Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, beckons as a city that seamlessly marries history with modern living. With its cobblestone streets echoing tales of the nation’s birth and vibrant neighborhoods pulsating with cultural energy, Philadelphia offers a unique blend of urban vitality and a tight-knit community feel. Beyond the iconic Liberty Bell and historic landmarks, the city has a dynamic arts scene, delectable cuisine, and an ever-growing list of green spaces.

Philadelphia provides a canvas of architectural possibilities for those envisioning not just living but crafting a home in this historic city. Its diverse neighborhoods offer a range of styles, from classic row houses in Old City to contemporary residences in Fishtown. If you’re ready to turn your dream residence into reality, discover Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s eight best residential architects.

Moto Designshop

228 Vine St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Founded in 2003, Moto Designshop is a multi-awarded contemporary architecture and design practice offering various services, including architectural design, interior design, building design, and zoning and planning. Since its inception, the company has consistently created well-crafted and timeless works. The company’s diverse interests,  culture, and experience have provided a wide platform for delivering unique projects to its clients.

Leading Moto Designshop is its founding partner and creative director, Roman Torres. He oversees the abstraction and ideation process in conceptualizing and forming certain projects. He brings character and artistry to the company’s body of work.

Moto Desigshop is widely recognized for the kind of work and service it provides its clients. Over the years, it has been presented with various awards, including the 2021 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Honor Award for Single Family Residence and the AIA Honor Award for Architecture. Likewise, the company is affiliated with the US Green Building Council (USGBC), the Brick Industry Association, and the AIA.

Stanev Potts Architects

1103 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

A nationally certified woman-owned company, Stanev Potts Architects was founded in 2007  by long-time partners Stephan and Petra, and it has experienced principles in all aspects of its projects. The company has been involved in numerous hospitality, institutional, commercial, multifamily, and high-end single-family residential projects. It also welcomes opportunities to utilize its skills on other types of projects. 

Stanev Potts Architects is led by its main principals, Petra Stanev and Stephan Kuttner, both passionate and dedicated company leaders. Stanev brings leadership and design vision to the company’s ventures and oversees design and management in the office. On the other hand, Stephan brings creative and technical vision to all of the company’s projects. He is also involved in all aspects of each project, from conception to completion.

Stanev Potts Architects’ works have been recognized with multiple awards by industry-related groups. Among these are the 2018 Pennsylvania Architectural Excellence Honor Award and the 2016 Philadelphia Divine Detail Award, both presented by the American Institute of Architects. The company is affiliated with the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Kass & Associates

1921 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130

An architecture and design firm, Kass & Associates, was founded in 1990. It specializes in creating and renovating distinctive and quality homes for its clients in the city’s vibrant downtown and surrounding areas. The company offers a high level of expertise, attention, and care in both contemporary and traditional settings. Its highly skilled professionals work closely with owners, builders, artisans, interior designers, landscape designers, and technicians throughout the process.

An architect and principal of Kass & Associates, Spence Kass has 35 years of design experience in various disciplines, including architecture, urban design, and interior design. He strives to find solutions to meet the client’s goals without compromising the budget and schedule.

An award-winning firm, Kass &  Associates has received numerous recognitions for its invaluable support to the industry. This includes the 2016 Palladio Award from Period Homes and the 2016 Grand Jury from the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia. The firm is affiliated with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Society of Architectural Arts, and The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art.

Terra Studio Architecture

1420 Walnut St, Suite 1400, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Established in 2001, Terra Studio Architecture provides its clients with unique solutions which respond to their needs and aspirations. It provides complete architectural services for residences, restaurants and schools from initial planning through construction completion. The firm’s projects range from complex urban additions to remote mountain houses.

Terra Studio is led by Timothy A. Kerner and Gabriela K. Cesarino, who share the responsibility of managing the company. Timothy attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned degrees in Architecture, City Planning and Design of the Environment. Gabriela attended the University of Sao Paulo and the University of Pennsylvania and has degrees in Architecture, City Planning and Urban History.

