Commercial architecture often comes with the extra challenge of working with the clients’ unique visions, needs, and branding.

To help find the best commercial architect for your business, our editorial team has created a list that showcases 15 of Pittsburgh’s leading and premier commercial architectural firms. We ranked each contractor based on each firm’s experience, skills, and portfolios.

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

611 William Penn Place Suite 1300, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson provides a complete range of architectural services and operates out of six studios spread across the country. It focuses on innovative approaches and maintains a highly open and hands-on approach, assuring clients that all of its spaces are completed with only the best techniques. The firm draws inspiration from nearly six decades of industry experience. Throughout those years, it has been the proud recipient of over ten National Honor Awards from the prestigious American Institute of Architects (AIA), in addition to over 675 distinctions recognizing the company’s skill and expertise. The project below is an example of the firm’s talent.

Located in Philadelphia, this project spans roughly 59,000 square feet and was finished in 2015. It features three stories of office and retail space and is composed of clear glass facades. Uniquely, the project showcases a rooftop active with innovative stormwater management design. 


611 William Penn Place Suite 700, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Strada is regarded for its comprehensive range of services which include every aspect of the architectural process such as landscaping, interior design, urban design, site analysis, graphic design, master planning, and feasibility studies. The firm is also noted for its sustainability efforts. Most of its projects are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified and come with energy models. Composed of a talented and experienced team of professionals, Strada utilizes a cross-disciplinary approach that combines the visions and experiences of its architects, interior designers, urban designers, landscape architects, and graphic designers. Its work can best be seen in the project below.

Completed for the Brunner Offices, this project spans 42,276 square feet and entailed the firm to work on its architecture and interior design. It is located in Pittsburgh. Brunner is an award-winning advertising agency, hence the company was challenged to create a design in line with its brand. This space features an ecosystem of layered places of work spaces and lounges. 

IKM Incorporated

Eleven Stanwix Street Suite 2200, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

IKM operates out of two offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Cleveland, Ohio. It specializes in architecture, planning, and interior design services and is an active member of vital organizations like the AIA and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The firm strives to provide innovative and excellent techniques, assuring brands of the quality of its work. It is the proud recipient of a multitude of distinctions. These include several accolades from the AIA and features in publications like the Pittsburgh Business Times. Since its inception, the company has worked on technically complex work, which has enabled it to curate an outstanding portfolio for itself. Its work can best be seen in the photo below.

Completed for Heinz Endowments, which is one of the 50 largest philanthropic organizations in the United States, this project spans 7,600 square feet. It challenged the firm with its extensive renovation and showcased excellent new features. These include all-new conference rooms, reclaimed elements, and a modern appeal. 

WTW Architects

Timber Court 127 Anderson Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

WTW Architects operates out of its office in Pittsburgh and extends its services throughout the area. It draws inspiration from over half a century of design experience and is regarded for its complete range of services. Since its establishment, the company has won numerous distinctions for its work. Most recently, it received a Facility Design Excellence Award from the Association of College Unions International. The firm is personally led by its principal, Larry Pane. He is experienced in every phase and aspect of the process and draws inspiration from nearly three decades of working in and around the industry. Clients may rest easy knowing that all of the firm’s work receives the benefit of his experience. 

The project above showcases the firm’s work for the Reed Smith Law Offices. It spans 174,000 square feet and is located in Pittsburgh. The project is LEED Gold Certified and encompasses an extensive transformation. Two of its floors were designed to specifically cater to client contact and showcase a great conference center, cafeteria, and outdoor patio. 

Perkins Eastman

525 William Penn Place Suite 2510, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Perkins Eastman is a global design firm founded on the belief that design can have a direct and positive impact on people’s lives. The firm’s award-winning practice draws on its 1,000 professionals networked across twenty-one offices worldwide. By keeping the user’s needs foremost in the design process, the firm enhances the human experience across the spectrum of the built environment.

