Last updated on May 21st, 2024 at 01:56 am

Mission Viejo is full of outdoor scenery that beautifully frames a bustling downtown area. The city offers a surprising range of retail shops, restaurants, office buildings, recreational facilities, and entertainment centers. These establishments feature a wide range of designs and styles: some offer traditional appeal, others have a more modern look. And, of course, all of them need occasional updates to keep up with evolving standards and aesthetics.

The best commercial contractors are capable of assisting you in establishing or updating your business. These firms offer a process that is geared towards quality and value that lets you also maintain a sensible timetable. You may find it challenging to locate these firms and evaluate their relative strengths, so our editors decided to give you a head start and created this list of the top five best commercial contractors. We looked into each company’s experience, process, and portfolio. 

Bogart Construction, Inc.

9980 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92618

Brad Bogart and Todd McConnell are currently leading Boggart Construction as it continues to produce a wide array of projects. Since its establishment in 1991, the firm has primarily focused on commercial projects such as retail, shopping centers, offices, and restaurants. Bogart and McConnell’s extensive background in the business spans decades since they received their degrees in construction management and environmental design from the University of Oklahoma. Today, the pair has more than three decades of hands-on experience working on commercial projects. The firm’s objective is to offer clients a modern establishment with sustainable features, always keeping the site safe and secure. 

The Circus Trix is a great example of the firm’s work. As an indoor entertainment facility, the safety of its customers was a point of emphasis. Ball pits, trampolines, ramps, and rock climbing are some of the activities customers can enjoy here. The facility needed a strong structural base to cater to the numerous people using the different amenities. The result is a modern indoor activity center that provides a safe, fun environment. Other notable clients the firm has worked for include H&M, Forever 21, and Sephora.  

ACR Builders, Inc.

23372 Madero, Suite E, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 

Steve and Michele Richardson are currently ACR Builders with their combined experience of 55 years. The pair began their services after the firm’s establishment in 2010, providing tenant improvements for national clients, retail market facilities, commercial properties, and government projects. The firm’s primary goal is to build long-lasting relationships with clients and professionals to expand its client base and partnerships. This is possible through the firm’s process of connecting the best subcontractors for each project to provide cost-effective solutions and maintain the overall quality of the project. It is a collaborative process with the team, subcontractors, and client that has resulted in its rock-solid reputation today. Another result of this approach is this two-story, 5,000-square-foot tenant improvement for the Stats office. The client was in need of a revamped office space. The firm transformed the space into an open office floor plan that creates a proper flow between each area. The result is a more functional office that promotes productivity. 

PR Construction, Inc

1995 N Batavia Street, Orange, CA 92865

Pictured below is one of PR Construction’s completed projects, a Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt. As a yogurt bar, the floor plan was split into two. One is a seating area on one side; the other holds the yogurt stations, toppings bar, and cashier. This floor plan provides efficient use of its space, preventing the establishment from feeling cramped. Six yogurt machines provide efficient customer service and prevent long lines. These kinds of projects are possible thanks to the firm’s 36 years of business. Throughout the decades, PR Construction has developed methodologies that assist the team in providing great customer service while managing each project thoroughly to complete them on time and within budget. With this process, PR Construction continues to create long-lasting relationships with its clients. This approach has boosted its reputation and established the firm as a reliable contractor in the area. 

GTI Commercial Contractors

25801 Obrero Drive, Suite 5, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Pictured below is a project GTI Commercial Contractors completed for Head & Neck Associates. The firm partnered with the Head & Neck Associates physicians to create various medical suites in Irvine. Its scope included using the latest technology and modern designs to provide employees and patients with a functional facility. Apart from the functional aspect, the firm emphasized a sanitized building. This was important for the patients’ and employees’ safety with the various activities within the building. These types of projects are evident throughout the portfolio GTI possesses. The firm has been providing its services since 1981 and has maintained its status as one of the top commercial contractors in the area. The firm’s focus is primarily on tenant improvements, value engineering, and renovations. Today, its straightforward goal of quality on-time projects is the cornerstone of its work, and that’s why it’s a premier contractor in Mission Viejo

PMC Contractors Inc.

2102 Business Center Drive, #230, Irvine, CA 92612

PMC Contractors is one of the veteran commercial contractors in the area with over three decades of experience. The firm’s process relies on carefully executed services from its pre-construction phase all the way to completion. The firm also follows a meticulous construction management plan that aims to assist the team with providing the best value possible with budget requirement analysis and proper scheduling. Thanks to this approach, the firm has completed a wide range of projects from office spaces, retail stores, and restaurants.

Pictured below is the Lido Marina Village in Newport Beach. The project’s scope consists of waterfront restaurants, retail shops, and office spaces that span a size of four acres and 500,000 square feet of buildings and properties. Some characteristics of this project include the use of seawall construction and major utility upgrades to provide a modern finish. This project took numerous phases to complete due to the various tenants. The site offers its users a modern location and a sophisticated environment.