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Bakersfield, California, is one of the best places in the U.S. to settle down. This vibrant city offers new residents a great job market, a rising economy, and a reasonable yet affordable lifestyle. There’s a strong sense of community and family, and its booming oil and agriculture industries keep the area thriving. Residents and visitors will never run out of things to explore, thanks to miles of bike lanes and paths and more than 60 public parks. The Sierra Nevada Mountains and some of California’s substantial national forests are just a short drive away.

This article lists five of the best remodeling contractors working in Bakersfield, California if you are looking to revamp and upgrade your space. These impressive firms were evaluated against a thorough set of criteria that let us choose the ones with the best skills, experience, expertise, and portfolios.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

5880 District Boulevard, Suite #19, Bakersfield, CA 93313

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is a Bakersfield, California-based remodeling firm that has been in the industry for 40 years. The firm offers full-service remodeling that allows it to handle every project detail meticulously, whether it’s a full-scale kitchen remodel or a simple repair. The firm is backed by a team of expert designers and builders who consistently provide the highest levels of professionalism, quality, craftsmanship, and services. The firm’s unique design/build process allows it to understand each client’s needs and turn them into a unique project delivered on schedule and within budget. Since its inception in 1983, the firm has established an award-winning portfolio of over 500 projects with personalized designs that fit each client’s needs and style.

One of the firm’s notable projects is this open office space. The firm optimized the space to fit two workspaces with an efficient layout and did so without overcrowding the area. The minimalist style creates the perfect environment to focus at work, eliminating all chances for possible distractions. The blue desk space adds a pop of color to the simple space.

Stockdale Kitchen and Bath

4500 Shepard Street, Bakersfield, CA 93313

Since its inception in 2005, Stockdale Kitchen and Bath has delivered exceptional projects that have consistently exceeded expectations. Over the years, the firm has built many solid relationships with the best cabinet suppliers, subcontractors, and clients to deliver the best service at a fair price. Its client-centric, integrated, and hands-on approach to managing projects allows it to provide a smooth, seamless, and enjoyable construction experience for its clients. The firm is backed by a dedicated staff that uses creative design-build techniques, cost-efficient solutions, and up-to-date technology to meet deadlines and budgets without compromising a project’s quality. As a result, the firm has built a long list of satisfied clients willing to testify to its quality and professionalism.

This contemporary kitchen is the perfect example of the firm’s impressive portfolio. It features a mid-sized, open-concept layout that creates an efficient workflow and a lot of storage and workspace. The kitchen cabinet serves as the space’s focal point, standing out thanks to its dark cabinetry. The kitchen includes a contemporary concrete floor and a white open-concept kitchen remodel with a farmhouse sink, beaded inset cabinets, gray cabinets, quartz countertops, a beige backsplash, a matchstick tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and an island.

Coast Design & Build

4300 Stine Road, Suite #102, Bakersfield, CA 93313

Coast Design & Build is a group of Bakersfield professionals specializing in cutting-edge remodeling services. No matter the project’s size, scope, and complexity, the firm is dedicated to understanding the client’s ideas and vision and turning them into spaces that meet their needs and demands. The firm has years of experience and that expert knowledge informs each project as it is delivered on schedule and within budget. Its personalized and hands-on approach to managing projects allows it to put the needs of its customers first. Its comprehensive services and one-stop-shop solution lets the firm meticulously handle everything from start to finish, including all paperwork, permits, and licenses. Over the years, the firm has earned an impressive portfolio of many award-winning projects. 

This classic take on this stunning bathroom creates a sophisticated atmosphere that makes it the perfect place to relax after a long and busy day. The white color scheme creates a bright and airy tone, and the white cabinetry and porcelain fixtures complement the entire design. The tiled backsplash adds visual depth.

Blue River Cabinetry, Kitchen and Bath

120 Union Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93307

Blue River Cabinetry, Kitchen & Bath is a full-service remodeling and cabinet design firm that serves Bakersfield, California, and its neighboring areas. The firm’s integrated and collaborative approach allows it to deliver a personal touch by paying close attention to the details at every step and keeping time and budget constraints in mind. This approach consistently results in impressive projects that give the best value for the investment. And every project is informed by the staff’s years of knowledge, resources, expertise, and superior workmanship. Whether a complete remodel or a simple fix, the firm is dedicated to providing its clients a smooth and seamless construction experience. Its commitment to high-quality craftsmanship, creative design-build techniques, and cost-efficient solutions have resulted in many impressive projects. 

This classic, u-shaped traditional, rustic kitchen features porcelain tiles, a farmhouse sink, recessed-panel cabinetry, and quartz countertops. The firm succeeded in creating a design that is both visually pleasing and functional. The kitchen island is strategically placed in the middle for more storage and workspace. Its use of natural design elements and warm-toned colors create a warm and welcoming feel, perfect for cooking and eating meals.

Hardt Construction Services

2900 E Belle Terrace, Suite #2, Bakersfield, CA 93307

Hardt Construction Services is a full-service design and remodeling company. Since its inception in 1957, the firm has delivered exceptional projects that have exceeded client expectations throughout Bakersfield, California and the surrounding area. Its single-source solution to managing projects ensures that every client experiences a smooth and seamless project delivery. It offers a wide range of high-quality interior and exterior home and business remodeling services to meet each client’s unique needs. Over the years, the firm has built many long-lasting relationships with its stakeholders to ensure high-quality projects, no matter their size or scope. 

This stunning transitional kitchen is a well-blended mix of traditional and contemporary design elements. The white walls complement the light, hardwood floors, which create a bright and airy feel. The kitchen island is placed at the center to create a functional, efficient layout while adding more workspace and storage. The mix of gold and silver appliances adds a nice touch to the space.


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