Home to a plethora of industrial and commercial pioneers, as well as home to several local tourist attractions, Omaha remains inviting for potential residents, lifelong citizens, and tourists. Recent developments—such as improved transportation and infrastructure—have elevated the commercial potential for interested corporations. The existing companies within the city have already realized the setting’s prospects and more are looking into Omaha to expand their business. But that development can prove difficult with the wrong space and establishment, which is why firms need only the best retail contractors in Omaha, Nebraska. Our editors wrote this list after evaluating each contractor’s background, awards, and areas of expertise.

The Weitz Company, LLC

8715 S 121st Street, La Vista, NE 68128

Serving as one of the oldest and longest-running contractors throughout the country, The Weitz Company boasts a tremendous knowledge base, highly professional personnel, and perfected craft. These feats have been continuously developed over its run of over 167 years, and the firm is still looking to expand its expertise to accommodate any potential clients. The firm has also helped to shape Omaha and the United States as a whole in the construction industry. Its services include all-around and comprehensive services, cutting-edge technology, and design breakthroughs for interested clients. It also serves as a one-stop-shop for those who are looking for combined architectural, engineering, and construction inquiries.

Featured is Midtown Crossing, an award-winning project in a neglected district of Omaha. The entire project consists of several different units that make up Midtown Omaha. The tenants include a theater, a parking building, luxury condominiums and apartments, retail stores, and markets for the community. The service also included site improvement for the dilapidated area. With upscale services and corresponding establishments, the then-derelict urban area was transformed into a blossoming district that offers several opportunities for its residents and guests. The resulting project won the Charles H. Weitz Award.

Lueder Construction Company

9999 J Street, Omaha, NE 68127

Lueder Construction Company has built a strong reputation as one of the industry’s pioneers in contractor services. This reputation has been established and maintained for over 138 years of service, and it continues to carry out its mission of community involvement and enhancement. As a leader in construction, it aims to improve the lives of end users and its employees through its services and active participation in community activities.

The firm is an award-winning contractor, having won a number of awards, including the Excellence in Construction Award (2020), Business Excellence Awards (2022), the Silver Beaver Award (2022), and the Golden Spike Award. The firm maintains professional connections to well-respected associations, including ABC, the Greater Omaha Chamber, National Safety Council, and LEED AP.

Provided is Performance Chrysler, a car dealership establishment with industrialized touches and equipped with modern technology. The project’s structural design includes a glass curtain wall that runs prominently along its façades, metal panels that accentuate them, and the seamless incorporation of concrete handiwork. The facility includes a lobby, an accessories department, a car wash and detail section, a showroom, and a service shop, among several other practical rooms. Plenty of parking was provided outside the building.

Darland Construction Co.

4115 S 133rd Street, Omaha, NE 68137

Darland Construction is defined by mutual trust. That trust is shared between its team of specialized personnel, collaborators, and customers. The firm understands that this trust is the key factor in achieving success for its construction operations and nurtures this trust to achieve each project’s highest potential. Since its establishment, the firm has been employing a client-focused approach to support its broad set of contractor services, from preconstruction to finishing phases and everything in between. The firm provides the safest working environments, and it has consistently earned Nebraska’s “Safest Companies” honor as a result.

Buy Buy Baby & Cost Plus World Market is a joint project that blends a baby merchandise store with a home decor retail establishment. Both projects were equipped with the fixtures, equipment, and utilities that are necessary for the shops’ operations. Each store was also given its own theme to support its products, such as a neutral and clean style for the baby shop and a rich, homey atmosphere for the home decor store. The layout of the establishments includes an open floorplan with distributed items in categories for easy accessibility for both the users and staff.

Lund-Ross Constructors

4601 F Street, Omaha, NE 6811

When it comes to versatility in project-handling capabilities, Lund-Ross Constructors is one of the best options. With almost four decades of exemplary service, the firm has expanded its range to include inquiries across multiple markets, including multi-family, commercial, educational, religious, and other public sectors. Its large team of over 55 professionals with different specialties—all highly qualified, some LEED AP—makes this flexibility more than possible. Despite having the shortest work history on this list with only 36 years of service, the firm has excelled in performance and has won multiple awards, including 25 Excellence in Construction Awards.

Lund-Ross Constructors supports not-for-profit organizations that aim to uplift communities. The firm has partnered with Girls Inc, Open Door Mission, One World Health, and Women’s Center for Advancement. The firm has also been featured by The Grand Island Independent, Daily Nonpareil, Omaha World-Herald, and KMTV.

Fair Deal Village Marketplace acts as both a grocery store and a café. It’s built with a steel frame and reinforced with wooden accents. This incorporation provides not only strong stability but also a contrasting design. Its eclectic style includes a brick façade, a cargo-themed exterior, and glass panes. Other services include custom cabinetry and masonry for the interior decor and overall concrete work.

Ronco Construction

1717 N 74th Street, Omaha, NE 68114

Ronco Construction is able to handle projects of varying sizes and complexity—large-scale or small-scale, tall or short, simple or complex, the firm leads each of its client’s projects to successful completion. The firm’s impressive portfolio includes some of the thousand completed projects for its clients throughout the state. It’s a client-driven firm, focused on delivering great results through ingenious design solutions.

Throughout its 46 years of service, the firm has won a number of awards including the Stars of Excellence Award for Property. It has also been certified by associations, including the ABC and Greater Omaha Chamber.

