For many prospective homeowners, building a home is a large undertaking. The process takes commitment and requires a significant amount of trust especially when it comes to hiring a contractor. For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of the best general contractors in Cupertino, California.

All of these contractors can help homeowners with any residential project, from simple additions or remodels to more complex scales of projects. They were chosen based on their background, experience, and ability to handle projects of any scope and complexity. 



WM. H. Fry Construction

10351 San Fernando Ave., Cupertino, CA 95014

For WM. H. Fry Construction, earning trust doesn’t end with homeowners but extends to its professional colleagues too. Because of the value and quality of work that the firm produces, architects, designers, structural engineers, suppliers, and other professionals in the trades have entrusted the building of even their own personal projects to WM. H. Fry Construction — a testament to the firm’s workmanship, which is acknowledged by those with the keenest eyes for design and construction in the industry.  

Bill Fry, the founder of the firm, is himself a tried and tested builder, having worked, in his younger years, in a foreman position, building over 100 hillside homes at Portola Valley Ranch. Pictured below is the firm’s more recent work on a Los Altos home remodel. The home features a new custom kitchen design, modern stone masonry fireplaces by a master stone mason, and other interior designer finishes. The kitchen, in particular, showcases traditional white painted custom cabinets with granite countertops and a black walnut kitchen island cabinet with a quartzite countertop.

Craftsmen’s Guild

10566 S Deanza Blvd., Cupertino, CA 95014

When the Amini brothers, Mike, Matt, and Mo, came together in 1988 to form Craftsmen’s Guild, it was with the goal of offering a wide range of design and build construction services tailored towards the needs and budgets of Bay Area clients. Today, the three partners have left their footprint on many of the dream homes found in the Bay Area.

One example of the firm’s work is this open concept living/dining area, pictured below. The room was already generously-sized, but thanks to the remodel, the kitchen now includes two islands with marble countertops, custom cabinets, satin faucets, a dishwasher, under-mount farmhouse and bar sinks, and a custom built-in coffee machine.


Sigura Construction 

1300 Memorex Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Sigura Construction is a family-owned and operated business serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area. For the firm, trust is a big part of cultivating working relationships with homeowners. The firm has firsthand experience with rescuing homeowners from builds that went wrong at the hands of other contractors, an example of which is the new home construction pictured below.

This 3,000 square-foot Palo Alto home started with another contractor, who had mismanaged the build. When Sigura Construction stepped in and took over, the firm made sure that all flaws were corrected. The resulting project was completed successfully, on time, and within budget. The house now features custom cabinetry, a large basement with a completely renovated habitable room, and a large master bathroom with high quality fixtures.


Seacliff Construction & Design

529 Cathedral Dr, Aptos, CA 95003

For Seacliff Construction & Design, relationships are everything. In its over 25 years of experience serving the communities of Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay, the firm has built connections with local artisans, architects, specialists and suppliers. This is because Seacliff believes that the right talent helps create tailored design solutions that are both innovative and on budget.

Pictured below is an example of the firm’s work on a beach home remodel. The structure was originally built in 1936 and was in need of a major overhaul, from the foundation all the way to a new copper roof. The interior renovation involved an open concept living design, with a kitchen and dining area perfect for hosting or lounging. Outside, the firm added a custom shower and quality materials like Trex decking, resulting in a functional and stylish exterior.

K.C. Customs

132 Gilman Ave., Campbell, CA 95008

K.C. Customs is a custom builder with a focus on building and remodeling high-end residential homes. The firm’s founder and owner, Kevin Capps, has completed work on over $30,000,000 worth of construction in the Bay Area, making him one of the most trusted builders in the area.  

A unique feature of the firm is that it uses a 24/7 accessible client portal to facilitate communications throughout the process of construction or remodeling. Many clients live quite a distance away from their project, which is why the firm makes the project and its updates accessible to the clients at any time. 


Unique Home Design & Remodeling

303 Twin Dolphin Dr, 6th Floor, Redwood City CA 94065

Unique Home Design & Remodeling’s goal is to make a home look better while minimizing its ecological footprint. The firm offers all homeowners eco-friendly products and services, including solar panel installation, energy efficient windows, and synthetic grass.

One example of the firm’s work is this traditional kitchen. The room features classic white wooden cabinets, as well as an island with counter seating. To the side of the room lies a wide window, allowing light and air into the space. Overall, the kitchen is simple and functional, with all the amenities and appliances the homeowners could need present. 


MCB Remodeling

1300 Industrial Rd #14, San Carlos, CA 94070

MCB Remodeling is a San Carlos-based company that has been in business since 1999. Owned and operated by Michael W. Howes, the firm brings decades of remodeling and construction experience to every project it undertakes in the mid-Peninsula area, from Los Gatos to Burlingame. The firm offers a range of services from small repairs to whole house builds and remodels.

Pictured below is an example of the MCB Remodeling’s work on a kitchen. For this project, the firm designed a classic kitchen look, with wooden cabinets and drawers in shades of brown and white. The room also features a colorful backsplash, an island with comfortable seating, and an elaborate light fixture. All these elements come together to give the kitchen a quaint and homely feel.

EOL Builders

111 North Market St. #300, San Jose, CA 95113

For EOL Builders, an almost four-decades-old San Jose-based remodeling firm, what drives its practice forward is the mission to create beautiful, safe, and up-to-code homes. The firm is able to achieve this through offering homeowners a variety of building, construction, and remodeling services tailored towards their unique budgets, styles, and wants.

While EOL Builders offers services such as electrical work, energy-efficient building, fences, garage doors, plumbing and re-piping, roofing and gutters, texture coating, and windows and doors, its work in remodeling is particularly outstanding. Pictured below is an example of the firm’s work on a kitchen remodel. This kitchen gives off a rustic feel, with its dusty white color palette and wooden floors. The space is functional and symmetrical, offering the perfect picture of home, while suggesting to the viewer that the rest of the house is structured with the same harmony. 


Via Builders

4600 El Camino Real #209, Los Altos, CA 94022

Ralph Saviano founded Via Builders after working for his father Dominick’s business, Saviano Company, and then later on completing his studies at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. At Saviano Company, Ralph built his experience by helping out with various grading, paving, landscaping, and remodeling projects—both commercial and residential. After graduating, he went on to buy, improve, and sell homes in the Los Altos and Los Altos Hills area before finally establishing his own company.

These earlier experiences in Ralph’s career are pivotal to Via Builders’s operations, even to this day. The firm has completed over 400 commercial and residential projects, and it uses its experience from these builds and remodels to guide its clients in the process of completing their own projects. An example of the firm’s work is pictured below. This Sheridan Street home features a modern but rustic-looking kitchen, complete with an earth-toned tile backsplash and wooden fixtures.  Island seating is available in the room, and light and air enter freely through the windows located on either side of the room. 



3031 Tisch Way, Unit 110, San Jose, CA 95128

Lavan is a family-owned and operated business serving the Bay Area with over 38 years of industry experience in both domestic and international markets. The firm’s services include remodeling, design-build, additions, landscaping, new construction, custom building, structural engineering, and design and architecture. 

Pictured below is an example of the firm’s work on a remodeling project. This wide and spacious kitchen and living room, with its open floor plan and vaulted ceiling, was the result of an expansion through the removal of three walls and an entire ceiling. The room also features a bifold door, which lets in as much light and air as possible. Now, even with the same square footage as before the remodel, the home feels twice as big and spacious.


Perezidential Homes

10091 Byrne Ave., Cupertino, CA 95014

R.J. Perez established Perezidential Homes in 1991 as a custom residential contractor. Since then, the firm has been building and specializing in new custom homes, additions, and remodels, as well as kitchens and bathrooms. 

Over the years, the firm’s business and skills have grown with each new project it took on. One example of the firm’s work is this residential project, pictured below. This featured home is spacious on all fronts, with its backyard being particularly central as the home’s space for entertainment. The back features outdoor seating and a kitchen with a grill and sink for the occasional outdoor dining. An elaborately-wrought deck also covers the kitchen and counter seating, while the 10-seater dining table is shaded by the abundance of trees on the property. 


JSM Homes

3190 S Bascom Ave. Suite #220, San Jose, CA 95112

James Morley of JSM Homes operates with the philosophy that everyone deserves to live in a safe environment at an affordable price, even in the Bay Area, where prices for homes are high. James’s focus is on affordable housing, a field he began to specialize in since then-San Jose Mayor Susan Hammer asked him to build 2,000 affordable apartments.

Today, James and his firm continue to practice with the mission to alleviate California’s housing crisis through the provision of affordable, high-quality additional dwelling units (ADUs) which use environmentally-friendly materials. Pictured below is an example of an ADU the firm is working on. The unit features a modern kitchen, living and dining area, and a bedroom located behind a partition. Further to the back of the unit is a laundry area with a bathroom. Overall, JSM Homes maximized the space, going back to the basics and decking it out with complete amenities. This ADU is the perfect fit for clean and quiet living. 


A2Z Remodeling

248 3rd St., Oakland, CA 94607

As its name suggests, A2Z Remodeling offers comprehensive services from design all the way to remodeling. The Bay Area-serving firm is headed by partners Dror Postiner and Dor Ashkar, whose experiences in the construction industry include working as field managers for some of the largest construction companies in the Bay Area, and designing spaces, additions, kitchens, and bathrooms.  

Pictured below is one of the A2Z’s kitchen projects. For this modern-style kitchen, the firm made use of a classic black and white color palette. The result is a clean but stylish appearance, with the dominant white of the walls, cabinets, and tile backsplash complemented by touches of black in the stools, island countertop, and exhaust hood.