Businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, and recreational activities are some of the leading companies that excel in the area. These commercial establishments, however, may need upgrades in their design and infrastructure to keep up with the modern audiences. This might involve revamping the interior and exterior with a unique, attractive design. It is also crucial to consider these contractors when establishing your own business to aid you in producing the best output possible. The best commercial contractors offer a diverse and flexible construction plan, taking into account each client’s location, branding, and image. The editors curated this list of the top six commercial contractors, looking into the firm’s portfolio, approach, and experience.  

R.D. Olson Construction

400 Spectrum Center Drive, Suite 1200, Irvine, CA 92618

Spanning a history of over four decades, R.D. Olson Construction has produced various businesses. R.D. Olson Construction builds its projects with an emphasis on longevity through functionality and efficiency. The portfolio it possesses today includes restaurants, retail, country clubs, and resorts. Some of its notable clients include Marriott, the Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group, and Starwood Lodging. The Orange County Business Journal, Los Angeles Business Journal, and Los Angeles Times have featured the company’s work numerous times.

Pictured below is the Ladera Sports Center, featuring state-of-the-art sports equipment, amenities, and facilities. Various office areas, lounges, conference rooms, and dining spaces comprise the administrative aspect of the building. In addition, the sports center includes basketball courts, volleyball courts, and cafes, encapsulating the essence of a modern sports center with its contemporary designs and improved facilities. The firm partnered with Robert R Coffee, Architects & Associates, to complete the project. 

Driver SPG

1501 South Harris Court, Anaheim, CA 92806

Pictured below is the Neuehouse LA, featuring a collective open workspace occupying six floors of the CBS Radio Building. With a size of 68,000 square feet, the office features a sophisticated appeal with its modern furniture while incorporating classic structural designs such as wooden beam ceilings and walls. The open office concept combines various workspaces, creating a fun and unique setup while maintaining a collaborative, functional environment. Driver SPG partnered with Scott Morris Architects to finish this project. Under the leadership of Karl Kreutziger, the firm has become one of California’s esteemed commercial contractors, developing various connections and partnerships. Some of the awards the company has garnered include the 2015  Golden Gate Award from the Cal/OSHA Consultation Service and the 2016  Award of Merit: Best Commercial Project Under 20,000 SF from the PCBC Gold Nugget Awards. 

ACR Builders

23372 Madero, Suite E, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Pictured below is the exterior renovation and addition of The Shops at Montebello Food Court. This integrates an outdoor dining area with an enhanced steel structure and LED interactive signages. A challenge that presented itself was to provide uninterrupted access for the public to the mall while continuously working on the expansion. ACR Builders resolved this issue by splitting the project into various phases, allowing the mall to continue functioning at a regular pace.

Throughout its eleven years in the business, ACR Builders has tackled an array of projects with the goal of improving the overall experience for its clients. It specializes in tenant improvements, having worked for clients from both international and local companies. Many of the works it showcases in its portfolio features retail market facilities, commercial properties, and local government projects. Under the leadership of CEO Michele Richardson and president Steve Richardson, the firm has blossomed into one of the reliable contractors in the area thanks to the pair’s extensive knowledge of the industry. 

RBA Builders

17601 Sampson Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

RBA Builders is a full-service contractor with over a decade of experience. It has tackled an array of projects in the commercial, industrial, educational, healthcare, and aerospace industries. What is notable about the firm is its separate division of concrete and drywall services. This adds a unique dynamic to its process, leaving the specialists in that field to handle many of the structural services that the client may need. The two divisions set up an organized approach, drawing up the foundation of each project, which results in consistent finishes and quality. An example of this is the feature project below the Boulderdash Climbing Gym. Working alongside Rasmussen Architects, the RBA team was able to provide a functional recreational area with ample spacing between walls that resulted in an efficient floor plan. An emphasis on safety was also a primary key during the construction, thus the need for proper spacing and alignment. The result is a fun and proactive recreational establishment with property safety measures. 

Fulcrum Construction

441 E 4th St. Long Beach, CA 90802 

One of Fulcrum Construction’s most notable projects is the picture below, featuring the Walmart Distribution Center. The 100,775-square-foot facility has state-of-the-art equipment, large working spaces, and a solid structural foundation that maintains the safety of all its employees. The Fulcrum team partnered with CSO Architects, Inc. in creating this functional center optimized for material handling and automation. The firm’s work began from its establishment in 2003 with a four-part approach, involving excellent service, offering the best value, providing leverage, and consistent and cohesive management. The team has completed over 1,500 projects in the past 18 years. Since then, the company has integrated newer systems and modern solutions to its methodology while continuously fostering long-term relationships with clients and partners. It is worth noting that apart from California, the firm has offices in Atlanta and San Antonio, extending its services to other major cities.