Memphis is a big city in Tennessee that offers a unique mix of big city living and a slow Southern small town feel. It is a lively and vibrant city full of Deep South culture. It is famous, of course, for its international-level music scene that brings in musicians who want to start their careers. The area also has a lot of job opportunities because it is a hub for shipping and transportation worldwide.

This article lists the top five office contractors in Memphis, Tennessee. This carefully constructed list of impressive firms is the result of our editorial team carefully reviewing a pool of candidates. We looked for strong credentials, impressive track records, and outstanding portfolios.

Grinder, Taber & Grinder, Inc

1919 Lynnfield Road, Memphis, TN 38119

Grinder, Taber & Grinder is an award-winning general contractor with over 54 years of industry experience. The firm specializes in commercial and industrial projects. It has an impressive portfolio that is a testament to its quality and professionalism. It offers a comprehensive set of services such as construction management, estimating, and design/build. Over the years, the firm has built solid, long-lasting relationships with its clients by focusing on making the construction process as easy and as enjoyable as possible, solving problems right away with a family management team, and always keeping its promises. As a result, the firm has gained a lot of repeat customers and a long list of satisfied clients. 

One of the firm’s notable projects is the Memphis Stone & Gravel’s interior. It features a modern, contemporary design with a sleek, sophisticated, and minimalist atmosphere. The clean lines and light color scheme offer a bright and clean feel. The layout was carefully thought out to generate a more seamless workflow and provide lots of workspace and storage.

Montgomery Martin Contractors LLC

8245 Tournament Drive, Suite #300, Memphis, TN 38125

In 1995, when Montgomery Martin Contractors was founded, it was a firm focused on delivering excellence and construction services at a fair price. The firm has since grown into an industry leader with superior quality and professionalism. Its impressive portfolio consistently showcases its ability to deliver exceptional projects. As a result, most of its work comes from client referrals and repeat business. The firm prioritizes its pre-construction phase,  focusing on helping its client get the most out of their investments by determining how much the project will cost based on materials, space, and functional needs.

The Orion Federal Credit Union’s main office in Memphis, Tennessee is one of the firm’s most notable projects. A part of the old Wonder Bread factory building was renovated and redeveloped, which is now the new home of the Orion Federal Credit Union. The office is decorated with things from the factory like metal funnels turned into light fixtures.

Metro Construction

1936 Vanderhorn Drive, Memphis, TN 38134

Metro Construction has been in the industry for over 40 years, founded by Joe Savage in 1981. The firm started as an interior specialties company and then expanded its expertise in general construction by working on various commercial projects all over the Mid-South. The firm has since cemented its reputation as a reliable contractor thanks to the quality of its work and its eye for detail. Its impressive portfolio proves its dedication to going above and beyond what is expected. Over the years, the firm has built strong industry relationships and earned a lot of repeat business.

One of the firm’s notable works is the office of the WREG News Channel 3. The layout provides a more efficient workflow and plenty of workspace. The bright colors and clean lines add a modern, contemporary feel to the space.

RKA Construction, LLC

81 Tillman Street, Memphis, TN 38111

RKA Construction is a Memphis, Tennessee-based real estate company and custom home builder that has been around since 2011. The firm was founded to deliver the best possible services to its clients. It has remained committed to providing the best quality craftsmanship and highest quality customer service. The firm offers single-source responsibility by handling all construction work, from minor repairs to building from scratch. It aims to make the stressful construction process as easy as possible for its clients by focusing on their needs and talking to them often and clearly. Its meticulous management and communication allow the firm to consistently exceed expectations. 

This featured office was planned and built to be an excellent place to work for 10 or more people. Much thought went into making this old storage space a comfortable place to work. From the bullpen desks in the middle of the office to the glass conference windows, the building has a mix of modern necessities and a classic feel. Around the kitchenette, elegant cabinets make it an excellent place for coworkers to talk over a hot cup of coffee.

Chris Woods Construction

8068 U.S. Highway 70, Memphis, TN 38133

Chris Woods Construction has been delivering exceptional projects and building long-term relationships with its customers since its inception in  1985. The firm pays close attention to what its customers want by understanding their vision and turning that vision into a reality. As a result, the firm has a well-deserved reputation for quality, reliability, and flexibility. Its impressive portfolio features various projects consistently delivered on schedule and within budget. It has also established a long list of satisfied clients willing to write positive testimonials about the firm’s quality.

Meritan’s new corporate headquarters are in a 16,000-square-foot building built in the 1940s. It is being renovated in Memphis’ Edge District, which is becoming increasingly popular. Before the repairs, the project had been unfinished for more than ten years. Chris Woods Construction gutted the building and rebuilt the inside into a modern, open-concept office with many training and meeting rooms, employee collaboration areas, a break room, a board room, a child care area, and a multi-functional entry hall that the charity can use to host events.