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Spokane, Washington is regarded as the metropolitan center of the Inland Northwest region. Spokane is a historic city, long known as a bustling commercial hub. The city is an economic and cultural center, with spacious recreation areas like the Riverfront and Manito parks and cultural venues like the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. It’s a dynamic city, with shopping and entertainment options to suit everyone’s taste, and a perfect place for anyone looking for new and exciting opportunities.

If you are looking to build your business in the area, check out our list of the best commercial architects in Spokane, Washington. This list was composed based on the architects’ experience, the firms’ design process, the projects they have worked on, and their recognition in the field.

ALSC Architects

203 North Washington Suite 400, Spokane, WA 99201

ALSC Architects has served the Inland Northwest with award-winning designs for 73 years. Its founder, Tom Adkison, established the firm with a strong belief in the power of architecture to transform neighborhoods and people’s experiences.

The firm is currently led by principals Rustin Hall, Steve Walther, Ken Murphy, Indy Dehal, and Troy Bishop. All of them bring rich experience in construction. Along with the rest of the ALSC team, they strive to create a personal experience for the client. They bring out the distinctive qualities of each project in the same way they bring out each other’s unique talents on the job. 

In the designing and planning stages, the team takes its time learning about the client’s unique needs, culture, values, and vision, so that these can be incorporated and expressed in the design. This principle-based design and construction process is anchored in open communication and engaging collaboration, where the client’s input is welcome. 

The firm’s dedication to quality craftsmanship, service, and teamwork has earned it numerous recognitions. Recent awards include the 2020 AIA Merit award, the 2020 Build Northwest Award from Inland Northwest AGC, and the 2018 Honorable Mention from the AIA Washington Council. Their projects have also been widely recognized in Spokane. The Riverstone Transit Center won the Merit Award and the People’s Choice Award from AIA Spokane, and the Prayer for Mothers of Lost Children, St. Peter Parish earned a Citation Award and the Concept Design award, also from AIA Spokane.

Featured here is the Airway Heights Community Recreation Center. The 45,000-square-foot facility includes a gymnasium, child watch area, and a natatorium featuring an indoor lap pool, recreation pool, hot tub and sauna. It also includes a second floor fitness center with studio space for hosting group exercise classes such as Pilates, yoga, karate, and spin.Completed in 2019, ALSC Architects delivered it through a design-build approach. 

Integrus Architecture

10 S. Cedar St., Spokane, WA 99201 

With its diverse and dedicated group of architects, structural engineers, interior designers, and business professionals, Integrus Architecture has been providing excellent professional architecture services since 1953. Over its 68 years in the industry, it has remained committed to great customer service, forming long-term relationships, and to innovation and excellence in design, all while promoting environmental stewardship.

Integrus Architecture is currently led by Mark Dailey, the president and principal designer, and Brian Carter, the CEO. Mark has taken the reins on many of the firm’s most successful recent projects, excelling in his sensitivity to the user’s needs. His design approach is rooted in principles of modern architecture, from which Integrus derives its distinctive, simple, functional, and tailored designs. Brian, who has a background in both architecture and economics, leads Integrus Architecture in its leaning towards innovative and exploratory projects while keeping its feet planted in tried-and-tested current practices. 

A perfect example of this combined expertise in the firm’s practice is the Pyrotek corporate building project featured here. All five levels of this 61,000-square-foot building were completely repurposed to house the Pyrotek Corporate HQ. The result is this distinctive, mid-century office with an open floor plan that allows for ultimate flexibility and greater design opportunities. Integrus designed a well-lit space that provides a variety of sizes and shapes for work stations, offices, and collaborative spaces to inspire creative thinking. The project ended up being awarded the 2016 Merit Award from the AIA Spokane Chapter Design Awards.


1203 W. Riverside Ave. Spokane, WA 99201

With offices in Seattle, Spokane, Los Angeles, and Columbus, NAC is an award-winning design firm made up of 240 talented team members known for creating spaces that advance learning, enhance wellness, and enrich lives. 

NAC does its best to foster a welcoming space with its inclusive design approach. Aided by its deep knowledge of design, its creativity, and its knack for innovation, NAC ensures that the process is rewarding for all parties involved. The firm’s noteworthy work has been featured in publications such as The Spokesman-Review, Spokane Journal of Business, ArchDaily, Archinect, and Petersburg Pilot. 

An example of one of  NAC’s community enrichment projects is the M Redevelopment project featured here. The building was once a Macy’s store that served as a landmark in downtown Spokane in 2016. When it closed, this modern, mixed-use nine-story building took its place and revitalized the community. The renovation kept the overall shape of the original structure, like the iconic angled front and corner street-level entryway, and opted to add in contemporary elements and materials to match Spokane’s upbeat downtown atmosphere. The building has a street-level retail spot and 114 upper-floor apartments, complete with amenities such as two fitness centers, a yoga room, two resident lounges, and a business center. The building retained classic elements like the earth-tone exterior, street-oriented access, and the two glass skywalks that connect the building to adjacent properties.

