Massachusetts, located in the heart of New England, is a fantastic place for residential properties. Its rich history, diverse culture, and strong job market offer a high quality of life. The state is famous for top-notch schools and health care, making it ideal for families. 

Nature enthusiasts can enjoy striking coastlines and lush forests, while city lovers can explore vibrant urban areas like Boston. Massachusetts also offers a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year.

The real estate market is strong, offering a mix of historic homes and modern properties. Whether you’re looking for a charming suburban house or a cozy city apartment, Massachusetts has something for everyone. Here are the city’s eight best residential architects for those looking to build a home in the area.

ART Architects

33 Union St, 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02108

ART Architects crafted architectural wonders since its founding in 1971. With a rich history and a passion for sustainable practices, it has become a respected architectural name. It believes in the power of listening to its clients. Understanding their needs, dreams, and aspirations is at the core of every project. The firm sees architecture as a delightful adventure, embracing various challenges across various building types.

The firm’s talented principals, James V. Righter, John B. Tittmann, and Jacob Albert, bring extensive experience. Their dedication to architectural excellence has earned the firm recognition, including the 2022 Best of Boston Home Award for Traditional Architects. ART Architects’ commitment to craftsmanship and responsive service is evident in its work, from museums and libraries to residences throughout New England and the greater New York metropolitan area. Its work blends tradition and innovation. It appreciates diverse architectural languages and styles, infusing traditional designs with modern creativity. 


500 Harrison Ave, Studio 4F, Boston, MA 02118

Hacin, under the guidance of architect and creative director David Hacin, is a unique design firm that brings together a talented team of designers with a wide range of passions and backgrounds. What sets it apart is the team’s genuine curiosity and diverse interests, extending far beyond design into areas like academia, art, pop culture, and food.

This curiosity and exploration translate into its work, adding a special kind of magic to every project it undertakes. With a focus on architecture, interior design, graphics, and branding, it has garnered numerous awards and media attention, including a mention in Architectural Digest.

Hacin is a certified LGBTBE® and one of Massachusetts’ Top 10 LGBTQ-owned businesses. David Hacin brings immense experience, having received recognition and awards for his contributions to design and public service in Boston.

For 30 years, Hacin has established itself as a community of passionate individuals who bring unique perspectives to create exceptional design solutions.

Maryann Thompson Architects

741 Mt. Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Maryann Thompson Architects is an accomplished architectural firm that offers a diverse range of services to both public and private clients. With a team of 15 professionals from various backgrounds, including architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design, it combines expertise to create sustainable and regionally inspired architectural solutions.

At its core, the firm strives to enhance the unique qualities of each site, emphasizing the seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, clever use of natural light, and the incorporation of warm, natural materials that emphasize a sense of place. Maryann Thompson Architects also values sustainability, with LEED Certified professionals on staff and an interdisciplinary approach integrating landscape and site considerations into its design philosophy.

From large institutional buildings to smaller residential projects, the firm’s portfolio showcases a commitment to excellence in design. Its founder, Maryann Thompson, holds degrees in architecture and landscape architecture, further reinforcing the practice’s holistic approach to architectural solutions.

Epstein Joslin Architects

121 Liberty St, Danvers, MA 01923

Epstein Joslin Architects, a respected design firm since 2002, stands out for its personalized approach. Unlike larger firms, it intentionally keeps its workload manageable, ensuring that clients directly interact with the principals throughout every project. This hands-on engagement guarantees higher energy, creativity, and attention from the firm’s leaders.

Led by founding principal Alan Joslin, the company has made a mark in cultural arts facilities, educational spaces, and residential design. Alan’s passion for creating beloved destinations that reflect the unique character of each institution shines through in the firm’s work.

Epstein Joslin Architects values community engagement and education, with Alan also teaching architectural design at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The firm’s dedication to its craft extends to scenic design, photography, and sketches. 

In 2019, it received the Grand American Residential Design Award in Renovation from the American Institute of Building Design. Epstein Joslin Architects brings extensive experience and a personal touch to every project, making it a trusted name in the field.

Catalano Architects

125 Pearl St, Boston, MA 02110

With a legacy spanning more than three decades, Catalano Architects has been steadfast in its pursuit of architectural excellence. Drawing from a profound understanding of architectural history, it maintains unwaveringly high standards, allowing it to uncover the nuanced elements that breathe life into enduring and remarkable designs.

Designing homes is not merely a profession for Catalano Architects but a privilege and a passion. Fueled by positivity, it centers its efforts on satisfying its clients, advocating for their interests, and transforming their visions into tangible reality.

Catalano Architects is driven by a profound love for elegant, original, and harmonious design that transcends the confines of time. The firm works alongside its clients as inventive thinkers, actively participating in the dreaming process.

Under the guidance of principal Thomas Catalano, a seasoned architect with 30 years of experience, the firm brings dreams to life. Catalano’s deep-rooted affection for New England Architecture, nurtured at the Rhode Island School of Design, informs the firm’s strategic direction and fuels its unwavering commitment to design excellence.

ZeroEnergy Design

156 Milk St, Suite 3, Boston, MA 02109

ZeroEnergy Design (ZED) crafts high-performance homes and buildings. Its expertise spans architecture, mechanical design, and financial analysis, ensuring a comprehensive approach to design.

ZED believes that great design should enhance a place and utilize space efficiently while evoking an emotional response. What sets it apart is the commitment to designing structures that consume 50% less energy than building code requirements, aligning with a goal of energy independence.

Led by Managing Director Stephanie Horowitz, ZED’s focus on net-zero energy and Passive House-certified projects, especially in the residential sector, has earned accolades and recognition. Stephanie’s passion for sustainable design and dedication to optimizing space and energy have led to notable awards and features in prestigious publications.

With a strong affiliation with the American Institute of Architects and a commitment to ecologically sensible design, ZeroEnergy Design embodies a holistic and forward-thinking approach to creating homes and buildings that harmonize with the environment while providing exceptional value and functionality.

Sam Kachmar Architects

357 Huron Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

Sam Kachmar Architects, a well-established architectural firm, has carved a name for itself in Greater Boston. Known for its excellence in transitional design, it seamlessly blends the old with the new, whether renovating historic homes or crafting modern structures.

The firm’s unique combination of architectural passion and construction know-how has enabled it to establish a reputable name in the industry. This distinctive approach results in designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also financially sound. Its values of efficiency, logic, and honest use of materials shine through in every project, creating architecture that stands the test of time.

Based in Cambridge with branches in Huron Village and Sandwich, New Hampshire, the firm engages with the local community while extending its reach far and wide, from Nantucket to Aspen, Colorado.

Under the leadership of principal Sam Kachnar, whose lifelong passion for architecture fuels the firm’s original designs, Sam Kachmar Architects continues to make its mark in residential architecture, focusing on authenticity, functionality, and striking construction.

ACTWO Architects

30 Boston Post Rd, Wayland, MA 01778

ACTWO Architects is a multifaceted architectural firm with four decades of experience. Its focus spans master planning, commercial architecture, residential design, and interior spaces. The essence of ACTWO is a relentless pursuit of creative design combined with expert project execution. 

Having received recognition in the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) New England 2020 award, ACTWO has made a mark in the industry. The firm is affiliated with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Boston Society of Architects (BSA). It has also been featured in publications like MetroWest Daily News and Rhode Island Monthly.

Andrew Charles Cohen, a licensed architect with extensive teaching and practice experience, and Thomas W. White, an architect with a knack for creative design and community involvement, lead the firm. Together, they’ve formed a dynamic partnership that has earned accolades and respect in the field. The firm’s passion for design and excellence makes it notable in the architectural landscape.


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