While many regard North Central County as a bedroom community, within it lies a leisure and education hub that has yet to be discovered. Known for having some of the best public schools in America, the county has become a magnet for well-off families in the area. This has led to it becoming home to one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the area, causing a real estate boom around the early 2000s.

This boom caused some families to buy smaller, older properties and tear them down to make space for new homes. This has lead to an eclectic mix of old and new architectural styles in the county. Numerous shopping areas capitalized on the recent upsurge in wealthy residents, leading to North Central County becoming a shopping hotspot.

This boost in business and interest in real estate would cause a greater need for general contractors in the area. Becoming pivotal to the growth of the county, some contractors have established a name for themselves in the industry. Listed below are 15 of these firms that have caught the editorial team’s eye for their achievements, services, and past works.

Home Quality Remodeling

1070 Concord Ave., Suite 125, Concord, CA, 94520

Quality homes for the greater Bay Area — that is the mantra Home Quality Remodeling has taken to heart since 2004. Dubbed as one of the fastest-growing companies in America by Inc. 500 and the San Francisco Times, the firm has quickly amassed widespread support for its residential remodels. Despite having less than two decades in the business, the firm has accomplished over 500 projects.

Included in the firm’s roster of services are full-home, kitchen, bathroom, and home office remodels. Home Quality Remodeling also offers the installation of ADUs for growing homes looking to have a separate living space close to the main house. The team employs the use of 3D modelers and gives the clients the chance to pick the vendor from whom the materials used in the project will be sourced. This allows HQR’s customers to steer the direction of the project while the team does the heavy lifting. The company also works towards creating eco-friendly and energy-efficient buildings, with it taking part in the Home Performance with Energy Star project.

This widespread success in the industry was brought about by the leadership of founder Aharon Poliker. Since 2006, Aharon has been working as a project manager for numerous construction companies around California. Years later he would establish HQR which has now earned accreditations from NARI and HomeAdvisor, with the latter giving them an Elite Service recognition.

Everlast Construction

1270 Springbrook Rd #101, Walnut Creek, CA 94597

Building properties that are built to last, Everlast Construction aims to become a mainstay in the area’s remodeling scene. Founded in 2010, the company has since been involved in many residential and commercial projects around North Central County. Founder Ariel Baleli brings over two decades worth of experience to his firm, priding himself in employing the latest in architecture technology.

Everlast is particularly known for its residential remodeling services, which include full-home, kitchen, and bathroom renovations. For those looking to expand their homes, the firm also offers garage additions and multi-story additions. Over the years, the team’s work has gained the accreditation of NARI, NKBA, and the BBB.

To ensure that the properties they work on put up a good fight against time and the elements, the company also does foundation repairs and roofing. Its team has completed FEMA trainings, and is a Trained & Approved Foundation Expert. The firm is also an EnergyStar partner dedicated to creating greener buildings, creating eco-friendly spaces that also ensure the health of its occupants.

Gordon Reese Design Build

3021 Citrus Circle #170 Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Treating houses as though they are more than just homes, Gordon Reese Design Build understands that family is at the heart of every residential remodel. Working with over a thousand clients across Walnut Creek and the surrounding area, the firm has stayed true to its “we create your dream space” mantra.

The company employs a unique Universal Design approach, where it ensures that all design choices are inclusive and practical for multi-generation families. As a family-owned company, Gordon Reese Design Build implements safety precautions for the elderly and the young while also adding features that the whole family could enjoy.

The team offers whole-house, bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor remodels, ADUs, and room additions. The firm also provides 3D renders to help its clients visualize the projects before construction even begins. Its various projects have even amassed “Remmie” (Bay Area Remodeling) awards in 2016, 2014, and 2013 from NARI. Namesake and owner Gordon Reese III has led the team to become one of the most prolific companies in the area. Its services have been accredited by the NKBA and NARI, with the latter calling it the Contractor of the Year in 2021 and 2016.

Green Bay Remodeling Inc.

1170 Burnett Ave # S, Concord, CA 94520

Bringing greener pastures right to its clients’ doorsteps, Green Bay Remodeling makes homes worth staying in. Since 2012, the firm has steadily established a name for itself in the greater San Francisco Bay Area for its remodel and construction projects. It has even been dubbed as one of the fastest-growing companies in both the Bay Area and America by the San Francisco Business Times and Inc. 500, respectively.