HDG Architecture

230 S. Washington St., Spokane, WA 99201 

HDG Architecture is an award-winning architecture firm based in Spokane, Washington. Its designs around the Pacific Northwest are characteristically artful and modern. 

The firm was founded by Josh Hissong and Armando Hurtado in 2011 with a belief in creating transformative spaces where people can work, live, and play. The result is a multifaceted organization offering diverse services, including architecture, interior design, fabrication, branding, graphic design, and marketing, all done by people who love their craft. The combination of talent allows the company to provide more cohesive solutions according to each project’s needs. The process involves listening carefully to the client and going through an interactive, site-specific approach to the design. Art meets engineering to create a functional and creative space perfect for the client’s needs. Using this approach, HDG Architecture has been involved with over 400 projects since its establishment in 2011. These range from residential remodels to ground-up, mixed-use buildings that exemplify HDG’s dedication to fusing its designs to the needs of the community.

For its well-received work, the firm has repeatedly been awarded the AIA Merit award. HDG has been featured in the pages of Office Snapshots and Hospitality Design and has been named the best architecture firm by numerous magazines and journals. An excellent example of its work is the Canopy Credit Union project featured here. This 4,500-square-foot ground-up construction was designed by HDG Architecture. With the help of its partner, Prograpanda Creative, the firm reinvented the Spokane Federal Credit Union, creating a physical space that reflected the client’s new branding. The building’s sleek, modern design, with clean lines and a relaxing neutral palette, resulted in an office that’s pleasant to visit and work in.

Womer & Associates 

221 North Wall St. Suite 600, Spokane, WA 99201 

Since 1992, Womer and Associates has been providing planning, architecture, and engineering services for commercial projects throughout the Spokane area. Its work demonstrates the firm’s adherence to great design that balances the beauty and integrity of natural materials like wood, stone, metal, and concrete with the soft elements of light and open space. 

The firm is currently led by Rick Mathews, P.E., who is a member of the Spokane Tribe Education Committee and Spokane Tribe Enterprises Board of Directors. The firm is a State and Federal certified minority firm that maintains an internal Native American training program and serves various Tribes in the Pacific Northwest with the bulk of its work. Womer & Associates finely balances people, culture, and design in its architectural practice and community service. Much of its process focuses on exploring the identity of the people it works with. Reflecting the client’s culture is important, and Womer & Associates does this through integrating appropriate colors, patterns, and elements into the final design, creating a recognizable statement. 

Womer & Associates has built a strong reputation for harnessing great design to the values of the people it serves. This trait has earned it awards such as the 2019 AIA Washington Council’s Civil Design Award and mention in publications like the Spokane Journal of Business and The Reflector. An example of the firm’s thoughtful work is the Nisqually Administration Building featured here. This 26,000-square-foot facility was designed for the Nisqually Indian Tribe. The building includes a unique roofline inspired by the native salmon, with a two-story curtain wall that invites the sunlight in. The building also has an indoor water feature, handcrafted cedar art, a conference room, and spaces for the tribe’s various divisions.

Bernardo Wills Architects

153 S. Jefferson St., Spokane, WA 99201 

Over the last three decades, Bernardo Wills Architects has been providing architecture, landscape architecture, land use planning, and interior design services throughout the vast Inland Northwest region. Over the years, it’s made a name for itself as a trusted firm that abides by its mission of making communities better with each project.

The firm was founded by Robert Wills, AIA, NCARB, who has developed a knack for being in sync with his clients over the course of his 40-year career. With the insight and knowledge gained from each project, he guides the company in understanding the client’s needs and putting those at the forefront. He is joined by fellow principal, Gary Bernardo, a licensed architect in several states. His experience has given him the ability to visualize and detail master plans to create a clear picture of the final product. He’s an expert when it comes to retail planning and design and has worked on corporate, commercial, industrial, and civic projects throughout his career. In every project, Bernardo Wills Architects maintains its mission of tapping into the defining qualities of each organization it works with and creating architecture that reflects its character.

One example of this is the Davenport Hotel Tower. It was Spokane’s first high-rise in over 20 years when the project was completed in 2007. The 21-story, 303,000-square-foot hotel tower is a four-diamond establishment in conjunction with the Davenport Hotel. The tower accommodates 328 rooms and suites and is located in the heart of Spokane’s art, business, and financial district. Its construction benefited from the use of precast concrete panels to meet the speedy completion deadline and to allow greater flexibility later on.

