Nestled against the vibrant backdrop of the San Francisco Bay, Oakland, California, emerges as a haven for those seeking a unique blend of urban energy and natural beauty. From the eclectic vibes of Temescal to the historic allure of Adams Point, residents relish the city’s tapestry of cultures and a thriving arts scene. 

Beyond the allure of its diverse communities, Oakland beckons homeowners with a promise of architectural possibilities. Whether you envision a modern remodel in Rockridge or a classic transformation in Crocker Highlands, Oakland is a canvas awaiting your personal touch. If you want to build a home or already have a home in Oakland, California and are yearning to remodel, discover the city’s eight best residential general contractors ready to turn your vision into reality.

FMS Projects

4200 Broadway A, Oakland, CA 94611

FMS Projects, Inc., a distinguished remodeling firm, has a legacy grounded in transparent communication, practical pricing, and meticulous attention to detail. With 30 years of expertise, the company has consistently sourced high-quality craftsmanship across the Bay Area, specializing in everything from kitchens and bathrooms to innovative home additions and basement conversions.

Guided by Frank Silver’s genuine passion for construction, the firm’s ethos transcends the workplace, evident in Frank’s projects like restoring vintage Vespas and rebuilding guitars. This hands-on approach infuses life into every undertaking.

The team at FMS Projects, Inc. is characterized by enduring tenures, showcasing a collective wealth of proven expertise. Recognized by the 2021 Piedmont Planning for Seamless Addition Commission Award, the firm’s commitment to excellence extends beyond words to tangible, award-winning results.

For those seeking a remodeling experience anchored in authenticity and craftsmanship, FMS Projects, Inc. is a reliable partner, delivering on its promise of quality and attention to detail.

Feraru & Associates Building

1569 Solano Ave #249, Berkeley, CA 94707

Nestled in remodeling, Feraru & Associates Building beckons with an extraordinary commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and customer service. The company, led by Sorin Marian Feraru, invites clients into a realm where comfort, luxury, and the essence of a quality life take center stage. As the firm delves into remodeling projects for homes and workplaces, it diligently inspects and discusses every project element, fostering an environment where clients can feel truly at ease within their own spaces.

With affiliations with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), the company adheres to high industry standards, ensuring service reliability. Feraru & Associates Building has even earned recognition on the House Detective Show, a testament to its commitment to excellence in remodeling. Since its inception, the firm has seamlessly blended expertise with a client-centric approach, establishing a reputation as a reliable companion in enhancing living spaces.

Conscious Construction

1133 Ohio Ave, Richmond, CA 94804

Dedicated to reshaping the construction landscape, Conscious Construction emerged in 2006 with a clear vision—to infuse an industry often lacking in transparency and responsibility with a commitment to quality and environmental consciousness. The company has since collaborated with like-minded clients, architects, and design professionals, delivering projects of exceptional value while prioritizing social and environmental well-being.

At the core of Conscious Construction’s success are its devoted team of long-time employees and rigorously vetted subcontractors, all sharing a deep commitment to their core values. The company, affiliated with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) East Bay, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lead-Safe Certified Firm, and Build It Green, is actively propelling the green building movement, cementing its identity as a creative and socially responsible builder.

Led by President Jeff Sochet, a Bay Area native and industry veteran with 25 years of experience, Conscious Construction’s proudest accomplishment lies in its exceptional team and high client satisfaction. Its philosophy, championed by Jeff, revolves around believing that anything is possible with the right vision, structure, and people. Notable for its commitment to environmental responsibility and quality construction, Conscious Construction is a beacon of positive change in the construction realm.

Wheeler Design Build

651 Santa Ray Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

At the intersection of modern design and sustainable construction, Wheeler Design Build emerges as a distinguished player in remodels and new constructions. The company believes in the potency of a genuine combined design-build model, showcasing a commitment to residential and small-scale commercial projects. Led by Ezra Wheeler, a seasoned professional with 30 years in the field, the firm has a unique perspective from his journey from a carpenter’s son to an award-winning designer and licensed general contractor.

Wheeler Design Build’s projects are characterized by a robust green building ethic and a modern look, reflecting an unwavering dedication to crafting high-quality structures. Ezra’s comprehensive understanding of the building process, honed through practical experience and formal education, permeates every aspect of the firm’s work. The company’s promise is simple yet profound—complete attention and dedication to every project detail, from its fundamental beginnings to successful completion. Wheeler Design Build ensures each client’s unique interests and needs are acknowledged and meticulously addressed, bringing each project to fruition with unparalleled expertise.

