As the state capital of Indiana, Indianapolis is the center for education, arts, and commerce in the state of Indiana. Many corporations have contributed to Indy’s booming economy and thousands of small businesses call Indianapolis home. These organizations have called in the best commercial contractors to help them build in this desirable city.

Here, you’ll find a list of the ten top-ranking commercial contractors in Indianapolis, Indiana. These firms were chosen for their expertise, the quality of their design, their backgrounds, and the awards they have won.

Alt Construction

10650 N Bennett Parkway, #200, Zionsville, IN 46077

Alt Construction, a general contracting firm, has always been adamant about generating successful results by forming solid and long-lasting relationships with its clients. The firm has accomplished its goals by focusing on three fundamentals: communication, scheduled timetable, and budget. For 14 years, the firm has served clients across Indianapolis with a design-build approach that produces excellent structures and strong relationships.

The firm has a portfolio of projects in retail, restaurant, offices, and other types of commercial work. Featured here is the facility for Interventional Pain Care Associates. This 2400-square-foot project is a constructed and renovated office building that the firm took charge of for its clients. The firm dealt with the construction and design of the office space and accomplished the project within budget and on schedule.

BAF Corporation

6084 Fall Creek Road, Indianapolis, IN 46220

In 1997, Barb Fleming founded BAF Corporation to provide top-quality general contracting and extensive services to its clients. With its foundation built on the values of integrity and quality, clients can rest assured that when contacting BAF Corporation, their vision will be understood and then implemented. The firm’s hard work has been recognized in the 2018 Indianapolis Business Journal

An example of an office project by BAF Corporations is the Prolink Staffing Keystone Office Park. This office renovation was designed comprehensively to generate a comfortable workspace for its workers while respecting a tight budget.

Kort Builders, Inc.

8709 Castle Park Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46256

For several contracting firms, finishing before the scheduled date is considered a feat. Kort Builders considers timeliness a crucial principle. For 34 years, its corporate strategy has emphasized quality, value, punctuality, and innovation to ensure that its clients’ needs and wants are met and exceeded. 

The company understands the unique requirements of its customers in the field of office construction. As a result, much of the office construction process focuses on working within the constraints of the space available, and it seeks to be aware of and sensitive to those constraints. Because of its flexible work hours, it can accomplish much of the construction outside of the clients’ regular business hours. The example above is the Sila Capital/CSM, a product of this procedure.

Shamrock Builders

9800 Westpoint Drive, Suite 202, Indianapolis, IN 46256

Shamrock Builders has one of the longest histories in Indianapolis, having been assisting households and business owners in Central Indiana for over 50 years. Since 1967, the family-owned business has built a reputation for providing top-notch quality and service and exceeding expectations. Its prioritized objective is to generate client contentment. The firm’s excellent work has been featured in the Indianapolis Business Journal. 

The firm specializes in residential and commercial projects, and it is capable of delivering specialized construction, tenant improvement, and renovation services. Its overall purpose is to help clients widen and develop their business. A great example is Vision Quest Eye Care. This office is built and designed for optometrists residing in the area and features a rustic theme and a calming color palette.

Avouch Contractors

232 N Main Street, Maxwell, IN 46154

Avouch Contractors has more than 50 years of cumulative construction experience. For every one of its projects, the firm employs people who are known for their specific specialization. The firm is quite experienced in the Indianapolis area, so it is aware of the local issues that tend to come up during construction and maintenance.

The firm has worked with a diverse set of clients over its 50 years of service and has taken on both small-scale or large-scale projects. A prime example of its work is Lincoln Square. This fun restaurant project features brown, wooden furniture for a warm, cozy feeling.

Alderson Commercial Group

425 W South Street, Suite 100 Indianapolis, IN 46225

Alderson Commercial Group develops customer loyalty by attending to each client’s premium commercial construction and development needs by offering exceptional value, inclusive communication, and strong attention to detail. The firm has practiced this approach to company-client relationships for over 13 years, and the firm continues to expand its reach as a result. 

This featured project above is the TriCo office for TriCo Regional Sewer Utility. It comprises 10,550 square feet of space and includes luxurious materials and furniture all over the property, from the lobby to each room. It has a clean setup and features comfortable color themes. The firm has received industry certifications from associations such as the Coalition for Construction Safety and recognition from the 2017 Indiana Philanthropy Alliance.

Boaz Construction

4201 Millersville Road, #200 Indianapolis, IN 46205

Boaz Construction was founded in 2006, and cit has been recognized and featured by several publications such as the Indy Star, INC Magazine, and the Indianapolis Business Journal. The firm is consistently identified as a company with a high growth rate. 

The firm operates within a daily notification and supervision system that connects the team to each client. As a result, clients can monitor the progress of the project; the best buildings, tailored to every client’s needs, are the result. 

JarredBunch, now known as INVST, is a commercial office establishment that takes a minimalist approach by using high-end furnishings. The color palette is a mix of black-and-white that reinforces the minimalist theme, creating a mood that is neutral and comfortable.

Capitol Construction Services, Inc.

11051 Village Square Lane, Fishers, IN 46038

Jon Robinson—president and founder of Capitol Construction Services—established the firm in 1998 in Indianapolis. His passion for teamwork, creating repeat and referral clients, and safe building spaces continue to inform the firm’s actions. The firm is licensed in 47 states and its superintendents are Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certified.

This firm has earned awards such as the 2019 Commitment to Safety in Construction Award and it has been recognized as one of the Top Contractors in the Indianapolis area by the Indiana Business Journal

The company has finished over 10,000 projects all over the nation and works on a variety of projects, ranging from office tenant improvements to restaurants and car dealerships. Below is the HC Tavern & Kitchen in Fishers, IN, a ground-up high-end restaurant for Indy-based restauranteur Huse Culinary. The two-story, 10,000-square-foot building is family-friendly and features a huge bar and various private dining options.

Powers & Sons Construction Company

2502 Roosevelt Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46218

Excellence and dedication drive Powers & Sons Construction Company to deliver nothing but the best services and results to its clients. Its clients include both public and private, and both large and small corporations. The American Institute of America (AIA) and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professionals, among others, haved recognized and certified the firm.

Over the last 53 years, the firm has won several awards, including the AIA/ALA 2020 Library Building Award, the 2020 Merit Award from the Chicago Building Congress, and the 2020 Excellence in Professional Development Award.

The project we decided to feature here is a LEED Gold certified office provided by the firm, titled the Indiana Toll Road. A three-story building was erected with an open office plan, office rooms, an expansive lobby with central stairs, an elevator, and a café with acoustical cloud ceilings. A glass curtain wall runs the length of the building’s south side. The building also includes a staff gym, modern finishes, and unique millwork.