190,000 dentists are in practice nationwide, and that means a lot of offices, a lot of waiting rooms, a lot of gently-thumbed copies of Reader’s Digest, and, of course, a lot of exam rooms. Dental office contracting, in other words, is big business in the US.

Getting a dental office off the ground is not a simple matter. Creating dental facilities requires strict adherence to health codes and healthcare facility specifications. And if the dentists, hygienists, secretaries, and patients who use these facilities are going to be comfortable, you’ll need to have a friendly, inviting space that enables and shapes day-to-day operations in creative ways, and perhaps even decreases the understandable anxiety that accompanies many a visit to the dentist. Beautiful construction matters when you go see the dentist.

We found the 25 best dental office contractors in America. Firms on this list were gathered, arranged, and ranked based on the degree of familiarization with the dentist office construction, their overall work history, the building awards the firm has collected, and the overall quality of their work portfolio.

If you are thinking about building a dentist office, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

ESA Construction

17806 Davenport Rd., Suite #107, Dallas, TX 75252

Since 1994, ESA Construction has been one of Texas’s best interior construction and design firms, and they have developed a speciality in office construction including dental, medical, and optical projects. The company serves major Texan and New Mexican cities with a hands-on approach, high-quality materials, and great craftsmanship. ESA emphasizes client participation, and a significant portion of the firm’s clientele learned of the company through referrals.

The company believes in simple, straightforward office spaces. This office’s unusual combination of wooden tones and bright colors grabs visitor attention. The layout takes advantage of the generous space by using minimal equipment sets and massive windows. The result is a bright, airy, inviting workspace that relaxes patients, and improves work efficiency for dentists and hygienists.

Practice Construction

167 Cherry St., Suite #214, Milford, CT 6460

Practice Construction is a Milford-based general contractor that operates in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maryland, Delaware, and New York. The company offers a wide range of construction services, but dental office construction is a primary specialization. The company has completed more than 450 dental offices, and it received Builder of the Year in 2015 from the American Dental Association (ADA). The ADA also officially endorsed the firm.

The company has an extensive portfolio of projects completed in multiple states. And they generate quick turnarounds, often completing a project within 90 days. Practice Construction also has a one-time bid policy that never increases, and a price range that provides high quality on an  affordable budget. On top of that, the company has a five-year warranty on every project.

Interior Development

8283 S 4300 W, West Jordan, UT 84088

Utah’s Interior Development is a building contractor; their specific expertise is medical and dental facilities. From clinics to hospitals, and from dental offices to surgery centers, if it is a building that houses doctors, nurses, and dentists, and supports their crucial practices, Interior Development has probably built something like it. Founded in 1996 by Kurt DeHart and John Watts, the firm has completed health care offices across Utah. Dental office construction requires adherence to strict health guidelines and sanitation standards, and Interior Development’s hands-on approach ensures that the offices they build are up to code when a practice opens. The firm’s knowledge base is its greatest strength.

The company’s conventional styles, such as this Craftsman office, heavily involve rich, deep wooden tones and natural stone colors; the result is soothing.

22) Beacon Construction Services

61 North Lakeview Dr., Gibbsboro, NJ 08026

With over 1,600 dental and medical projects built, Beacon Construction is among the top dental office contractors in New Jersey. The firm serves Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York and brings over 45 years of design-build experience to every project. The company has been interacting with the medical profession for years, and Beacon knows how to provide full integration with medical equipment suppliers and other related industry professionals.

From the drawing boards to the construction process, Beacon has an approach that oversees the entire construction process. The company also supports a year-long warranty on the office spaces that they complete.

21) LM Construction

7115 Bermuda Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89119

Third generation builder Larry Monkarsh has already had quite a run. He started his career at the age of 17 when he built four condominium projects in Malibu. And shortly after graduating from California State University Long Beach, he went to work full-time in the construction business. Eventually he started a construction company of his own. LM Construction has been in operations for over 23 years and over six million square feet of project space on its company resume.

