In the early days, Costa Mesa was a quiet suburban community with deep-framing roots. Nowadays, it features some of the best restaurants, retail centers, and cultural arts.

This list of the best commercial architects in Costa Mesa is made up of professionals who present a variety of businesses through beautiful architecture. Aside from having functional designs that cater to the business owner, the designs completed by these professionals carry the client’s name and brand through modern and unique themes. These professionals have been chosen not just for their capabilities but also for the years of experience that have gained them recognition from publications like Los Angeles Business Journal, Orange County Business Journal, and Business Wire among many others. 

Bundy-Finkel Architects

1120 Bristol St. Ste. #120, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Bundy-Finkel Architects is a team of professionals who function well in various disciplines. From being skilled designers to technicians and general problem solvers. This adaptable skill set has been the founding principle that gained the firm several repeat and referral clients—customers who make up 99% of its business. Over time, its portfolio has included projects from the retail, office,  speciality, and even the residential sectors among several others. The Balboa Center-Marina Park, in particular, is a great example of themed modernity. A structure that includes a new 11,000-square-foot community center and 13,000-square-foot siling center, it features naturally themed motifs with building forms that mimic spinnakers in full sail, plan elements that come as extrapolations of boat hulls. It even has a 72-foot glass lighthouse that serves as a gourmet restaurant while doubling as an actual lighthouse that is used as a wayfinding point visible to boaters on both the bay and ocean sides of the peninsula.

Robert Borders & Associates

1675 Scenic Ave. Ste. #210, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Robert Borders & Associates uses a broad-based approach to designing projects. This means performing at the highest level in a multitude of niches. Since its establishment in 1967, it has poured its detailed expertise into various large and small projects like tenant improvements, recreational and fitness, retail, civic, industrial, specialty, and commercial offices. Some of these specifically have been completed for names like American Savings Bank, Disneyland Hotel, and Columbia Pictures among several other banks and miscellaneous brands. 

Robinson Hill Architecture, Inc.

3195 B Airport Loop Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

In Robinson Hill Architecture, Inc., imagination thrives on teamwork and collaboration which allows for its diverse collection of designers to shine. Over the years, it has been featured in magazines like Orange Co. and Business Wire. Established in 1998, the firm has been known for crafting unique projects that are inspired by the site and context and manipulates form, material, and light to create memorable structures like the Bloomingdale’s in Fashion Island. An existing retail building that underwent a renovation, its new design plays with shadows during the day and has color-changing LED lighting that gains attention at night. Regardless of the project, Robinson Hill Architecture offers a complete range of design and technical services for new commercial developments, renovations, and interiors. 

Brandon Architects, Inc.

151 Kalmus Drive Suite G-1, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

From high-end custom homes to luxury hotels, Brandon Architects presents 12 years’ worth of talent and diversity. Over the years, it has showcased youthful and inspired designs through various project types. These beautiful designs are most seen in Brewhaus—a space found in an existing office with distinct tilt-up construction and dark tinted windows lined with real trim. Though these features became obstacles in terms of wayfinding, as a solution, the firm included a large folding wood trellis that shelters the entry. It passes the first-floor offices before slowly transitioning into a large outdoor space. To make a warmer and more intimate ambiance that balances out the concrete building shell, the structure flaunts warm wooden accents. This structure could serve as a brewpub or can be leased as an event space for private parties like wedding receptions or business meetings. With projects like these, it has been featured in publications like Luxe, Professional Builder, Wall Street Journal, and several others. 

Newman Garrison + Partners

3100 Bristol St. Ste. #400, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Newman Garrison + Partners (NG+P), is a firm with a considerable international reach. With its community and lifestyle-centric approach, the firm has become a highly regarded name in the multifamily, mixed-use, and affordable housing markets. So far it has worked with well-known names like Dior, Zara, At&T, and Giorgio Armani. The Giorgio Armani boutiques it designed for one presents its ability to effectively communicate with clients since it involved the Armani team and its vendors in Milan, Italy. These boutiques also present the firm’s aesthetic abilities through high-end materials like greige-colored stone floors, custom-painted walls with metallic palettes, and ceilings with teak, glass, and metal show fixtures. The firm’s capabilities have turned the heads of connoisseurs and fellow architects from magazines like Curbed, Inspire Design, Urbanize LA, and Los Angeles Business Journal among several other publications.