When establishing a business in a city like Redwood, there are many things to consider, such as location, design, structural materials, and branding. You want your business to be noticeable to the public and stand out among the numerous buildings and centers that comprise the city.

The best commercial contractors aid their clients throughout each phase of the process with a deep analysis of each detail, resulting in quality establishments. These projects also take into account the surrounding areas, providing sustainable features that will reduce the impact the building has on the environment and promote efficient use of energy within the vicinity. To help you find the best contractor for your project, we have curated this list of the top five best commercial contractors by looking into the firm’s process, portfolio, and experience. 

W.L. Butler

1629 Main St., Redwood City, CA 94063

Based within Silicon Valley, W.L. Butler owner William Butler established the firm in 1975 after moving to Western California. During its early years, the firm fostered long-term relationships that assisted them in becoming a top contractor in the area. Since then, the company has tackled projects for numerous famous clientele such as Samsung, Costco, Charles Schwab, Target, and Whole Foods. Today, the team has over 200 members, all of whom have an extensive background in construction, resulting in a revenue of over 250 million dollars annually. 

Pictured here is a Costco development project the firm completed in San Jose, California. The project is a 148,262 square foot, one-story building with a fully operational automatic fire-protection sprinkler and alarm systems. Other aspects involved during the building process include the building shell, canopies, interior tenant improvements, and site work. 

DPR Construction

1450 Veterans Blvd., Redwood City, CA 94063

During its early years since its establishment in 1990, DPR Construction has continuously evolved its building process with innovative methods, wise decision-making, and consistent quality checks. This approach resulted in the company being known for its consistency and coherency with all its projects, revitalizing its image within the community. Under the leadership of Doug Woods, Peter Nosler, and Ron Davidowski, the DPR Construction team has the experience and ability to tackle an array of projects while offering sustainable and efficient solutions that will reduce the impact it has on the environment and community.

Pictured is an office building project for Trammell Crow Company with a size of 1.56 million gross square feet,  including office spaces with a size of 800,000 square feet. The building has a striking sail-like curtainwall design offering employees a view of Lady Bird Lake. Other components that comprise the massive tower include a 1,411-stall parking structure spanning five levels below grade and seven above, a ground floor lobby, retail space, and an extensive boardwalk. Some challenges were present during the process, which affected the tower’s structural foundation, leading to many considerations to ensure a sturdy building. This included numerous testing of the project’s complex geometry and radiused components. 

Rudolph and Sletten

2 Circle Star Way, San Carlos, CA 94070

With an extensive background in the business spanning six decades, Rudolph and Sletten are seasoned veterans in the construction industry, having developed a quality-oriented approach that resulted in its portfolio today. Part of this quality-based process involves timely management services and technical expertise to offer specific solutions for each client. This is evident in its diverse portfolio, featuring various healthcare, life sciences, education, and technology projects.

Pictured below is the New O Street Office Building, which is part of the Department of General Service’s 10-year sequencing plan that involves the renovation and replacement of state facilities in the Sacramento area. The eleven-story building consists of office, assembly, building support, parking, and commercial foodservice space, with a capacity of 1,200 employees. Throughout the building, efficient energy and water systems are present to reduce maintenance and operational costs, promoting proper use of its resources. Other aspects included in the project are the arrangement of glass throughout each floor, offering ample lighting that improves the overall atmosphere of the building. 

Truebeck Construction

951 Mariners Island Blvd., Suite 700, San Mateo, CA 94404

Since 2007, Truebeck Construction has had an ambitious vision of producing projects that go beyond the traditional methods using elevated construction practices involving modern techniques. The primary goal for the team is to provide quality work for its client while maintaining or improving the environment it’s in. Its approach relies on the experience it has gained with past projects, making adjustments and improvements that will further its skillset when tackling larger-scale projects for big clients. It starts with strategic planning that will lay the foundation of the project and, from there, execute the appropriate methods to achieve the desired results.

Pictured below is the Arete Creative Office with a size of 20,000 square feet. The ground-up office building is a four-story, Class A project, consisting of a design-build MEPF system, metal panel and storefront facade, mass timber structure, roof deck, and an open creative office space. The open concept aspect of the office provides ample lighting that produces a vibrant floor plan, promoting a healthy work environment. 


E.A. Davidovits and Co.

555 Price Ave. Suite 200, Redwood City, CA 94063

E.A. Davidovits and Co., Inc. is an established Design/Build firm in the Bay Area, for over 30 years they have continuously increased its size and diversity of projects to offer better services. The team has tackled various multi-million dollar projects, providing the same standard and quality as all the other projects it has tackled. Its dedication to quality and detail would steadily grow its clientele with all its work derived from repeat clients in need of different services. With the projects it works on daily, the firm is able to fast track some of its projects while maintaining its efficient process and retain the level of quality it sets. This allows the company to cater to its other clients in need of its services. A result of this approach is this feature project below, the recently completed “Business Circle” development in San Jose, California. A simple established building, the property houses numerous retail stores (including a 7-Eleven), with more than 5/1000 parking stalls. It’s an aesthetically pleasing and practical establishment that provides easy access for customers. Learn more about the company and their work at www.davidovitsco.com.