Last updated on May 21st, 2024 at 03:18 am

Home to rugged mountain ranges and deserts teeming with cacti and wildflowers, Scottsdale feels like a gateway into the Wild West. Dubbed the West’s Most Western Town, the city was once home to ranches and horseback riding cowboys. While the legacy of its animal herding ancestors is still alive and well, the town has started becoming known for different reasons.

Trading in its barns for resorts and retail establishments, Scottsdale has quickly become one of Arizona’s economic powerhouses. Its year-round warm weather and abundant sunshine make it the ideal getaway with the local Scottsdale Airport being one of the busiest in America. The city has the highest number of destination spas of any American municipality. It is also known for being a shopping hub with many high-end malls and retail stores opening up in the city.

GoDaddy, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, and Cold Stone Brewery are among the many large-scale companies that have their headquarters in the city. This has turned Scottsdale into a gold mine for the commercial industry. As a result, commercial contractors around the area have become integral to the town’s flourishing economy. Listed below are five firms that have been carefully selected by our editorial team for their services, projects, and accolades.

McShane Construction

6720 N. Scottsdale Road Suite 213 Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Building more than just profitable spaces, McShane Construction aims to create a better community through sustainability. This firm has built eco-friendly commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional facilities across 32 different states. As a LEED-certified member of the US Green Building Council, the company incorporates green materials and technology in all of its builds. 

The team’s projects in Scottsdale have even won the approval of LEED. The Orbital Sciences Corporation office has earned a LEED-Silver rating for using reclaimed water for the landscaping’s irrigation. The three-story building features a post-tensioned concrete frame with a glass curtain wall enclosure and steel trellises. With an emphasis on worker accessibility, the building has a two-story parking structure, an outdoor pedestrian lane, and interior walkways leading to the adjacent Orbital Sciences campus.

Founded by Jim McShane in 1984, the firm has over 35 years of experience in the industry. Throughout its nearly four-decade run, it has amassed numerous recognitions for its excellent services. Some of the team’s more notable recognitions include being dubbed one of the 2021 Top Multi-family Builders by the NMHC and Jim’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the Illinois Real Estate Journal.

Sigma Contracting Inc.

9019 E. Bahia Drive, Suite #102, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

While some big companies fail to pay close attention to projects and small contractors are often restricted by the size of their workforce, Sigma Contracting is the middle ground. The team is known for a dedicated core team that has decades of experience and a design-build approach that allows them to oversee the entirety of projects.

As a premier commercial general contractor, Sigma has established a broad footprint in the Southwest with an extensive portfolio of projects in a variety of sizes, industries, and property types, with established long-standing client relationships with top developers, architects, municipalities, and businesses in the region.

For 35 years Sigma has been the turnkey contractor for more than 900 construction projects including hospitals, medical office buildings, schools, public venues, retail and industrial spaces, banks, office buildings, and municipal facilities. Sigma has also joined LEED’s cause, creating eco-friendly buildings. Many of the firm’s members have earned LEED certifications.

The team is headed by Dan Hinkson and Jerry Patterson. Both grew up in families involved in the industry, learning the ins and outs of building from a young age. Dan founded the firm in 1983, and today it continues to be a well-respected member of the building community. Sigma Contracting is a part of numerous trade groups and is actively working with the non-profit organization The Salvation Army.

A.R. Mays Construction

6900 E. Indian School Road, Suite 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

There’s a reason why A.R. Mays Construction’s logo is owner Adam May’s signature. The firm has created stunning commercial spaces that both the firm and the client would be proud to put their names on. Numerous esteemed businesses including Volvo, Ford, and Chevrolet have enlisted the company’s services for this very reason.

A.R. Mays has provided pre-construction, construction, and post-construction services to the Southwest since 1986. While it specializes in commercial builds, it also occasionally works on institutional and industrial properties. Paying homage to the indigenous population, the firm offers a unique service for Native American commercial establishments. These establishments incorporate the culture’s aesthetics in their design and ensure that the land the buildings are built upon is respected.

DECCA Builders, Inc.

16050 North 76th Street, Suite 101 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

A project handled by DECCA Builders, Inc. is not just worked on by the team, but rather by an entire community. Decca is a group of independently run general contracting companies across Scottsdale, Arizona. With each firm having its own specialty, this incorporation offers services for commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional buildings. It also has arms solely dedicated to creating commercial and multi-family structures, both of which are the collective’s specialty.

The contractor’s attention to quality has pulled in customers with 90% of its projects coming from repeat clients. It has worked for many popular chains across the Southwest including Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Parkway. Founded in 1984, the firm has delivered over 35 years of service with President Mike Wareing now taking the helm. Aside from overseeing all managerial and financial functions, Mike continues to conduct on-site inspections on all projects to ensure the utmost quality.

Jokake Construction

5013 E. Washington, Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85034

For Jokake Construction, a commercial building’s value is not just in its function but also in the property itself. Outside of offering full commercial construction services from napkin sketches to full construction documents, the firm also provides services to support the real estate cycle for clients, from due diligence to site analysis to market research. The firm specializes in commercial buildings, helping industrial and healthcare clients and properties across the Southwest reach their full potential.

Being in the business for nearly 40 years, Jokake has managed to make a name for itself especially for its office, healthcare, and biotech projects. Today, president Casey Cartier carries on the managerial side of the business with two consecutive recognitions as Global CEO for Commercial Real Estate in the Southwest. Whether it’s partnering on new development, providing construction services for a client’s vision, or lending their corporate expertise to clients, Jokake is committed to an elevated experience, infusing creativity, eliminating roadblocks, and promoting efficiency. It is a firm innovating for the future of commercial real estate and beyond.