Serving the Rocky Mountain corridor of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Idaho, LM Construction has developed an extensive portfolio. In the massive Las Vegas Digital Dental office, LM tastefully integrated white and gray tones to highlight vibrant medium-scale photographs. The result is simultaneously professional, inviting, and soothing.

20) Heritage Construction

10908 171st Ave. NW, Suite C, Elk River, MN 55330

Heritage Construction is a full-service construction company out of Elk River, Minnesota that builds in Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and, of course, Minnesota itself. Currently Heritage is headed by president and founder Andy Christensen, who is a local product of North Hennepin Community College.

Heritage produces modern, sophisticated dental offices. The company makes strong use of humble materials; bricks and concrete create a straightforward atmosphere that feels honest, cozy, and calm. This clinic with an enticing interior of red brick earth tones is an excellent example, and  wouldn’t look out of place in Minnesota or Manhattan. This choice of materials beautifully frames the dentist’s chair, obviously the most necessary piece of equipment in any dental clinic.

19) Atlanta Dental Design

1011 Mansell Rd., Suite C, Roswell, GA 30076

Atlanta Dental Design is the product of David Hashemi’s background in construction management and finance. David and his spouse Becky lead the company, providing construction services throughout greater Atlanta. This husband-and-wife team provides a unique combination of insight: interior design is David’s passion, Becky is a former dental assistant. The company offers design recommendations, space planning, and material documentation.

The firm has a reputation for making clinics modern. Progressive layout design and contemporary art detailing creates fun, unique atmospheres. The green wall with doodle art, in the clinic featured below, creates a safe space for children who might find dentists intimidating. This beautiful clinic illustrates that a space that is more than its function reminds us of our humanity by making everyday life more pleasurable.

18) Dave Grundfest Company

1221 Westpark Dr., Little Rock, AR 72204

University of Colorado alumnus Dave Grundfest has been providing construction services to the state of Arkansas for over 25 years. Grundfest is proud that his company makes its way in the world through a 90% referral rate; previous clients of the company have almost always referred someone to the firm.

The company has completed several dental offices, most of which seek to emulate a home-like atmosphere. Take this project’s cozy, simple design, for example. The meticulous curation of soft materials and contemporary art installations makes for a calm, comforting waiting area. And a non-linear floor plan and visual lines happily deconstruct your usual stereotypes of clinical office spaces.

17) Ruiz Construction Incorporated

3350 SW 148 Ave., Suite #134, Miramar, FL 33027

Despite only being founded at the opening of this decade, Ruiz Construction is already South Florida’s most highly regarded healthcare and dental office contractor. Jorge Ruiz—the company’s founder and CEO—operates the business. 21 years of work experience and academic training from Miami Dade College and Sante Fe Community College inform his every decision.

The company’s portfolio of healthcare and dental offices showcases progressive, minimalist design. Below, you’ll get a taste of how Ruiz Construction handled the creation of the Minty dental studio office. The office’s neat and polished look is finished with botanical displays and minimalist furniture. This contemporary reimagining of what a dental office can be is a breath of fresh air considering the conservative designs that dominate the market.

16) Andrews Dental Construction

880 E Oak St., Suite #2, Lake in the Hills, IL 60156

Andrews Dental Construction has been crafting quality offices for dental professionals throughout the Chicagoland area for over 30 years. James Andrews, the company’s founder and president, is an industry veteran of 40 years. Andrews started his career building residential and commercial projects, but he quickly developed a taste for dental offices, and decided to put such projects at the core of his endeavors. His focus has resulted in stunning Chicagoland dental offices.

In this particular work, the off-white and gray combination is subtly highlighted by the floor-to-ceiling windows. This cutting-edge modernist design communicates a high-end, professional atmosphere. You’re not just getting your teeth cleaned, you’re part of an innovative experience. This office, designed and constructed for Dentologie, is a physical embodiment of the boutique’s mission to make patients’ visits as pleasant, productive, and intriguing as possible.

