Situated in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Mammoth Lakes is known for its skiing and the mountains that make that sport so enjoyable. In a highly elevated town such as Mammoth Lakes, weather conditions are always changing and the potential for natural disasters is higher.

Many of the general contractors in the area prioritize a stable home with a strong structural base as a result. These contractors apply these standards to the interiors as well by using solid, sturdy materials. The best general contractors in Mammoth Lakes not only provide safety but also frame the beautiful scenery. Our editors have listed the best general contractors in the area after looking into each firm’s portfolio, experience, and history. 

TFC General Contracting and Design

625 Old Mammoth Road, Suite #204, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

Pictured below is one of the company’s kitchen projects, a project that blends contemporary and vintage furnishing for a unique, personalized appeal. Black cabinets, a wooden kitchen island, a chandelier, and marble countertops comprise the kitchen’s setup, all paired with the most modern appliances. Another detail worth mentioning is the wooden vinyl flooring in a neutral color that complements both the modern and classic furnishing of the kitchen. 

The TFC General Contracting and Design team’s extensive knowledge serves the Mammoth Lakes and Eastern Sierra area; the firm always takes careful consideration of the location’s weather conditions and geography. The team understands the need for residences to be able to handle heavy snow loads and the occasional seismic shakes. Solid structural foundations safeguard each of its residential projects; the firm has an arsenal of materials that will create a sturdy home for any given context. 

Mountain Living – Interiors & Design

645 Old Mammoth Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93456

The Mountain Living team’s knowledge of Mammoth Lakes permits them to build residences that can handle the always-changing weather conditions in the area. The firm’s portfolio showcases rustic designs and furnishing in vintage materials such as mahogany, marble, and stones. The result is numerous cabin-style homes that create a rustic, cozy environment, blending modern and vintage furnishings. The project below illustrates the firm’s approach: leather seats, a stone masonry fireplace, mahogany tables, and warm, yellow lighting. The traditional wooden ceiling and beige flooring, further accentuate the cabin-style design the Mountain Living team incorporates in various projects. The finished product is a living room with a focus on classic furniture that offers the homeowner a comfortable interior space that can both celebrate and withstand the weather.

WL Harder Inc.

94 Berner Street, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

Pictured below is one of WL Harder Inc.’s living room projects featuring modern furniture with a contemporary layout. Neutral color tones comprise most of the area, complementing the kitchen area beside it. This selection of color palettes allows the firm to incorporate other minor details to further enhance the room’s appeal, such as the black and red blankets, the beige rug, and the brown basket. A notable characteristic of this project is the placement of a tall window by the room, providing natural lighting that illuminates the home. These projects are made possible with the company’s approach of providing its clients with a tailored work system geared towards offering clients a personalized project. This leads to an efficient project management system that results in accurate renditions of each project. Aside from its contemporary projects, the firm is also capable of working with cabin-style designs and furniture that complements Mammoth Lakes’ scenery. 

SC Johnson Construction

63 North Street, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

SC Johnson Construction has been in the business for over four decades, serving the Mammoth Lakes community. The team follows the same quality of craftsmanship it had since its earlier days, yet is always improving its design and build techniques to frame the unique scenery and environment of Mammoth Lakes. The vast views and bright winter sun are some of the characteristics the company loves to highlight; the team wants to generate a vibrant appeal and an illuminated interior for each of its clients. 

Pictured below is one of the great rooms SC Johnson Construction created. There’s an abundance of wood: the ceiling, flooring, cabinets, and tables all celebrate the rich possibilities of the material. The windows are precisely placed to light this great room and the result is a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere for family members and guests. 


  • Jake Gustafson

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