Fayetteville, located in northwest Arkansas, is best known as the home of the University of Arkansas. Apart from being a hub of higher educational institutions, the city has also become a center for culture, business, and entrepreneurialism in a rapidly growing region. Its wealth of state parks, acres of municipal green space, high-quality public schools, and vibrant cultural scene have attracted families and businesses in recent years, and it has become the second-largest city in the region.

As a commercial hub, the city has seen a remarkable increase in companies wanting to set up their businesses. These companies may encounter problems finding a contractor who can capture the soul of their firm in an efficient workplace. High-tech conference rooms, corner offices, cutting-edge technological systems, and comfortable spaces require a specific finesse. So our editorial team has compiled a list of the best office contractors in Fayetteville, Arkansas. These firms were selected for their reputation in the business, their media features, and their history of completed work. We want to ensure that prospective clients get only the best value and high-quality services for their future projects.

Baldwin & Shell

6514 A Lynch’s Prairie Cove, Springdale, AR 72762

Since its establishment in 1946, Baldwin & Shell has risen to be one of the most prominent general contractors in the region. For more than 76 years, the company has steadily maintained a stellar reputation in the construction industry for its excellence, quality craftsmanship, and cost-effective prices. Its trademark is completing high-quality commercial and industrial projects on time and under budget, regardless of the project’s magnitude. 

Spearheading Baldwin & Shell is President and CEO Bobby Gosser, whose collaborative approach has helped the company climb the construction industry’s ranks. Bobby has won numerous awards during his time in the company, including the Estimator of the Year from the Arkansas Chapter of the American Society of Professional Estimators. His leadership and expertise have allowed the company to receive multiple awards throughout its years in the industry, including numerous AIA Design Awards. 

Baldwin & Shell’s enormous growth has been supported by a considerable number of returning clients. The Crossmark Center for Collaboration depicted below is one of the many reasons for the company’s repeat clients. The 18,562-square-foot building is a product of the company’s innovative and expert efforts in providing its clients with cutting-edge facilities. The project features ample space, nine meeting rooms with high-tech video conferencing, an impulse room, cooperative business planning, and two 8-foot by 16-foot digital walls. This building is located near Walmart and Sam’s Club, making collaboration between the two simple.

CDI Contractors

4285 N Shiloh Drive, Suite 302, Fayetteville, AR 72703

With over three decades in the construction industry, CDI Contractors is the result of an effort to bring quality construction services to Arkansas. Since its inception in 1987, the company has quickly climbed to the forefront of the industry. It has expanded its services from commercial projects to education, healthcare, government, industrial, and other market sectors. The company is licensed in 45 states and has constructed some of the state’s most prominent facilities, including the Bank OZK corporate headquarters. Its capabilities in managing finance and specialized construction services, as well as its integrity, render the company uniquely suited to finish projects of varying scales.  

CDI Contractors has worked with several high-profile clients and established an award-winning portfolio of projects from different sectors. A prime example of this is the Bernhard Fayetteville Office Restoration, completed in 2021. The company delivered a new workspace in Fayetteville to provide its workers with a streamlined space to work comfortably. The 9,332-square-feet geometric office space is overlaid with minimalistic colors to create a calming environment. 

C.R. Crawford Construction

1102 South Happy Hollow Road, Fayetteville, AR 72701

Among its many work principles and fundamentals, C.R. Crawford Construction employs direct and personal supervision and communicative collaboration with its clients as one of its guaranteed strategies for compelling project developments. Despite having just two decades of official work experience, the firm has rapidly developed itself to the point that it is one of the biggest, most dependable contractors in Arkansas. The firm continues to dish out high-quality projects for all, even beyond Arkansas’s borders.

Since its establishment 16 years ago, the firm won a number of awards. One of its notable awards is Arkansas’ Best Places to Work (2016). It has also been certified by associations such as LEED AP, the AIA, and the Chambers of Commerce in various communities. It has also been featured in publications such as Arkansas Money & Politics (2022), Arkansas Business (2021), and The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (2020).  

E2Open Office is one of the firm’s notable examples of premium quality office spaces. The firm built a high-end office that signifies elegance, comfort, and luxury. The ts chairs, tables, and even desks feature a primarily black-and-white color scheme to better accentuate the lavish atmosphere. 

Milestone Construction

2002 South 48th Street, Suite A, Springdale, AR 72762

Milestone Construction is a full-service contractor that takes pride in its exceptional capabilities in handling all projects of any size and complexity — big or small, simple or complex. With a growing team of various specialties, the firm exemplifies diversity in its work shown in its portfolio of assorted projects. It has accomplished over 20 projects over multiple market sectors and categories and continues to work for a wide variety of clients. The firm and its efforts have been recognized and featured by several publications throughout the years, including The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (2021, 2022), The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (2021, 2022), and Correctional News (2020). 

The firm has been around for over 18 years and has handled several projects. A fine example of the firm’s accomplished projects is the elegant Clif Bar Office. Milestone Construction gave the space maximum efficiency and a user-friendly environment. The office has a chromatic style set by its various colors and gives off a vibrant mood for its users. The equipment and furniture are not too close for discomfort but not too far for wasted space. The space is divided into multiple areas, including the main office for its workers, a conference room, and a bar for refreshments. 

Boen | Kemp Construction

3680 N Investment Drive, Suite 9, Fayetteville, AR 72703

Boen | Kemp Construction has officially been in business for only five years, but it doesn’t let that stop it from serving the communities it resides in. As a firm with less than a decade of experience, it has dedicated itself to a long journey of development for its craft and its clients. And as a full-service contractor, it offers comprehensive solutions for each and all of its clients’ construction problems, and its specialized team of personnel executes those problems. 

Acting as the firm’s owners and principal members are Eric Boen and Jeff Kemp. Individually, Eric and Boen bring over a decade of work experience in commercial real estate and retail, which has led to their success in contracting and development. Together, they bring excellent leadership and guidance to the firm, evident in the firm’s positive testimonials. 

Featured below is this simple, yet effective office space, Commercial Realty Office. The full service consisted of a tenant infill for its clients, and the firm was commissioned to tailor the room to the needs of its users. Featuring a modern style, the office has a minimalist design as seen in the color palette, fixtures, furniture, and exteriors.