15) Wellen Construction

488 Boston Post Rd., East Marlborough, MA 01752

Wellen Construction is a general contractor in East Marlborough that specializes in building dental offices. Robert Wellen, the company’s president and owner, leads the company operations with his cousin, Charlie Gadbois. Wellen has a reputation for using the latest technology in every project, and  his organized approach to construction is also well-known.

Wellen has worked with various kinds of dentists, including pediatric dentists. Knowing that children are often frightened of dentists, Sprout Dentistry contacted Wellen Construction to build the impossible: a children’s dentist clinic that was actually fun.

Wellen Construction delivered. The halls of the clinic have coin-operated machines that dispense toys. Basketball jerseys and a massive mural of a player dunking a basketball dominates the clinic’s aesthetic. Wellen Construction, arguably, improved children’s dental health through smart construction: the company’s design creates memorable, surprisingly pleasant trips to the dentist.

14) Constantine Builders

18486 Ballinger Way, NE Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

Being the only contractor endorsed by the Washington State Dental Association, Constantine Builders is one of the most well-regarded contractors in the Pacific Northwest. This family-run business accommodates a wide range of construction types of medical, dental, aeronautics, and industrial construction. The company has completed over 67,000 square feet of projects in this most beautiful region of the United States.

Each of the company’s many healthcare projects has a distinct style. The company tailor-fits the design and styling of each work in creative collaboration with clients. A modern office characterized by a bold use of dark and gray accents stands out in the portfolio. A wall built with dark tiles chosen to match the carpeting and wood highlights creates a formal, yet comforting look. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty, making your visit to the dentist a peaceful, contemplative experience. The aesthetic of this dentist office recalls the influence of Japanese Zen Buddhism on the American side of the pan-pacific.

13) Blue Northern Builders

3845 Atherton Rd., Suite #9, Rocklin, CA 95765

Rocklin-based Blue Northern Builders is a family business run by Marc Davis. Marc is a fourth-generation builder; together with other family members, he takes care of every detail and step of the construction process from the planning stage to pre-construction, budgeting, and scheduling. Blue Northern employs value engineering in the pre-construction period to determine the best, most efficient work trajectory. Blue Northern also employs 3D scanning to achieve the best results in renovation and restoration.

Blue Northern is partial to sleek, contemporary projects. Below: the prominent use of wood in raw and polished surfaces alike create an elegant atmosphere of simplicity. That minimalism is complemented with bold yellow and blue-green accents.

12) Utgard Construction

12225 World Trade Dr., San Diego, CA 92128

Founded in 1985 by Steve and BJ Utgard, the firm has been serving San Diego County by building dental, medical, and office spaces. Utgard operates as a family business, and has taken over the county with hundreds of completed projects filed into the company’s generous portfolio.

The company is not afraid to be bold, creating grand, eccentric dental and healthcare offices. Utgard loves unique office layouts and playful decor motifs. In the work featured, a pediatric dental office is dominated by lively underwater characters, a circular layout, and rich shades of blue. The unorthodoxy of this office creates a fun atmosphere, enabling children to embrace the entire dental care experience. Let this company take a space you assume you know, and defamiliarize it, and make your day-to-day life more playful.

11) Chambliss & Rabil

 3614 Haworth Dr., Suite #150, Raleigh, NC 27609

North Carolina general contractor Chambliss & Ramil is a local staple when it comes to construction. The company offers residential and commercial construction services, but specializes in dental office and medical facility construction. Norman Chambliss III and James Rabil serve as COO and CEO of the company. Their leadership has catapulted the company to local prominence, with awards such as Greater Wilmington Business Journal’s List in 2016 and features by The Nashville Graphic and Greater Wilmington Business Journal under its belt.

The company is Healthcare Construction certified under the Association for the Study of Higher Education program, knowledgeable and experienced in the nuances this type of special construction demands. Some projects, for example, require compliance with specific health standards like the Infection Control Risk Assessment, and the company knows those standards well. The company has completed over 300 healthcare facilities and 200 dental office projects.