Beyond Green Construction Co

1015 32nd St, Oakland, CA 94608

Alexander Pell founded Beyond Green Construction as a beacon of quality in residential remodeling and additions. With 20 years of hands-on expertise, Pell has cultivated a strong emphasis on craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to maintaining a clean, safe, and organized job site. The firm stands out for its utilization of top-level dustless tooling and barriers, ensuring that the client’s living space remains unaffected throughout the construction process.

Beyond Green Construction distinguishes itself by not offering full design services but instead providing valuable recommendations for exceptional designers and architects in the Bay Area. This approach allows clients the flexibility to explore design services independently, securing approved plans before seeking competitive pricing. 

Led by Alexander Pell’s seasoned background, the firm is built on a foundation of reliability and skill. Pell’s journey from building straw bale homes in Colorado to being named the Best Handyman in the East Bay in 2015 and later serving as a project foreman at FB Design Build in Berkeley has shaped Beyond Green Construction into a trustworthy name in the industry. With Pell’s General B Contractors License secured in 2018, the firm is poised to make its mark as one of the Bay Area’s top choices in residential remodeling.

Oliver Builders

1031 Pardee St, Berkeley, CA 94710

With 35 years of hands-on experience in the East Bay, Oliver Builders, under the guidance of Severin Oliver, stands as a beacon of expertise in residential construction. The firm navigates the intricacies of remodeling custom properties in an earthquake-prone region, offering a unique local perspective. From crafting new homes to extensive second-story additions and designing exquisite kitchens and bathrooms, Oliver Builders excels in fine woodwork, custom staircases, and high-end finishes.

Severin Oliver’s multifaceted background as a builder, project manager, and businessman ensures that the firm, deeply rooted in Berkeley and the greater East Bay community, integrates efficiency and value into its work. Oliver Builders is a certified Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lead firm committed to industry standards. Severin’s passion for construction, honed since childhood, culminates in a commitment to transparency and collaboration, making the entire building experience with Oliver Builders seamless and personalized.

Jack Stabb General Building

6982 Exeter Dr., Oakland, CA 94611

Established in 1980, Jack Stabb General Building has become synonymous with construction excellence in Orinda, Piedmont, Montclair, and the Oakland-Berkeley Hills. Its longevity in the industry underscores extensive experience and enduring client relationships, making Jack Stabb a trusted and reliable figure in Bay Area general contracting. The company’s portfolio spans various projects, from high-end kitchen and bath remodels to seismic alterations, historic home renovations, and commercial improvements. Jack’s involvement in day-to-day construction operations ensures efficiency, client advocacy, and transparent communication, creating an experience where the client’s needs are paramount.

At the heart of Jack Stabb General Building is a team of industry professionals committed to delivering guaranteed artistry promptly and fairly. This commitment, coupled with Jack’s meticulous oversight, establishes a culture of quality that surpasses industry standards. Clients consistently praise the firm’s sterling reputation, recognizing it as a juggernaut in general building construction. Jack Stabb’s dual role as a minority owner and VP Director of Construction for California Sailshades, established in 2008, further underscores his multifaceted expertise in construction.

Building CA

961 Moraga Rd, Lafayette, CA 94549

Building CA is a seasoned construction and renovation firm deeply rooted in Danville, extending its expertise to the broader San Francisco Bay Area. With a decade of hands-on experience, the company has honed the art of transforming houses into personalized havens, consistently surpassing client expectations.

The firm’s mission involves turning client visions into tangible realities and crafting spaces that authentically mirror individual styles. Renowned for exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering customer service, Building CA ensures every client’s dream space becomes a lasting, palpable truth.

Building CA actively engages with the community as a local expert, exemplified by its support for the San Ramon Valley Unified school district and ongoing efforts to enhance its neighborhoods, including Danville, Alamo, Walnut Creek, and Orinda.

During the initial consultation, the company prioritizes understanding client visions, goals, and specific needs, laying the foundation for a tailored plan. The design and planning phase involves meticulous collaboration to create a comprehensive and functional design. With a dedicated project manager overseeing every stage, Building CA’s project management service ensures seamless execution, embodying a commitment to effective communication and successful outcomes.