Hayward’s downtown includes a diverse range of architecture. It includes traditional and contemporary design styles, giving the city’s downtown area a diverse look. Each commercial location has its own unique branding, image, and style that allows them to stand out in this city’s crowded retail market. Anyone trying to establish or upgrade their business in the area faces a distinct challenge.

The best commercial contractors in Hayward, California are able to provide the best solutions and methods to cater to your needs and personalize the project’s finish. Our editors have created this list of the top five best commercial contractors after looking into each firm’s experience, portfolio, and process. 

Rodan Builders

3486 Investment Boulevard, Suite B, Hayward, CA 94545

Rodan Builders has been in the business for 17 years and today it’s staffed by a team of 100 employees. The firm begins a project by placing well-experienced builders capable of providing the best methods available and offering ideas personalized for the client. It provides the flexibility of a small company and the talent of a large firm, resulting in its status today as an established commercial contractor. The firm has received the Gold Nugget Merit Award and the 2021 CEA Award.

The firm’s portfolio includes commercial, institutional, and industrial projects. Pictured below is the renovation of the Phoebe Hearst Museum Gallery in UC Berkeley. The project’s scope involved the demolition of the interior walls then replacing them with a modern design and impressive finishes. At the same time, the mechanical and electrical systems received upgrades to improve the space’s functionality. It is worth noting that the mechanical systems received those modifications while maintaining HVAC services to the remaining buildings.

Falk Construction

3526 Investment Boulevard, Hayward, CA 94545

David Falk established Falk Construction in 1993 after serving ten years as the vice president of H.L Falk. Falk has an extensive background in the business as well as in real estate and finance. This experience has enabled Falk to lead his team to become one of the most established commercial contractors in the area, producing various commercial, multi-family, and public projects. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) has accredited the firm for its work. Today, it possesses a diverse portfolio of commercial projects ranging from schools, government buildings, and science buildings. Pictured below is the Fort Knox Storage project. It has a size of six acres with a 125,000 square foot self-storage/records management facility and houses documents and miscellaneous items. An emphasis on a sturdy structural foundation was the key to provide a secure storage facility that is functional and well-protected. The result is a massive property with well-organized spaces that are functional and efficient.  

Balch Enterprises Inc.

30960 Huntwood Avenue, Hayward CA 94544

Balch Enterprises Inc. is a full-service commercial developer, builder, and property manager. The firm has handled numerous projects, meticulously working in each phase of construction. From feasibility and acquisition to building and ownership, the firm has an intricate process and detailed plan that allows them to operate efficiently and effectively. The portfolio the firm showcases today is a mix of large-scale projects with multinational corporations and smaller-scaled projects including retail stores and shops. One of these large-scale projects is the picture below, featuring a modern office building with heavy power and industrial/manufacturing space. The multilevel structure has a simple exterior design with its gray and glass walls, while the interior showcases wide, clean areas, offering a suitable work environment ideal for manufacturing. At the same time, an abundance of light illuminates each space, providing necessary lighting to allow the employees to work properly and efficiently. 

Nelson T. Lewis Construction Co., Inc.

25001 O’Neil Avenue, Hayward, CA 94544

Nelson T. Lewis Construction is one of the oldest firms in the area, with over nine decades in the business. It has built a reputation for its well-timed, quality projects at a competitive price. Over the years, the firm has continued to stack its portfolio that now features work in the tenant improvement, biotech, hospitality, and banking sectors. Other services the team is well-versed in include concrete tilt-up, masonry, and wood-frame buildings. Pictured below is one of the firm’s hospitality projects, the St. Rose hospital in Hayward. The team worked on the renovation of the 5th floor and provided new seismic retrofitting, improving the overall stability of the building. In a place like a hospital, it is essential to provide a stable environment for everyone inside, and retrofitting further increased the safety of the patients and healthcare workers. The result is a revamped floor space with a new structural foundation to protect the people inside. 

Bhogal Bros Construction

21980 Meekland Avenue, Hayward, CA 94541

Pictured below is the Pico Latin Street Food. The restaurant is located in the historic Ghirardelli Square landmark building. This project features MEP design-build services and MEP system renovations. In addition, installation of fire alarms, sprinklers, steel cladding, and equipment complete the restaurant’s upgrades. The firm has an intricate method for providing new designs and construction drawings, enabling the team to analyze the best steps to take. The firm has developed its reputation over the past ten years, transforming numerous establishments to improve their overall quality. Its customer-oriented approach continues to evolve with the help of various architects and engineers the firm has worked with in the past. These connections allow the team to apply new ideas and concepts that further personalize the project for the client and tailor its services accordingly.