Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, California, is a vibrant community that seamlessly blends innovation with a high quality of life. Known for its tree-lined streets, excellent schools, and welcoming atmosphere, Palo Alto appeals to those seeking a balanced lifestyle. Surrounded by iconic companies and cultural attractions, residents enjoy a unique blend of career opportunities and recreational options. Thanks to its Mediterranean climate and picturesque neighborhoods, Palo Alto offers an ideal setting for building a dream home.

For those considering building a home in Palo Alto, the city boasts a selection of eight exceptional residential architects ready to turn visions into reality.

M.Designs Architects

384 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041

Based in the heart of Palo Alto, M.Designs Architects is an international design firm with a profound commitment to sustainable architecture, planning, and interior design. With over 45 years of collective management experience, the company excels in a variety of projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial. Its comprehensive background in construction and cost estimation sets the firm apart, ensuring a holistic approach to architectural endeavors.

M.Designs Architects has received recognition in the form of the 2019 World Architecture & Design Awards, underscoring its commitment to excellence. Affiliated with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the National Council of Architectural Registration Board (NCARB), The firm operates under the leadership of Founder and Principal Malika Junaid and Co-founder Chip Jessup. Malika Junaid has earned acclaim with the META Remodeling Awards and the Environmental Quality Award. This dynamic leadership and a rich history in transformative projects make M.Designs Architects a beacon of innovation and sustainability in the architectural landscape.

EID Architects

412 Olive Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306

EID Architects’s design philosophy is grounded in creating communities that harmonize seamlessly with nature. The firm is characterized by its commitment to crafting environments that are community-oriented, pedestrian-friendly, and ecologically sustainable. EID Architects’ architectural vision emphasizes optimizing solar orientation, natural ventilation, and seasonal precipitation, reflecting a deep respect for the environment.

Affiliated with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professionals (LEED AP) on its staff, the firm’s key traits lie in thoughtful planning to create livable and sustainable communities while adhering to code-compliant designs that prioritize future inhabitants’ health, safety, and welfare. Led by Principal Stuart Welte, EID Architects brings expertise to every project, ensuring a harmonious blend of innovation and environmental responsibility.

EID Architects’ portfolio reflects its commitment to quality and excellence. One notable project, the Dale Ave single-family home, is a testament to its approach—a showcase of community-centric design and ecological sensitivity.

Feldman Architecture

1648 Pacific Avenue, Suite B, San Francisco, CA 94109

Known for its innovative approach to residential and commercial design, Feldman Architecture is a studio that leaves a distinct mark on the architectural landscape. Founded and led by Jonathan Feldman—a proud member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP)—the firm prioritizes creating structures that seamlessly integrate with the environment. What sets the company apart is its commitment to crafting buildings that captivate visually while contributing to the well-being of occupants and the surrounding community.

Feldman Architecture has received recognition for its excellence, including the BUILD Magazine’s Most Innovative Commercial Design Practice award in 2019 and recognition from the Master Design Awards. The firm’s affiliation with the AIA and AIA San Francisco underlines its commitment to industry standards and professional excellence. Its work has been showcased in renowned publications like Dwell Magazine and Dexigner, showcasing its influence on contemporary design.

Square Three Architecture

900 High St Suite 3, Palo Alto, CA 94301

With work informed by its robust 30-year history, Square Three Architecture excels in delivering successful projects through a meticulously refined process. The firm’s essence lies in the artful equilibrium between craftsmanship and client collaboration. Square Three Architecture finds inspiration and fulfillment in projects that bring joy and seamlessly merge with the daily lives of those who inhabit their designs. 

The company’s approach is marked by a keen attention to detail, ensuring no aspect goes unnoticed across its portfolio of over 500 completed projects. The firm’s principals, Tom Carrubba and Carl Hesse—both Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo graduates—embody the dedication and expertise that have fueled Square Three Architecture’s journey. Square Three Architecture’s most rewarding ventures are those marked by active client engagement, where the collaborative spirit enhances the design process. In Square Three Architecture, every project, regardless of size, scope, or vision, is guided smoothly from conception through the intricacies of design, permitting, and construction.

Ogawa Fisher Architects

715 Colorado Avenue, Suite D, Palo Alto, CA 94303

With a history of over 20 years, Ogawa Fisher Architects stands as a beacon of expertise in executing meticulously detailed projects. The company employs a modern design language, creating spaces characterized by warmth, joy, abundant light, and a timeless aesthetic. The firm’s approach revolves around a thoughtful schematic design process, extending seamlessly through design development and documentation, culminating in hands-on construction observation.

This year Ogawa Fisher Architects received a Platinum NAHB Best in American Living Award for their Engawa House. In 2022, Ogawa Fisher Architects was honored with a Citation Award at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) San Mateo County Design Awards, a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence. Principals Hiromi Ogawa and Lynn Fisher, accomplished professionals with degrees from Cornell University, Rice University, and Stanford University, lead the firm with a focus on precision and innovation.

Since 2000, Ogawa Fisher Architects has received recognition in several publications, including Dwell Sunset Magazine, SPACES, and Punch. One of the projects that showcases the firm’s mastery of design is the Jewel Box House in Palo Alto, which is “small, quiet, and unassuming on the outside, but rich and expansive on the inside.”


908 Industrial Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94303

VRchitects, a comprehensive architectural and interior design firm, is a beacon of innovation in merging style and functionality. Led by Principal Architect Dan Hruby and CEO Maor Greenberg, the company has distinguished itself by delivering original designs rooted in research-driven solutions. What defines VRchitects is its commitment to creating aesthetically pleasing spaces and its ability to address intricate design challenges through a multidisciplinary approach.

Affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the firm is dedicated to industry standards and excellence. The team’s expertise is anchored in Dan Hruby’s educational background, including a BA in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado Boulder and an architecture degree from the California College of the Arts.

VRchitects’ portfolio reflects a consistent pursuit of new design paradigms and their application in real-world scenarios. The company’s approach revolves around providing creative solutions to complex problems, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a blend of artistic flair and functional design.

Kyle Chan Architect

3561 Homestead Road #222, Santa Clara, CA 95051

Kyle Chan Architect, led by the experienced and licensed architect Mr. Kyle Chan, distinguishes itself through a philosophy deeply rooted in understanding clients’ visions, lifestyles, and daily needs. The firm’s commitment to clear communication is evident in its project approach, emphasizing collaboration between the client, architect, and contractor. That collaboration ensures a seamless construction process, minimizing any potential miscommunications.

Affiliated with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and AIA Silicon Valley, the company has a wealth of expertise. With over two decades of architectural experience, Kyle Chan has completed a diverse range of projects, including commercial buildings and residential homes. Notable works like the Town & Country Shopping Center and Panda Express in Palo Alto showcase the firm’s versatility.

The Professorville Residence exemplifies Kyle Chan Architect’s dedication to new construction, covering 2400 square feet. This project underscores the firm’s commitment to translating clients’ visions into tangible, livable spaces and showcases a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality.