style set off by a white palette and accented with modern light fixtures.

Fears Construction, Inc.

1034 4th Avenue, South Nashville, TN 37210

Over the past ten years, Fears Construction has completed over 100 projects. That includes renovations, additions, new construction, and other smaller home improvement projects. Currently, the firm is managed by Adama Fear and Everett Lowe. Combining their experience in construction and real estate, the firm is able to create homes that harmonize with the client and the neighborhood’s unique style. So far, these capabilities in quality design include the traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles. Among its many notable projects, the West Meade home renovation is especially striking thanks to its pristine color palette accented with gold finishes and accents. 

Franks Home Maintenance and General Contracting

3429 Harborwood Circle, Nashville, TN 37214

A firm that has been in the construction industry for over 33 years, Franks Home Maintenance and General Contracting is highly experienced when it comes to crafting residential projects, including both new homes and remodels. Principal Frank George has also been the owner of Frank’s Home Maintenance for a little over 18 years. Thanks to this experience, George is able to provide the firm’s clients with the kind of practiced eye for detail that consistently results in beautiful homes.   

Forte Building Group, LLC

113 Bridlington Lane, Brentwood, TN 37027

Forte Building Group is a firm that highlights the importance of harmonious collaboration in its projects. Established in 1993, the firm grew organically through word of mouth, client referrals, and the distinguished design professionals the team has worked with over the years. During this time, the firm has also completed custom homes, large-scale renovations, and additions in the traditional, modern, and contemporary styles. From design all the way to project completion, the firm’s years in the industry have produced a highly experienced team that consistently produces quality results. 

Superior Custom Homes & Remodeling

7105 Moores Lane, Ste. #100, Brentwood, TN 37027

17 years of practice and expertise attracts a large number of customers. Superior Custom Homes & Remodeling has become such a trusted firm thanks to its years of experience that it has been involved in hundreds of residential projects. This includes the ranch remodel in Brentwood which highlights the kind of contemporary interiors and furnishing that modernizes homes. The firm’s design also often features warm lighting that balances that modern style with the ranch-style the firm often works in. Superior Custom Homes & Remodeling has also crafted homes in traditional and transitional styles. These beautiful remodels and new builds have helped the firm gain more clients who are consistently included in the design and build process through the firm’s builderTREND online software. With this software, clients are always kept up to date with the project’s costs and schedules. It even makes change requests easy and simple.

The Kingston Group

4705 Alabama Avenue, Nashville, TN 37209 

The Kingston Group is a 14-year old firm that focuses on stability. Its foundation is a strong team that specializes in remodeling, additions, and custom building for clients in Brentwood, Nashville, and nearby areas. The Kingston Group highlights stability through its special eight-step process which allows the team and clients to see the project’s full scope and its potential problems. So far, this stability has helped them efficiently complete projects like the Forest Hills mid-century remodel. The entire house was given a remodel; the kitchen, in particular, highlights the firm’s approach. The vaulted ceilings were painted a refreshing white. The wood floors and porcelain countertops bring it all together with sharp, clean lines. The firm’s portfolio includes modern, contemporary, and farmhouse styles completed with quality craftsmanship. These projects have been recognized by a number of industry publications including Qualified Remodeler, Nashville Business Journal, and Remodeling 550. 


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