Planet Fitness serves as a great example of Ronco Construction’s retail projects. As a fitness center/gym, the firm designed an expansive, open floorplan to create space for as much gym equipment as possible. Despite the high number of utilities, the facility provides plenty of space between each apparatus. This allows ample personal space for each user using the machines. There are multiple sections for varying functionalities, which include the lobby, bathrooms, and locker rooms.

AOI Corporation

8801 S 137th Circle, Omaha, NE 68138

Collaboration is one of the key traits of AOI Corporation. The firm believes that when clients closely work together with the firm and its team, a truly defined space can be built. As such, the firm builds not just spaces for its users but lifelong relationships. The firm’s services include construction, furniture, and pre-manufactured interiors. Interested customers can choose whichever they feel fits their business.

AOI Corporation is further strengthened by its line of incredible leaders, headed by Christine Hill, its Chief Executive Officer. Christine has outstanding work credentials in leadership roles. She serves on the Board of Directors for multiple associations, including the AGC Nebraska Chapter, the YPO, and the Omaha Chamber of Commerce. She is supported by several other leaders within the firm with their specialized operations.

Outwoods is a prime example of an effective Omaha retail store. This establishment offers outdoor gear and clothing. It was previously a grocery store but today concrete and wood dominate the space to create an earthy, natural feeling The firm also added a plywood climbing wall to act as a trial surface for rock climbers. Other elements, such as impressive woodwork and slat surfaces, were customized for the store. 

Dicon Corporation

11506 Nicholas Street, Suite #200, Omaha, NE 68154

Attentiveness to detail and willingness to listen closely to clients are the key principles of Dicon Corporation It keeps close and open communication with all its clients at all times to ensure that any issue or concern is handled immediately. These principles enable the firm to maintain its reputation as one of the most experienced contractors in the Midwest. The firm maintains a multitude of projects throughout 16 states and has exemplified diversity in the projects it accomplishes. Thanks to its full transparency, clients can rest easy when it comes to their investments as the firm’s team delivers detail-oriented services and high-quality results. 

Featured is Roanoke Retail Center, a large shopping center with over 17,000 square feet in total. Dicon Corporation employed a new construction service to build a fully functional and engaging establishment. The center’s structure is simple, yet effective, framed by a wide and flat layout. The store can be divided into different sections where different categories of products are displayed for sale. This also paves the way for a smooth flow of foot traffic within the establishment. 

Overland Constructors, Inc.

5036 S 135th Street, Omaha, NE 68137

Overland Constructors emphasizes client satisfaction and convenience. As a family-operated business, it understands its clients’ issues, including hectic schedules and tight budgets As such, the firm pushes for a convenient working period that fits into the timetable of its clients, along with cost-effective pricing and premium experiences. As a full-service contractor, it provides a complete scope of services. During its 45 years of service, Overland Constructors, Inc. has earned several accreditations, including AGC and ABC. 

Richmont Point Strip Mall is a project that combines multiple tenants into a single site. A UPS store, a computer repair shop, a dental center, and an investment spot, all make their home here. This combined retail spot is a hub for different producer-and-consumer interactions while keeping professionalism and orderliness in line. The firm set up the strip mall with a side-by-side layout, with each tenant appearing next to the other. Parking spaces were also added. 

NGC Construction

106 North 18th Street (at Dodge), Omaha, NE 68102

From project conceptualization to actualization, NGC Construction is a dependable contractor that is able to transform clients’ visions into reality. It does so by collaborating with the best subcontractors to ensure its clients that the most capable set of hands is always working directly on the project. The firm takes a supervised approach that is implemented from the initial construction phases to completion. Its scope of operations isn’t limited to Omaha or the state of Nebraska; it handles projects across the United States providing a diverse range of projects to a broad spectrum of clients. The firm offers the full range of services, everything from preconstruction to the post-construction phases. 


Featured is the West Village Pointe Retail Center, situated in the heart of Omaha. The center houses several reputed establishments for shopping, including NGC built include ACCESSbank, Scooters Coffee, Jersey Mikes, The Urology Center P.C., Tavern 180, ViewPointe Vision, and more. When it comes to restaurants, Kona Grill and Firebirds Wood Fired Grill are also represented. There are also entertainment outlets, including a theater, for guests looking to have a great time. Not surprisingly, it’s a popular destination spot for tourists all over the state and beyond.

KSI Construction

11011 Q Street Building A, Suite #104, Omaha, NE 68137

KSI Construction acknowledges that constructing buildings and accomplishing projects aren’t the only goals of contractors; a successful contractor should be able to develop spaces that uplift the lives and experiences of their users, including promoting healthy environments. This goal is supported by the firm’s construction services, which include close interaction with the firm’s higher-ups for a unique and personalized project. The services provided fall under construction management, general contracting, and preconstruction to suit whichever phase clients need. 

This approach has been honed by the firm and its members with the hope of achieving a perfect work process for its clients. Despite having only 14 years of official service, the firm has over 200 collective years, which stem from its highly qualified professionals, some of whom are AIA-accredited. The firm has a USGBC certification and awards such as the AIA Central States Design Awards. 

Featured is the 1201 Howard Mixed Use Building, a prime example of what the firm is able to dish out in terms of commercial construction. This project was built to accommodate several units that have varied purposes. From the first floor up to the third, the building has several retail stores, which include food establishments to miscellaneous product providers. The fascinating design incorporates metal and bricks for a traditional theme while adding a few modern touches, such as the prominent entryways around the structure.