The company specializes in a wide range of building types, which include everything from office buildings and tenant improvements to senior living communities and educational institutions. The firm’s portfolio also includes completed workplace and commercial projects for companies including Philips, SAP, Smith+Nephew, and Petuum.

Photo by: Andrew Rugge courtesy Perkins Eastman

Perkins Eastman’s redesign of the ground floor public spaces in 525 William Penn Place in downtown Pittsburgh bring ample daylight and views via a new monumental glass curtain wall and entry pavilion. The firm’s work, which included the architecture and interior design for the space, has re-energized the tower, transforming it into a leading business address for downtown Pittsburgh.

Fukui Architects

205 Ross St., Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Founded in 1992, Fukui Architects specializes in an extensive range of designs and services. It is particularly noted for its great commercial, historic renovation, industrial, institutional, multi-family, single-family, and restaurant projects. The firm maximizes its use of space planning, light, and sustainable materials. Its spaces can also be distinguished for its great use of color, texture, and site responsiveness. Fukui delivers all of its projects on-time and within the agreed-upon budget. It also makes use of a collaborative approach and is a certified minority-owned business. Showcased below is one of the firm’s best works.

This photo was taken from the firm’s work for Armada Supply Chain Solutions. It entailed the adaptive reuse of an outdated structure to better accommodate its growing needs. This project was featured in the Pittsburgh Business Times back in 2014 and named the space as among Pittsburgh’s Coolest Offices. 

Desmone Architects

3400 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Founded in 1958, Desmone Architects is composed of an excellent team of architects, interior designers, and marketing professionals. It is the proud recipient of a multitude of accolades from esteemed organizations like the AIA. Several of its projects have also received impressive certifications and features in well-known publications. The company is regarded for its full range of services and cutting-edge designs and techniques. An example of its talent and skill can be seen in the photo below.

This project showcases the firm’s work on 2 Doughboy Square, which is Pittsburgh’s first WELL Certified Gold Building. It spans 16,500 square feet and was completed back in 2020. For this project, the firm’s team employed a modern design and features clean, minimalist finishes. 

Renaissance 3 Architects

48 South 14th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Otherwise known as R3A, Renaissance 3 Architects is a full-range architecture firm manned by 26 talented professionals and led by its two principals, Deepak Wadhwani and James Sheehan. The firm specializes in architecture, interior design, planning, and consulting engineering services. It also draws experience heavily from the vision of its principals. Wadhwani is a co-founding principal and a LEED accredited professional. He oversees the firm’s strategic planning, marketing, administration, and financial management. In addition to this, he also once served as former Director of the Pittsburgh branch of the AIA. Sheehan, on the other hand, is responsible for marketing and new project development as well as feasibility studies, programming, and conceptual design. 

The project above spans roughly 25,000 square feet and was completed back in 2016. This project challenged the firm’s team with working on its space planning, conceptual development, and workflow analysis. It also worked on extensive documentation and utilized a contemporary theme. 

GBBN Architects

5411 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

With offices in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, Minneapolis, and Beijing, GBBN is regarded for its mastery in every aspect of the architectural process. It can take on projects regardless of size or scale and also specializes in a wide range of architectural themes. Composed of a team of talented and diverse professionals, GBBN is the proud recipient of a multitude of accolades. Most recently, it was recognized with the Architecture Excellence Cote Award from the AIA of Pennsylvania for its Tree Pittsburgh project, which is depicted in the photo below.

This project spans three acres and features an impressive net-zero energy model for sustainable design. The brand wanted a sustainable headquarters that would provide its employees easy access to a rich amount of trees, challenging the firm with creating its very own “urban” forest. The building utilizes an open floor plan and is situated on a former steel mill right above the Allegheny River. 