Terra Studio’s work is guided by the belief that architecture can integrate humanity and the world, and support a meaningful and enduring existence. The company shares its clients’ goals of creating visually appealing and timeless spaces that bring families and communities together. Terra Studio is affiliated with the American Institute of Architects, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the American Institute of Certified Planners.

k YODER design

206 S 3rd St,  Philadelphia, PA 19106

Since its inception in 2010, k YODER design has evolved into a leading architecture and interiors company for customers looking for classic, modern, and timeless designs. The company is committed to serving its clients by establishing partnerships and emphasizing their goals and needs. The company focuses on details, ensuring that budgets and time are met and construction runs smoothly.

k YODER design is under the leadership of its main principal, Kevin Yoder, who has 30 years of architecture and design experience. Kevin and his team provide high-level construction knowledge, respect for the client’s budget, attentive service, and the ability to cater to individual styles. Kevin earned a Bachelor of Architecture from Drexel University.

Over the years, k YODER design has earned a reputation as one of the trusted names in the building industry. It has been presented with numerous awards for its projects. Some of these are the 2023 Docomomo-US Modernism in America Award and three 2023 American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Pennsylvania East Interior Design Awards. K YODER design is affiliated with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), the Chestnut Hill Conservancy , Docomomo-US, Docomomo Philadelphia, and the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia.

C2 Architecture

270 W Walnut Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19144

A full-service, design-based company headquartered in Philadelphia, C2 Architecture focuses on high-performance, energy-efficient construction. The company strives to create striking, comfortable, sustainable, organized spaces. It has had the opportunity to work on several large-scale reuse projects and has always supported projects interconnected with history, materiality, and social engagement.

C2 Architecture is led by Jom and IIka Cassidy, who are dedicated to creating exceptional spaces. Jim is a registered architect who earned a Master of Architecture from the University of Washington and a Bachelor of Architecture from Lehigh University. IIka received her Master of Architecture from RWTH Aachen, Germany. She grew up and studied in Germany, where energy-saving construction has always been addressed. 

Since its founding, C2  Architecture has consistently provided the excellent craftsmanship and service it has been known for. For this, the firm has received awards from different groups recognizing its contribution to the business. Among these are the 2010 Montgomery Awards, Excellence in Planning and Design, and the 2009 Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia Preservation Achievement Award Winner. Moreover, the firm is affiliated with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Green Building United, and Historic Downtown.


1722 Pine St, Unit F, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Established in 2003, BluPath is an architecture and design company that works closely with clients to design elegant, simple, and environmentally friendly spaces. The company’s services include architectural design, feasibility studies, master planning, interior design, furniture services, lighting design, and construction documentation. 

BluPath is co-managed by Laura Blau and Paul Thompson, who lead a team of professionals who provide clients with the best work and service. Laura has 25 years of experience in construction and architectural design and has won several awards as a sculptor and fine arts painter. Paul has 30 years of experience and expertise as an architect and an expert in sustainable design. He completed his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering at the University of Utah and his Master of Architecture from the University of Virginia.

BluPath has been one of the best service providers in the building industry. Its accomplishments speak for the kind of work it produces for its clients. In 2010, it was awarded the Green Builder Great Home of the Year “Best Life Cycle Extension” and presented with an honorable mention for sustainability. Blupath is affiliated with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Green Building United.

RKM Architects

1230 Marlborough St, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Founded in 2010, RKM Architects is a small architecture practice focusing on single-family residential design, commercial, multifamily design, and mixed-use design. Its types of construction include new construction, renovation, and adaptive reuse. The company believes that craft and attention to detail are essential in bringing humanity to build form and that working collaboratively with its artisans leads to the richness of its design solutions.

Co-founders Richard A. Miller and Kimberly I. Miller manage RKM Architects daily. Richard has a background in the construction and design industry in Philadelphia for 25 years. He earned his architectural degree from Drexel University. On the other hand, Kimberly has 25 years of experience in both the public and private sectors and higher education fields. She attended Pennsylvania University with a degree in architecture.

RKM Architects grew and evolved to what it is now. It was presented with multiple awards for its quality craftsmanship and service. This includes the 2014  Philadelphia Emerging Architecture Award from the American Institute of Architects and the 2013 University City Historical Society Outstanding Preservation Award. The company is affiliated with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the New Kensington Community Development Corporation.