Miramar is a city in Broward County and one of the principal cities in the Southeast Florida region along with Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Boca Raton, and Palm Beach. The city is home to a diverse group of residents and is a known economic hub with businesses in telecommunications, travel, and entertainment. As a coastal city, Miramar receives significant tourists from across the country, Central America, Europe, and other parts of the globe. Its scenic views and amazing year-round weather makes it a perfect getaway for all generations. 

If you are thinking of opening a business in Miramar to add to the fun experiences the city has to offer for both tourists and locals, we suggest you check out this list of the best commercial architects in Miramar, Florida. These architects can help you select the perfect spot for your business venture and create a design that will help you get your business off the ground and on the road to success. You can tell them your vision, your goals, and your budget and timeline, and they will work with you to start making your dream business a reality.

Synalovski Romanik Saye

1800 Eller Drive Suite 500, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Synalovski Romanik Saye is a full-service architectural design firm that offers a wide range of services for residential, commercial, educational, government, and civic sector projects across the state. Established in 1988, the firm has completed hundreds of projects ranging from custom homes and multifamily residences to corporate headquarters and industrial plants. Founder and principal Manuel Synalovski oversees project assignments and management in the firm to ensure that all clients are given adequate support and attention towards meeting each of their objectives. Having a personal passion for architecture, Synalovski’s unique style and creative solutions shape the South Florida architectural landscape and help build its communities.

Principal Merrill Romanik is a registered architect and interior designer. It was through her vision and perseverance that the firm launched its interior design studio in the early 1990s. Her integrated approach and commitment to balancing the technical, artistic, and sustainability aspects of design guide the entire team in each project. Principal Jose Saye is the newest principal of the firm and is in charge of managing all aspects of a project – from budget controlling and scheduling to documentation and inspection. His strong linguistic and communication skills lead to excellent client satisfaction and customer base expansion.  

In designing commercial spaces, Synalovski Romanik Saye incorporates the brand’s image and mission into the design of the building, shop, or space. This allows people to readily recognize the business’ services and objectives through its architecture, such as the firm’s design of Green Light Car Wash’s Hallandale beach location. The four-story 20,000-square-foot car wash and multipurpose location has a modern style with a sustainable and community-friendly design. Synalovski Romanik Saye carefully planned the space to allow vehicles to easily queue for a car wash on the ground floor while the second and third floors are dedicated to storage and office spaces. The rooftop offers 4,800 square feet of open space for community events and entertainment during the evening hours. The building’s design reflects Green Light’s mission to promote family and community through responsible and fair service and sustainable practices. 

CPZ Architects

4316 W Broward Blvd., Plantation, FL 33317

CPZ Architects is a Broward County-based architecture firm that offers a full range of planning and architectural services. As a CBE firm, CPZ Architects promotes community and local economic development by employing locals and helping shape the county’s architectural landscape. Established in 2002, the firm has completed numerous commercial, educational municipal, and civic sector projects. Each one is a perfect balance of function and beauty delivered on time and within budget. The key to the firm’s success in achieving such harmony is its focus on creating good solid relationships with clients. Through close collaboration and regular communication, the firm assures clients that the resulting design meets their needs, exceeds their expectations, and suits their objectives.

Founder and president Chris Zimmerman has a unique passion for architecture and deep love for community, which inspires his employees to create designs that enrich people’s lives. Each of the firm’s projects is designed to inspire community engagement, empowerment, and participation. For commercial spaces, this means a blend of business objectives, community relations, and corporate responsibility. A great example is the firm’s design of the Fort Lauderdale headquarters of CBS Sports Interactive. A 34,000-square-foot space in a LEED Silver Certified building, the headquarters features glass walls to maximize illumination with controlled heating and mixed use of materials that improves sustainability while creating the perfect sports arena ambiance. The large open floor design offers versatility, fosters collaboration, and improves process efficiency. The overall design is environment friendly, efficient, fun, and beautiful. 

FSMY Architects + Planners

888 South Andrews Ave. Suite 300, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

FSMY is a full-service architectural firm that offers a wide range of services to clients in Broward County and the rest of South Florida. The firm has completed projects in different sectors including commercial, residential, educational, and industrial since its founding in 1977. Committed to excellence and innovation, the firm regularly engages in continuous learning and professional development to increase its knowledge base and improve its techniques. The firm couples the best young talent with its experienced principals to support reciprocal learning as well as fuse different techniques to create exceptional and innovative designs. In delivering design solutions, the firm emphasizes the importance of regular communication and coordinated efforts.

The firm’s president, Doug Snyde is a South Florida native with a long list of involvement in local and state-level architectural boards. He is joined by his partners, Jiro Yates and Josh Bailey, both are well-versed professionals with years of award-winning design service. They are committed to developing the architecture profession and improving the community through the built environment. Their collective experience in architectural planning and design contributes to the firm’s ability to create astonishing, durable, and regionally appropriate design solutions. The Marine 1957 office and warehouse in Fort Lauderdale is one of the firm’s award-winning commercial designs. The project involved redesigning an underutilized derelict building into an 18,302-square-foot integrated office and warehouse. While the exterior walls were retained, FSMY’s design replaced the roof structure for a new solar plant and to add protection from wind loads. Renewable elements were integrated into the design to minimize energy use and maximize process efficiency. The design was granted the 2019 best green project award by the South Florida Business Journal.