ZBA Architecture

421 W. Riverside Ave. Suite 860, Spokane, WA 99201

ZBA Architecture is an architectural design firm that provides design, planning, and project management services for a wide variety of clients and different building types throughout Washington, Idaho, and Montana. With its commitment to promoting and protecting the best interests of its clients, the community, and the environment, ZBA Architecture pushes for more sustainable methods.  Some of its projects have been granted LEED certifications.

The firm is currently led by Randy Vanhoff, AIA, NCARB. He earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Washington State University and was the lead Project Architect for the Saranac Building Renovation in Spokane, which was given the LEED Platinum certification. He has handled projects in various markets, including residential, commercial, office, municipal, and governmental agency facilities. He is joined by Mark King, AIA, NCARD, SBA, who has been involved in designing office buildings, strip mall developments, gas stations, and other larger projects. When building as a team, ZBA Architecture actively involves the clients in the process, ensuring that the final design is centered around their needs, meeting the design’s requirements, budget, and schedule.

One example of the firm’s work is the INB Branch Bank project featured here. ZBA Architecture designed this 4,745-square-foot branch bank facility for Inland Northwest Bank. The facility includes four teller stations, three drive-through lanes, and a drive-through ATM lane. This building made good use of calm earth tones, naturally finished wood paneling, and a central fireplace in the facility. The exterior has brick, stone, and metal panels for a low-maintenance finish.

Fusion Architecture

221 N. Wall St, Spokane, WA 99201

Fusion Architecture has eleven years of experience designing buildings in western and eastern Washington, specializing in custom residential, multifamily, and small commercial projects. In its practice, it strives to fuse relationships with contractors, builders, and clients to create a positive project outcome.

Fusion is currently led by architect Rex K. Anderson. Anderson worked for eight years in Seattle, where he learned the values of sustainability, integrated design, and biophilic design that we can now appreciate in many of Fusion Architecture’s projects. In the past decade, the firm has established a reputation for providing good quality design services that positively impact the community.

Featured here is the Ponderosa Village Retail Center in Spokane Valley. This project was designed for Barney’s Harvest Foods’s six acres of property surrounding their store, with the addition of retail buildings. Fusion created a master plan that includes six retail stores ranging from 5,000 square feet to 8,000 square feet, all advantageously sited on the property. Fusion also took charge of the completed construction drawings for the first two of the six retail buildings.

Uptic Studios

421 W. Riverside Ave. Suite 412, Spokane, WA 99201 

Uptic Studios prides itself on being a design firm that takes its time to learn more about people, place, and purpose through its design endeavors. This approach is rooted in the firm’s principle that design has the ability to enhance the quality of life of individuals and society at large if done thoughtfully. 

Uptic Studios is made up of a multidisciplinary team, with a combined experience that touches on fields like architecture, product design, and planning. It was founded by Matthew and Julie Collins in 2010. They were later joined by an associate architect, nine design staff members, and one business manager, all of whom make up a combined experience of more than 50 years in design, project management, and construction administration. The team provides innovative solutions while fostering productive relationships with engineers, contractors, and consultants, who together ensure the utmost quality of every project.

Uptic Studios has a knack for creating spaces where people can enjoy gathering. An example is the Farmhouse Kitchen and Silo Bar, a restaurant/bar located in scenic Ponderay, Idaho. The client was looking to create an “architectural folly” to attract tourists and locals to the area, so Uptic Studios designed this new restaurant and bar to celebrate the history of the Inland Northwest. The result was a 4700-square-foot building that resembled a deconstructed barn, with a silo made of rusted steel panels reminiscent of the area’s traditional industry and farming. The restaurant and bar also have cozy outdoor seating with lovely views of the surroundings, large floor-to-ceiling windows, and even operable barn doors to create a more inviting space.

Pondera Architecture

811 West Second Ave. Suite 204, Spokane, WA 99201

Named after the Latin word pondera, which means “equilibrium” or “balance,” Pondera Architecture strives to create designs that are well-rounded and holistic, designs that balance the client’s needs, desires, timelines, and budget. The founding principal, Eric Armstrong, AIA, NCARB, works hard to provide clients with design solutions that don’t just stop at meeting needs but exceed expectations.

Pondera Architecture’s design process is guided by its three fundamental principles: relationship, design, and efficiency. The company’s number one priority is building a strong client-architect relationship that allows for an open line of communication and a free-flowing exchange of ideas and information. 

Pondera also aims with each project to create a pleasant end-user experience. Towards that goal, Pondera values efficiency and believes that the architect should be a facilitator of the client’s goals. The three principles have brought the firm success and have gathered numerous satisfied clients. One of their successful projects is the Johnson Office Building featured here, made for The Johnson Group. It is a visually striking office space with a stone facade and small wood paneling details that enhance the building’s overall earthy look.