DLA+ Architecture & Interior Design

Foster Plaza 10 Suite 500, 680 Andersen Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

DLA+ showcases a full range of architecture and interior design services and is noted for its outstanding strategic architectural solutions. It takes great pride in its large repeat clientele rate, in addition to the positive reviews it has received over the years. The firm’s company is composed of a talented and experienced team of professionals who are each skilled in every phase and aspect of the entire architecture and interior design process. It typically infuses various sustainability practices into its work, assuring clients of the high efficiency and responsiveness of its work. In addition to this, the firm also has a design-build background, allowing it to use a seamless process and lessen the challenge for clients in looking for additional subcontractors. Several of the firm’s works are LEED Gold Certified, with the photo below depicting one of its best works.

The project above spans 15,400 square feet and was completed back in 2019. For this space, the firm was tasked not only with its architecture, but also its interior design and construction administration. It worked on designing its main lobby together with its exteriors, work cafe, technology bar, and new restrooms. 

Perfido Weiskopf Wagstaff + Goettel

408 Boulevard of the Allies, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Perfido Weiskopf Wagstaff + Goettel operates out of its two offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Cincinnati, Ohio. It is composed of a talented and dedicated team of professionals and collaborators and is experienced in all phases of the process. The firm utilizes creative solutions coupled with innovative techniques, assuring clients of its success and excellence. It is regarded for its ability to work with a variety of social conditions regardless of complexity. Perfido Weiskopf Wagstaff + Goettel infuses various sustainability efforts into its designs, which have enabled it to better improve its craft. The project below is a notable example of the firm’s expertise.

This project entailed the revival of the Roxian Theater. The firm’s team worked on skillfully restoring it to its former vaudeville glory and showcased contemporary finishes. The completed project also had impressive industrial details, new amenities, and spot-on sound and lighting.

MCF Architecture

437 Grant Street Suite 1600, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

With over a hundred years of experience in the industry, MCF Architecture is the 19th longest running architecture firm in the United States. It has a successful 90% repeat clientele rate and provides brands with a complete and comprehensive range of services. That said, it has secured a long-standing national reputation for itself and has been regarded for its award-winning designs. It credits its success to its programming and comprehensive data-driven designs. Its services also include Building Information Technology (BIT) techniques, sustainable design, and project management. The photo below best depicts the firm’s talent for commercial work.

Completed for the Eastern Atlantic Stations Regional Council of Carpenters, the project above serves as an event venue for the Carpenters Union Additions & Renovations. It features an all-new banquet space, rest rooms, conference rooms, and kitchen. 

NEXT Architecture L.P.

1133 Penn Ave. Ste. 100, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Operating out of its office in Pittsburgh, NEXT Architecture is a full-range architectural firm that is noted for its comprehensive work and interior design services. Its services include strategic and master planning, programming, design, image and branding consultation, project management, furniture selection, and engineering consultation. Since its establishment, the firm has curated an excellent clientele list for itself. This also includes lasting partnerships with some of the area’s best and leading subcontractors and firms. The photo below depicts the firm’s finest work.

Located in the heart of Pittsburgh, this space was completed for the Speckled Egg in The Union Trust Building. The project spans nearly 5,000 square feet and entails a bar, mixed dining areas, and a coffee counter. Some unique finishes include cork, brass, and natural plants that add to its chic and contemporary aesthetic. 

Architectural Innovations

1003 McKnight Park Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Architectural Innovations provides a complete range of services and has finished work for a variety or market types. These include several governmental, municipal, healthcare, education, recreational, retail, religious, tenant improvement, and residential spaces. The firm operates out of its office in Pittsburgh and has been in business since 2004. The firm primarily utilizes a highly multi-disciplinary approach and assists its clients throughout the entire process, from pre-design and inception to post-construction and completion. 

The PA Game Commission’s new office building that is its Northwest Regional Headquarters, to replace the existing, outdated facility. The facility is the new prototype for similar Game Commission office buildings to be constructed throughout the state. The office building is a one-story structure containing 8,500 square feet of office space, conference rooms, and public lobby area.


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