ACAI Associates, Inc.

2937 W. Cypress Creek Rd. Suite 200, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

ACAI Associates is a full-service architecture firm that provides a wide range of services in Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and adjacent counties. The firm offers architectural planning and design, landscape architecture, interior design, consulting, and construction management services for clients in education, healthcare, government, religion, and business. Centered on viewing architecture as a passion rather than just a job, the firm offers its employees and partners opportunities for inspiration, personal growth, and community involvement. These experiences lead to creative designs that are functional, beautiful, and unique. The firm also invests in the latest software and technologies with relevant training to ensure that clients are offered the best tools in designing, visualizing, and implementing their projects. 

Established in 1985, ACAI Associates has become a leader in innovative architecture and green building initiatives in South Florida. From educational institutions to commercial and industrial spaces, the firm creates unique designs that are efficient, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing. One of the firm’s multiple projects for the Nova Southeastern University is the design of the Flight Deck Pub at the University Center. Aimed at serving students meals, games, and drinks in between and after classes, ACAI designed the pub to have a modern and cozy atmosphere that encourages students to relax and socialize. The restaurant includes indoor and outdoor bars, large cabanas that are perfect as a group hangout, more than a dozen widescreen TVs, multiple game tables, and a multipurpose space for private events. ACAI’s design perfectly matches college students’ preferences while ensuring safety, security, and efficiency.

Cartaya & Associates Architects P.A

2400 E. Commercial Blvd. Suite 201, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Cartaya & Associates Architects is an architectural firm that offers architectural design, planning, and interior designing services to a diverse range of clients in South Florida. Established in 1979, the firm’s portfolio includes hundreds of projects such as single-family and multifamily residences, educational institutions, government buildings, civic spaces, hospitality venues, entertainment centers, and commercial centers. In each of its projects, Cartaya & Associates conveys aesthetic sensitivity and harmony with the environment such that each design is beautiful and unique yet blends in well with the existing architectural landscape. It delivers high quality efficient designs through careful attention to detail, understanding client needs, and utilizing appropriate architectural techniques and elements.

Founder and principal Mario Cartaya Sr. is a native Floridian with decades of experience in designing public and private spaces as well as serving in professional and civic boards. His commitment to architecture goes beyond meeting clients’ needs and extends to serving the community and improving people’s lives. For commercial spaces, Cartaya & Associates ensures that in addition to catering to the needs and objectives of the business, each design minimizes environmental damage and maximizes energy efficiency. In its design of the Monarch Gardens Retail and Office Center, the firm opted to put the retail shops in full view from the Miramar Parkway for maximum visibility while offering added privacy to the offices. The use of flat lines and lightly colored facades creates a good balance with the sunny Miramar climate and blends in well with adjacent shopping centers and multilevel buildings.

Lasky Architect P.A.

3330 NE 34th St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Lasky Architect P.A. is an architectural design firm that specializes in commercial architecture, interior design, and branding. Established in 1980, incorporated in Florida in 2014, and licensed in 37 other states, Lasky has completed dozens of commercial projects across the country, including restaurants and bars, fitness centers, and health and wellness centers. The firm offers a full range of services, from designing and planning to permit processing and construction, through its team of architects, engineers, interior designers, and project managers. Known in the industry for delivering exceptional results and outstanding customer service, the firm tailors its services to meet specific and unique client needs – whether for single site ventures, multi-site franchises, or national enterprises.

Founder and president Scott Lasky has over 40 years of experience in architectural design and construction. His experience and passion for beautiful and efficient architecture drives the firm in creating sound architecture through time-tested means, proper planning, and efficient documentation. In designing commercial spaces, Lasky carefully plans and considers space usage, material selection, and color usage based on the business’ objectives and target market. OrangeTheory’s multiple branches in South Florida provide great examples of the firm’s unique eye for highlighting a business’ purpose and attracting the attention of clients. In the design of OrangeTheory, Lasky opted for glass interior walls to open up the space and allow patrons to see others as they work out. This encourages people to join the gym and explore different classes and programs. To create continuity in design and further promote the brand, all equipment and shelves are painted in a characteristic orange hue. The overall design encourages clients to participate in the gym frequently and creates a lasting impression of the OrangeTheory brand because of its distinct and easily recognizable interior.

Carty Architecture

2655 S. Le Jeune Rd. Suite 607, Coral Gables, FL 33134 

Carty Architecture is an architectural design, planning, and interior design firm specializing in public projects and commercial spaces. Founded in 2012, the firm emphasizes respect for culture and the improvement of lives through quality architecture and good interpersonal relationships. Key to the firm’s creation of exceptional design solutions is its ability to balance human needs and experiences, function, art, context, and resource. The firm carefully considers the needs of clients and their audience in designing architectural solutions that are beautiful, functional, and efficient for its purpose. Its multidisciplinary team works together and with clients to make sure that these objectives are met and that the perfect architectural design balance is achieved.