10) BEC Austin

8320 Bee Caves Rd., Suite #200, Austin TX 78746

For over 48 years, BEC has been providing commercial and institutional contracting in Austin. The firm is headed by Scott Wilson, a product of Architectural Engineering at Austin’s impressive University of Texas campus. Wilson is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited pofessional, and BEC is a member of the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

BEC, in other words, has a high regard for green building and sustainable work. BEC offers a wide range of construction services equipped with its environmentally-conscious certifications, including the Austin Energy Green Building certificate. And the green company provides simple, warm designs that allow patients and their medical professionals to focus on the work at hand.

9) Roebuck Buildings

3600 S Church St. Extension, Roebuck, SC 29376

Roebuck Buildings has been in the construction industry for over 70 years, drawing on a history that dates back to the post-World War era. John Anderson, together with a group of investors, founded the company as a personal pursuit while maintaining a day job as a commercial credit officer. W. Dean Anderson—a direct descendant of John Anderson, and a product of Business Administration from the University of South Carolina—leads the firm today, relying on the history written and the example set by the company’s founder.

The company has built healthcare and dental facilities for decades. This 8,600 square feet dental office in Gaffney, South Carolina is one that the company is particularly proud of. This facility required Roebuck to construct some unusual features, including an underground waste container instead of the usual garbage disposal bin, and buffered irrigation.

8) Apex Design Build

9550 W Higgins Rd., Suite #170, Rosemont, IL 60018

With over 70 years worth of experience in medical facility construction, Apex Design Build is one of the most respected builders in Illinois. Apex traces its roots to the post-war efforts of Robert Johnstone to create an architectural firm in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park. Robert’s grandson, Steve Johnstone, now serves as senior partner, and Robert’s great-grandsons are also involved. And while the company is Chicago-local, it’s not parochial. These fourth generation builders not only grew up with the company, but have a range of solid academic backgrounds that includes a business degree from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

The company creates premier dental offices and healthcare facilities. Each project in the firm’s catalog demonstrates attention to detail and respect for the background and history of the dentists they build for. Take the Cameo Dental Specialists’ office. This office’s brick walls and exposed ceilings gently nod to the industrial neighborhood concept. But the combination is more than the sum of its parts, giving a modern urban kick to an office that might otherwise be stiff and still. The design also proves that humble design elements can create a feeling of sophistication and luxury.

7) Accelerated Contractors

6903 Atlantic Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32211

Accelerated Contractors is one of Jacksonville and North Florida’s most prominent commercial construction firms. With an astonishing 80% repeat clients and press features from local circulations such as Jacksonville Business Journal, Florida Times Union, FOCUS, and MD News, Accelerated Contractor has an excellent reputation as a premier builder in North Florida. The company is a member of Associated Medical Office Experts and a local construction partner of Butler Manufacturing, a multinational manufacturing business.

Aside from the typical scale of construction, such as design, planning, and building, the company also provides feasibility study services. Such services determine the environment of the area, the concurrency of utility lines, and a general assessment of how the project should be executed.

6) Copestone General Contractors

1624 S 21st St., Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Copestone General Contractors is a Colorado Springs-based construction firm founded in 1985. Copestone observes business practices that are straightforwardly favorable to its clients. In more than three million square feet of projects completed, the company has always been on the top 15% of the competitive bidding lot. They have a strict cost-control policy, and they have maintained it while also winning consecutive Circle of Safety Awards.

Nathan Derwick serves as the General Manager of the company. Derwick has a degree in Civil Engineering and Construction Management from Alfred State College in New York. He started working at Copestone in 2005 as a project manager, he rose through the ranks, eventually becoming the company’s principal.

The company creates excellence on both independent lots and in multi-tenant buildings. In the office created for All Smiles Dentistry, the company completed a 3,000 square foot project in a shopping center.

5) HM General Contractors

1674 W Sam Houston Pkwy., N. Houston, TX 77043

Houston-based HM General Contractors is a general contractor that specializes in the construction and design of dental, medical, optometric, and veterinary facilities. They are a regional Designer and Builder based out of  Houston. The company has completed over a thousand projects in about two decades of business operations. HM’s design uses LEED efficiency standards to support the delicate, important work that the healthcare industry provides.