Included in Green Bay Remodeling’s design-build projects is its new construction offering, which also extends to undeveloped lots with no pre-existing buildings. The company also has full-house and single-room renovations for old homes in need of sprucing up. For homeowners looking to add more wiggle room to their properties, the firm can also do room additions and detached ADUs.

Co-owners Avichai Hazan and Mike Yarom have steered Green Bay Remodeling into the industry giant it is today. The firm’s quality service has been recognized by major groups with them also joining Building Industry Association and Marin Builders Community.

Pacific Crest Builders Inc.

2109 East Street, Concord, CA 94520

In the contractor industry there’s a famous saying that goes “Better, Faster, Cheaper — pick two.” While people seem to think that you can’t get all three, Pacific Crest Builders begs to differ. The firm prides itself on its ability to provide quality service that juggles all three. For over two decades, the company has provided the greater North Central County area construction and remodeling services for residential and light commercial properties. 

Founded in 1998, Pacific Crest Builders has been led by Jeff Randolph who has over 20 years of experience in construction management and risk management. Jeff is also a Build It Green Certified Green Building Professional, Green Point Rater-Advisor, and a member of the US Green Building Council. This dedication to green, sustainable construction extends to his construction projects which aim to balance sustainability with practicality.

Paradigm Building

1049 W. Holly Drive Walnut Creek, CA 94598

A firm with some serious star-power, Paradigm Building’s members and projects have been featured in many hit shows for good reason. Serving the greater Bay Area since 2016, the contractor is known for its sustainable custom houses that are tailor-fit for the homeowner’s lifestyle. The company works closely with its clients for this to come to fruition, giving them their own websites that allow them to view and tweak details of the project.

The company’s commitment to quality has even landed it a gig with the Discovery Channel which has enlisted the firm as the Expert Contractor. Owner Abraham Hopkins is even a part of HGTV’s “Design on a Dime” design team. With the show being primarily focused on budget builds, Abraham has grown accustomed to working cost-effectively for his clients. Even in his everyday builds, Abraham employs his degree in Construction Management from the California Polytechnic State University to effectively execute every project.

Younger Brothers Builders

1661 Botelho Drive, Suite 255 Walnut Creek, CA 94596

While kiwis may be known as flightless birds, New Zealander-owned Younger Brothers Builders knows how to take any building to new heights. Owner Cam Younger founded the firm in 2003, with over thirty years of experience in the industry both in the US and his home country. Although he’s a born-and-raised kiwi, he has learned to connect with the locals and all their architectural needs. Aside from its specialty single-room and full-scale residential and commercial tenement remodels, YBB claims that it can complete any construction project that its clients request.

Included in the firm’s services are maintenance projects that cater to the greater Bay Area’s needs. Knowing how high temperatures can get in the summer and how cold it can be during the winters in California, the company can repair and redesign any property’s heating and cooling system. Many homes in Walnut Creek in particular are a few decades or even centuries old. With a need to update the infrastructure of homes, the company also offers electrical repairs and plumbing to ensure that houses retain their old-timey aesthetic without sacrificing functionality.

Jumping in on the state’s recent push for a greener lifestyle, YBB is also a committed EPA-certified Renovator. The company has been recognized for the quality of its renovations and its ability to produce eco-friendly properties.

Bay Vista Development

1850 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Suite 401 Walnut Creek, CA 94596

To Bay Vista Development construction is more than just wood, steel, and cement — it’s a philosophy. The firm is not only concerned with what is being built, but also with how it is built. The team prides itself in its diversity of professional backgrounds, having a good mix of managerial and construction experts that covers both aspects of fine homebuilding. At the helm of the crew is CEO Don Clark whose 30 years of experience in contractor work and real estate has helped shape the well-rounded services of the firm.

Providing the greater Bay Area with stunning custom home builds and renovations since 2007, Bay Vista Development is known for its client-centric approach. The firm uses the latest in project management technology to ensure that the customer can keep tabs on the progress of their build and help steer its direction. Building its reputation on every square inch of every home, the company has even become a respected member of the Building Industry Association.