Founder and CEO Judy Carty is a registered architect, interior designer, and a LEED accredited professional (LEED AP). She is passionate about nature and strives to develop the perfect synergy between the natural and built environments. Beyond architectural perfection, Carty also works to improve people’s lives and contribute to the community through the built environment and various community involvement initiatives. Her passion and commitment stems to the entire firm and is evident in each of its projects. In the design of Miramar Town Center, the firm opted for a subtle and refreshing exterior that fit well with the Miramar cityscape while also enticing patrons with its relaxing atmosphere and scenic views. Through careful planning, the firm merged residential units, retail shops, office spaces, and a fitness center with ample privacy, security, and noise management.

Schachne Architects & Builders

10101 S.W. 40th St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33328

Schachne Architects & Builders, Inc. is a full service firm that offers architectural design, interior design, and construction services to clients in Broward County and nearby counties. Specializing in custom homes and home additions, the firm also offers commercial designs, renovations, and additions. Its inhouse team of architects, interior designers, project managers, and construction experts can accomplish all segments of a design and construction project, which can help clients save time and money and avoid errors caused by miscommunication. These include site selection, project design, scheduling and budgeting, permitting, construction, and documentation. The firm’s strong network of vendors and suppliers also give clients a wider array of options in materials, furniture, equipment, and appliances that can be tailored to fit the specific architecture and interior design.

Schachne Architects’ success in design and construction is founded upon the personalized service it gives to clients – ensuring that each client’s vision is transformed into reality. For commercial spaces and corporate offices, this often means incorporating the brand’s image in the design and making sure that the interior, especially the colors, textures, and furniture, appeal to the business’ clientele. One example is the firm’s design and renovation of Baglietto Yachts’ sales office in Fort Lauderdale. The 2,400-square-foot office space included six individual offices, a reception area, a conference room, a break room, storage space, and two ADA-compliant toilets. Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing installations were replaced to improve energy efficiency. The large windows and LED lights maximized natural lighting and reduced electric consumption. Wood furniture, lightly colored walls, and minimalist art reflect the sophisticated and elegant taste of Baglietto Yachts’ client base of yacht owners and boating enthusiasts.

Kaller Architecture

2417 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, FL 33020

Kaller Architecture is an architectural design firm that caters to clients for both residential and commercial projects. Founded in 1984, the firm’s impressive portfolio includes multi-family residences, custom homes, office spaces, mixed-use developments, corporate interiors, and industrial spaces. Its team of registered architects, designers, and planners are trained and experienced in architectural design and urban planning. This experience helps them create regionally appropriate designs that are distinct yet fuse well with their surrounding built and natural environments. Placing emphasis on space planning, Kaller Architecture’s design solutions offer effective use of space that facilitates efficient movement, whether inside a home, office, shop, or industrial site. 

Owner and president Joseph Kaller is a native South Floridian, a registered architect in the state, an active member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and a LEED-certified professional. His commitment to architecture goes beyond balancing science and art. He is passionate about creating unique designs that serve the environment and the people who live in and use the space. The firm’s design of Plaza del Mar in Fort Lauderdale exemplifies this multi-faceted approach in architecture and design. The large shopping center offers space for 20 tenants with their own exterior facade that is visible to customers from the parking lot. The stucco siding with stone accents create a rustic look that matches the Fort Lauderdale oceanside views and sunny weather. The mall is surrounded by trees, shrubs, and greenery that create a relaxing ambiance and helps maintain ambient outdoor temperatures even during the hot summer days. The overall design is a remarkable balance of functionality and art coupled with sustainability, safety, and enjoyment.

Pasquale Kuritzky Architecture

2949 W. Cypress Creek Rd. 2nd Flr., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Pasquale Kuritzky Architecture is an architectural design firm that offers architectural design, interior design, and project management services for commercial and residential projects. Grounded on the mission of creating designs that are marketable and remarkable, the firm pays personal attention to each client’s needs and objectives in order to develop design solutions that address these needs and fit their budget and timeline. Pasquale Kuritzky’s designs cater to the specific movements of the space’s residents, tenants, and users to improve process efficiency, maximize space usage, and reduce hassle in their daily lives. Selecting the optimum design and the best quality materials clients can afford, the firm increases the structure’s durability, functionality, and marketability.

Owner and founding partner Harlan Kuritzky is a licensed architect and interior designer. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, he has served as principal architect for numerous projects, including hospitals, multifamily residences, shopping centers, and educational institutions. His knowledge, keen attention to detail, and commitment to excellent customer service drive the firm in exceeding client expectations in each project. In the Convey Health Systems project, Pasquale Kuritzky Architecture successfully completed the interior build-out of approximately 50,000 square feet of space to include offices, conference rooms, security and IT rooms, and storage facilities. The firm’s design included glass interior walls, electronic security systems, and hues of white and gray throughout the space. The interior build-out reflects Convey’s mission of improving health outcomes with the use of technology and innovative processes.