Nebraska is known for its natural attractions like sand dunes, sprawling plains, and mountainous rock formations. Omaha is 374.5 square kilometers, making it the largest city in the state. In 1945, Omaha’s Dundee neighborhood was hit by a Japanese balloon bomb during World War II. Today, there is a plaque in its place to commemorate the event. The commemorative plate is surrounded by bars and restaurants populated by proud Omahans and history-enthusiasts from all over the country. 

The historic city is famous for its exceptional cuisine. Being a farm and agriculture state, Omaha helped promulgate the farm-to-fork movement. The original Reuben sandwich, now a staple in restaurants nationwide, was birthed in the Omaha hotel called The Blackstone. Restaurants within the city are among the Good Food 100 List, with Dante and Kitchen Table renowned for local and sustainable sourcing. Whether you are looking for fine dining, retro diners, or food hubs, Omaha delivers.

If you are a restaurateur who wants to expand their franchise or start anew, Omaha is the ideal place. This list includes some of the best restaurant contractors in the area, to help you build the restaurant of your dreams.

MLC Construction

14558 Portal Cir., La Vista, NE 66138

Serving the greater Omaha region and the state of Iowa, MLC Construction is a client-focused contractor specializing in various commercial industry sectors. The firm has over two hundred in-house employees whose varying expertise encompasses a wide range of construction elements including augmented and virtual reality to innovative building information technology. 

MLC Construction prioritizes open communication to keep its clients apprised of what is happening at every step. Additionally, strong communication among departments prevents surprises, which enables the company to avoid delays and unnecessary costs.  The firm’s meticulous planning is evidenced by its exceptional reviews. Because of the firm’s collaborative efforts, both clients and employees are heard and understood, giving everyone a chance to learn and grow.

MLC Construction provides proactive visualization, 3D Printing, and off-Site building techniques, providing clients with insight and enabling them to prioritize cost-efficiency. The firm’s dedication has led to numerous awards. In 2020, the firm earned the Sharing the Care award from the Methodist Hospital Foundation and the Higher Education/Research Project of the Year 2019 from the Engineer News-Record (ENR). The multi-awarded firm continues to work on a variety of projects in Omaha. 

Its tenant improvement on GRANE on 31st street is an incredible reimagination of a classic. Its traditional architecture features modern integrations creating a sense of timelessness. At a glance, its facade invites guests to step back in time to the 1920s. In contrast, its interior surprises customers with ultra-modern installations.

Ronco Construction

1717 N. 74th St., Omaha, NE 68114

Ronco Construction is a general contractor that provides clients throughout Omaha and Missouri with design-build services. The firm also offers commercial, industrial, and residential projects with broad assistance in preconstruction, prefabrication, preengineering, and construction management. Its workforce comprises licensed builders, supervisors, engineers, and managers. 

The firm is led by Nebraska’s Wesleyan University alum, Zak Olsen. Having graduated with a bachelor’s in business administration, Zak has garnered nearly two decades of experience in construction. He now serves as Ronco Construction’s president and leads the firm’s daily operations. Today, the firm has amassed millions of square footage in various developments. 

Ronco Construction has also worked alongside reputable clients like the Marriott, Hilton, Baxter, and Ronald McDonald House Charities. The firm is community-focused and prioritizes giving back to the community that helped build its prominence. With its relentless strides in innovation toward preserving and furthering its community, Ronco has become a pillar of Omaha.

Ronco specializes in reinvigorating old-fashioned family-owned businesses to fit into Omaha’s evolving environment. The firm remodeled the Spaghetti Works restaurant in the heart of the Old Market in the city’s entertainment district. Its atmosphere is nostalgic of old-world Omaha and seamlessly integrates into its historical surroundings downtown.

Darland Construction

4115 S. 133rd St., Omaha, NE 68137

Darland Construction has served clients around the city since its founding in 1953. It has been one of the premier builders in Omaha since the mid-70s. The firm provides comprehensive Design-Build services integrated with advanced building practices. The firm’s innovations enrich each project’s value by optimizing results through waste reduction. Reintegrating used materials into different aspects decreases waste and increases efficiency. 

Darland Construction focuses on sustainability and efficiency in each development. Darland Construction partakes in LEED-compliant construction to significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment. The firm’s proactive management in planning a more sustainable approach allows integrations of different specialists, including experts of green building, green material sourcing, and specialized engineering. 

The outsourced experts and subcontractors are seamlessly integrated into Darland Construction’s in-house team. Its open-book policies and effective communication create a hospitable and cohesive environment where employees and associates achieve productive collaborations that produce high-quality, efficient, and secure undertakings.