HM provides hands-on construction from the blueprint to construction. HM understands that medical facilities sometimes work best with an essentialist design choice, so the firm employs neutral tones and simple, straight-forward designs. The picture shows a project built by the company for Dentists of Houston Westchase. The space’s office ceiling and white tiles promise affordable and elegant functionality.

4) KAST Construction

701 Northpoint Pkwy., Suite #400 West Palm Beach, FL 33407

KAST Construction is a full-service general contractor that builds a wide range of projects, including condominiums, country clubs, and healthcare facilities. The company is headed by Mike Neal, an industry veteran of more than 37 years. Prior to joining KAST Construction, Neal had already worked with various Engineering News-Record Top 100 firms. His leadership has emphasized cohesive teamwork and performance results, giving the company an edge over its competitors. The company’s clients frequently cite this cohesion as the company’s best quality.

The company constructed a 13,000 square foot office for Spodak Dental at Delray Beach. The office is a contemporary design by Practice Design Group, one of Florida’s leading dental office interior designers. This project was hailed as Dental Office Design of the Year, Group Practice by the American Dental Association in 2014.

3) Denco Dental Construction

328 S Rockford Dr., Suite #3, Tempe, AZ 85281

As the only contractor endorsed by the Arizona Dental Association, Denco Dental Construction is the state’s premier dental contractor. Denco is headed by Steve Anderson, a construction veteran of over 30 years. With over 600 offices completed, Anderson knows the ins and outs of the dental office business, a fluency he demonstrated in his book Blueprints for Success: Your New Dental Office: The Step-by-Step Process to Making Your Dream a Reality. The book’s popularity lifted the firm to even greater heights. Denco’s reputation enables the company not to rely on advertising.

The company has completed various high profile dental office projects. In this featured work, you see the elegant offices of Dr. Nish Shah of AZ Oral Facial & Implant Surgery. This project was completed with just four consults and five closed operations.

2) Stevens Construction

6208 Whiskey Creek Dr., Fort Myers, FL 33919

Florida’s Stevens Construction is a neighborhood staple. With offices in Orlando, Tampa, and Fort Myers, the company has completed over a thousand projects. An astonishing 80% of the company’s clientele is either a repeat or referred client, which shows the company’s outstanding reputation and rock-solid track record.

Mark Stevens is the founder and principal of the company. He is a 30-year industry veteran and he became the president of the Board of Directors of the Lee Building Industry Association in 2009 and 2010. He has also received business leadership awards, namely 40 Under 40 by Gulfshore Business, Top Entrepreneur award by the Fort Myers News-Press, and Entrepreneur of the Year by the Business Observer.

Mark started the company 2003; the firm managed to pull down $30M of revenue within three years. This stunning growth can be credited to the reputation that the company carefully curated through ethical business practices, on-budget construction management, and quality work. Stevens Construction has been hailed by Building Industry Association as Contractor of the Year for six consecutive years.

1) Cobb Hill Construction

206 N State St., Concord, NH 03301

Since 1986, Cobb Hill Construction has been considered one of New Hampshire’s premium builders. The company cites the skill set of its team members as the foundation of its success. The firm is led by Jerry Kingwill, a graduate of Glen College in South Africa, who has held board memberships in a number of professional organizations.

Cobb Hill is known for environmentally-conscious construction. The company frequently uses Energy Star products and cutting-edge progressive building technology, such as geothermal wells for heat. According to a feature in US Builders Review, Kingwell believes that this eco-friendly approach is good business sense, absolutely necessary for keeping up with the green movement that is just beginning to reshape America’s economy, as well as the planet’s.

Cobb Hill complies with American Dental Association guidelines. In the project featured, Cobb Hill transformed a barn into the New Boston Dental suite. In partnership with Patterson Dental, the company completed this contemporary office. The firm also maintains a strong community presence in the form of giving annual scholarships to worthy students and accepting community-owned projects.

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