Aside from focusing on the quality of its services the firm also works towards curbing its negative impact on the environment. Bay Vista Development has created numerous residential spaces that use energy-efficient and environmentally responsible products.

Elevate Design Build

3164 Putnam Blvd, Suite C Walnut Creek, CA 94597

Since 2013, Elevate Design Build has been taking residential and commercial properties in and around the East Bay to another level. Offering construction, remodeling, and landscaping services, the firm knows how to make both the interior and exterior of buildings shine. The contractor also offers a unique prefab housing service, where it incorporates home modules that are made off-site seamlessly into the client’s property.

The company was the brainchild of Justin Hanson, who has 13 years of experience in architecture and construction. Justin noticed that there was often a disconnect between architects and construction workers in the industry, which is why he set out to correct that with Elevate Design Build. The firm’s design-build approach ensures that everyone in the process, including the client, communicates and effectively has their say in the project.

Achieve Remodeling

712 Bancroft Road #832, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

When a person pictures their dream home, it is often treated as a pipe dream whose scale or price is too much to be remotely realistic. Fortunately for the residents of the greater Bay Area, this is not an issue. Achieve Remodeling helps its clients build or remodel the home they have long fantasized about. While the firm is the youngest on the list—it was founded in 2018—owner Alex Altar brings 20 years of experience to his leadership of the team. 

The firm provides a sizable list of services, including single-room renovations, full-scale remodels, and room additions. Achieve Remodeling also has numerous projects that help transform outdoor spaces into a welcoming facade for any home. These services include landscaping, patios, decks,  and fencing. Acknowledging that its construction work needs to stand the test of time, the company also does its own roofing to ensure that the homes it builds can withstand the elements.

US Accurate Construction

1320 Willow pass Rd Suite 600 Concord, CA 94520

The American dream is built on a can-do attitude, and the team over at US Accurate Construction embodies this in its builds and remodels. Knowing that clients have poured in the hard work needed to afford their dream building, the firm works towards making sure that it makes every penny worth it. This philosophy is something that owner Fred Seraj has ingrained into the team’s work, all of whom have been working together since 2006.

While the company offers services for residential and commercial properties around the Bay Area, it specializes in custom homes and interior design. In recent years construction work has become increasingly complex with architects, construction workers, suppliers, and clients all needing to work together. To cope with this, US Accurate Construction uses Building Information Modeling software. This application is accessible to all parties to ensure that there is constant communication.

Langdon-Gionet & Associates, Inc.

2272 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94595

Contractor work is not just about the building itself, but also the client’s experience. This is the mentality Langdon-Gionet & Associates brings to every project. LGA works towards ensuring its customers that its projects are done at the cheapest price without sacrificing the integrity of construction and design. 

The company provides a variety of services for North Central County and its surrounding areas. It specializes in providing architectural services, general contracting, and project management for custom home builds and renovations. LGA even creates custom furniture that is tailor-made for the client’s vision. The team also does interior design and home staging for those looking to increase the real estate value of their properties.

Husband and wife team Natalie Langdon-Gionet and Chris Langdon founded the firm in 1997. Natalie heads the firm’s projects and designing while Chris takes on carpentry and general contracting. The pair taps into a pool of local experts for every stage of the construction process, most of whom have worked with the two for decades.

Mor Construction Inc.

5206 Concord Blvd Concord, CA 94521

At Mor Construction, construction work does not end when the building is finished. Treating each home as a lifelong project, the firm provides maintenance services that ensure that every home it works on is as functional as the day it was built. Despite just starting in 2017, many of the company’s craftsmen have over two decades worth of experience in custom home building, remodeling, and room additions.

Where Mor Construction truly sets itself apart from other contractors is its maintenance service. This is done to lessen the wear that time and the elements have on buildings. The firm also provides plumbing and electrical services for both residential and commercial properties. Recently, the team also added tractor services for plots of land in need of tilling, leveling, and digging.

A family-owned business, the firm is led by patriarch Jon Mor who was doing renovation work in Tahoe before moving to Concord. Jon continues to be enlisted for the restoration of historical cabins in Tahoe. Regardless of the age and architectural problems that come with antique buildings, Jon and his team claim that they can renovate them back to tip-top shape without them losing their old-timey charm.