From 2010 to 2021, the National Safety Council named Darland Construction one of Nebraska’s Safest Companies for eleven consecutive years. Industry giants like Whole Foods Market, Walgreens, and the Great Western Bank have incurred the firm’s practical and reliable methods. 

NGC Group

106 North 18th St., Omaha, NE 68102

With innovative techniques and cost-effective systems with an impressive clientele to match, the NGC Group is one of the most prominent firms serving the Central States of the US. With a sister office in Omaha and headquarters in Lincoln, NGC is also licensed in twenty-four other states across and beyond the central US.

The firm is client-driven and delivers modern-tech-driven solutions with exceptional technology. The company is praised for both its quality delivery and its EMR. Experience Modification Ratings determine a company’s risk factor with a rating of 1.0 as the industry standard. The company scores lower than 1.0, which exhibits a safer work environment and more security for its workers on site. The NGC Group possesses an EMR of .75, deeming it safer than other companies. Its focus on safety and quality can be attributed to its leadership.

The NGC’s proprietary streamlined technological systems afford projects of better quality at more affordable costs. Its efficient and creative practices allow the firm to partner with the top hospitality brands: InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), Marriott, and Hilton. The firm’s extensive hospitality background has increased its prominence in the whole nation with articles about the NGC Group featured in The Global Newswire, Omaha World Herald, and Strictly Business Omaha.

President Justin Hernandez, who graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a bachelor’s degree in construction management while minoring in business administration, management, and operations, spearheads the firm’s team.

Mercury Contractors

5920 S 118th Cir., Omaha, NE 68137

A commercial remodeling contractor from Omaha, Mercury Contractors, has provided its services to clients all over the Eastern region of Nebraska. The firm offers its expertise to both residential and commercial sectors but specializes in renovating commercial spaces.

Jeff Gehring and Ed Bueno III lead Mercury Contractors. Gehring has an extensive background in “flipping” hundreds of houses and dabbling in all industry trades. He is considered a pillar in his community, partaking in community charity services, fundraisers, and volunteering with his cofounder, Bueno, at homeless shelters. 

Bueno began his career in construction at age eight. Although his primary purpose was helping clean job sites, Bueno was surrounded by industry experts who helped him learn and thrive. Before founding the firm with Gehring, Bueno cofounded an installations company in 2000 with his father. In 2005, Gehring and Bueno combined their financial resources and industry know-how to form Mercury Contractors. 

One of the firm’s projects, Sertino’s Cafe, perfectly highlights the firm’s ability to intertwine architectural styles. It is a modern reimagination of a classic cafe. Touches of modern installations like its exposed stone interior and stylish seating elevate the cafe’s vintage environment.

AOI Corp.

8801 South 137th Cir., Omaha, NE 68138

Focusing on sustainable integrations and modular installations, the AOI Corp. has a headquarters in both Lincoln and Omaha. The firm is one of few that is a certified affiliate of HermanMiller and DIRTT, both of which are known for their environmental advocacies. 

The firm’s eco-friendly solutions backed by its powerful partnerships allow its projects to maximize its surrounding environment. AOI Corp.’s Indoor Sky installations grant better solar management. Its developments are integrated with proprietary Multi-series Shader Systems. Its use of Dayliter and Skyliter window treatments serves a dual purpose. Its versatile functions allow alternating light shelves and roller shades to curate daylight carefully throughout structures. 

The 8,700 sq foot tenant improvement on Spirit World comprises demolition and new construction around a highly-populated district. The firm did an excellent job of restructuring an old grocery store into a pseudo-wine cellar. While the structure is modern, its interior woodwork is constituted with repurposed wood from the owner’s family farm in Brock. It is hip and trendy while maintaining a familial history close to the owner’s heart.

McNeil Company

4666 S.132nd St., Omaha, NE 68137

A premier design company in Omaha, the McNeil Company has served its enduring value and sustainable solutions to the Omaha Metropolitan region for the last forty-five years. To this day, Patrick McNeil leads the firm in providing Omahans with industry-leading quality and performance. 

Although the McNeil Company specializes in Design-Build services for residential properties, it provides the same services and redevelopments for commercial establishments. Patrick, the firm’s founder, and CEO, took his first job managing the development of a condemned home. In 1977, he acquired the necessary permits to rehabilitate the house as well as a taste for higher-end homes. Since then, Patrick has delivered expert quality craftsmanship for luxury homes. 

The McNeil Company produces a timeless atmosphere for the Beacon Hills Restaurant. Its old-fashioned framework adorned with ranch-style integrations concocts a distinct combination, blending warmth with luxury. It is an excellent example of the McNeil Company’s upscale design techniques. 


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