Steven Meek Architects

421 W. Riverside Ave. Suite 412, Spokane, WA 99201

With roots in Spokane, Washington, Steven Meek Architects is a firm that has continuously provided high-quality design services to clients in the area. It has always stood fast in its mission to create designs that have respect for the past, perform well in the present, and benefit the future. Every project designed by Steven Meek Architects is meaningful and coherent. 

The firm is currently led and owned by Steven Meek, AIA, a licensed and experienced architect in Washington and Idaho. Throughout the last 34 years, he has built a diverse portfolio in the field of design and project management. Through his leadership, the firm fosters a collaborative design process that is open and honest with clients about their goals and ambitions.  On top of his management work, he also serves on the Spokane Design Review Board and has served as the past president of the local AIA chapter. 

One notable example of the firm’s commercial work is the AmericanWest Bank Building in Spokane. This five-story, 56,000-square-foot, eye-catching structure exemplified the client’s desire for a first-class, brick-and-mortar building. Steven Meek Architects incorporated a lot of Spokane’s traditional downtown architectural elements with modern style choices. The exterior design has decorative brick detailing, large Chicago-style windows, custom wrought iron railings, and rich pavement patterns.

Architects West Inc.

850 E. Spokane Falls Blvd. Ste 200, Spokane, WA 99202 

Thanks to the scope and diversity of the firm’s projects, Architects West Inc. has extensive knowledge and resources to successfully navigate through a wide range of projects. It is skilled in planning and development based on tried-and-tested methods. 

Architects West provides active and engaged design leadership that moves the clients forward. It listens and tries its best to learn about the client to discern what structure is most ideally suited to the client’s goals. As part of the design process, extensive planning is done, and environmental and contextual sensitivity are kept in mind. The team works at creating a well-conceived structure that provides lasting value and an enhanced quality of life for the current users and future generations. 

An example of its work is the Spokane Valley Tech project featured here. This project included the renovation of 14,238 square feet of interior space in order to make way for classroom lab spaces for biomed, computer science, entrepreneurship, and sports medicine classes. Architects West also added some improvements to the site, which included new administrative office space and some tweaks to the circulation plaza.

Copeland Architecture and Construction Inc.

121 W. Pacific Avenue, Suite 300 Spokane, WA 99201 

Copeland Architects was founded by architect and passionate environmentalist Gerry Copeland. The emphasis of this design-build firm is on forward-thinking design that is environmentally conscious. More than three decades after the firm’s establishment, it remains headstrong in its practice of architecture grounded in good construction and aligned with the rigorous standards of Passive House design.

Copeland’s design experience spans a broad range from custom homes to commercial projects, including new construction, remodels, and additions. With every project, the team strives for perfection as they blend creativity and craftsmanship to create energy-efficient, site-sensitive buildings that can stand the test of time. One example of their sensitive approach is the LEED-NC Silver-certified Spokane Public Radio project featured here. 

For this project, the team at Copeland designed new office space in an old firehouse.  This adaptive re-use presented some special challenges due to the building’s status as a nationally registered historic building and the additional acoustical requirements of a radio broadcast facility. Copeland and the people at Spokane Public Radio, in collaboration with the Spokane Fire Department, worked together to create an upbeat and contemporary office space that even included a space to archive and exhibit Spokane’s fire-fighting history in the lobby. Copeland also added a broadcast space for three stations, four isolated recording/mixing rooms, and a 50-seat performance space.

Indigo Diggs

1912 East Sprague Ave., Spokane, WA 99202 

Over the last 26 years, Indigo Diggs has made its mark in Spokane by designing some of its most remarkable structures, all of which are not just visually appealing but also highly functional for the clients. Formerly known as Chris Morlan Architecture, the firm completes about 75 projects every year and focuses mostly on retail and tenant improvements as well as other commercial work. It has also completed several residential projects throughout Spokane.

As a full-service commercial and residential architecture firm, Indigo Diggs strives to provide quality design, code research, consultant selection, and coordination services to help make each project a success. An example is the Verizon Wireless retail space, designed with a layout that allows easy access for Verizon’s customers. With its large storefront windows and its spacious and clean interior, it offers a welcoming atmosphere and ample accommodation for customers.

Duncan Bean Architect

4705 N. Best Rd., Spokane Valley, WA 99216 

A trusted architect in Spokane, Duncan Bean Architect is an architectural design firm dedicated to realizing its clients’ ambitions. Whether working for residential or commercial clients, Duncan Bean architects make sure to take all specifications and ideas into account so that every custom building is up to standard.  It offers professional, trustworthy, and affordable services and never cuts corners when it comes to quality.

Duncan Bean has designed for many projects throughout the Spokane and King County areas and has over three decades of experience. The firm provides a variety of design services such as architectural design, interior design, and development planning.

An example of the firm’s retail work is the AT&T store, an upfront space with large, welcoming storefront windows and a nostalgic, almost retro design.


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