Fairfield is a city that offers available and affordable lots and buildings. It’s one of the reasons why the town has built a history of successful partnerships with national retailers and retail developers, including the Solano Town Center Mall, the Gateway Plaza, and the Gateway Courtyard. Retailers in the area enjoy a captured trade area and easy access to the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento. If you want to start a business in the area, you likely already know that finding a commercial contractor will be a wise step for you when it comes to building your space. Contractors with in-depth experience and understanding of the location and various industries will bring long-term benefits and make a positive impact on your business. 

To help you in your search, our editorial team has put together this list of the best commercial contractors in Fairfield, California. These firms have studied and faced the challenges and advantages that various sites and locations bring. They have completed award-winning projects through sustainable processes implemented by well-trained artisans and guided by seasoned principals and founders.

Mark Scott Construction Inc.

2250 Boynton Avenue, Fairfield, CA 94533

Mark Scott once worked as a project manager for a developer of high-end residential, commercial buildings, and tenant improvements. As he founded his firm in 1989, he brought the wisdom he acquired through this management experience, applied all the effective methods, and improved the inefficient ones. Scott’s experience in the civil, structural, and architectural industry, combined with his hands-on leadership, led him to grow his firm with over a hundred highly qualified individuals, known as the Mark Scott Construction team.

Mark Scott Construction’s commercial construction services are fully licensed, bonded, and certified lead-safe by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). From the conception of ideas to the ribbon-cutting, the firm facilitates each building process and service with professionalism and competence. The firm’s services include pre-construction, bidding, scheduling methods and tools, material management and early procurement, project management, and field supervision. For the project close-out phase, the firm provides sample documentation, including directory, warranty letters, manuals, and signed job cards.

BSM Construction, Inc.

2575 Stanwell Drive, Concord, CA 94520

Since 2006, BSM Construction has established offices in Concord, California, Southern California, and Phoenix, Arizona. These widespread headquarters have allowed the firm to extend its reach and serve clients in California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, and New Mexico. Throughout all of these locations, the firm has highlighted its specialization in the construction of grocery stores, professional office buildings, retail facilities, commercial spaces, industrial facilities, design/build services, and energy retrofitting. 

BSM Construction partners with the assigned architects in putting together a plan to make the project more engaging and possess qualities that can cause the property to increase in value. The firm also works with the engineer to ensure that all building rules and regulations are recognized and adhered to by BSM employees and subcontractors. Being adept in the construction industry, the firm conducts weekly progress meetings with the property manager, building engineer, and architect to avoid pitfalls and any possible obstacles.

Plough Construction Inc

100 Siebe Drive, Fairfield, CA 94534

Plough Construction has served the Bay Area with a wide range of commercial construction projects for over three decades. From renovating existing buildings and structures to tenant improvement, data center construction, and new construction, the firm has learned the art of performing quickly and efficiently. Implementing these services are the firm’s in-house staff and subcontractors, professionals proficient in new construction, insulation, ceilings, partitions, electrical works, and telecommunications. 

Managing this staff is Greg Plough, a craftsman with in-depth building experience in Bay Area Solano, Napa, Contra Costa, and the surrounding counties. He leads the team in handling the process from inception to design consultation, budgeting, project management, permitting, construction management, and completion. Through his hands-on approach, Plough contributes modern architecture and engineering principles, compliance with building codes, wise budget plans, and unique solutions to every project’s challenges.