Columbus, Ohio, is probably best known for how crazy its college football fans are. But if you look past the red and gray streets, everyone can see that this metro area has much more to offer: Columbus has a lot of art, music, theater, museums, and culture. There are a lot of businesses and massive Ohio State University is also a dynamic and active workforce. The lively bars and restaurants, the charming, historic German Village, the numerous parks and gardens, the professional and college sports teams—there is always something to do in Columbus.

If you are thinking of investing in the housing market in this thriving city, this article lists ten of the best multifamily architects working in Columbus, Ohio. We looked at their kills, experience, expertise, and their portfolios before choosing these specific firms.

Moody Nolan

300 Spruce Street, Suite #300, Columbus, OH 43215

Moody Nolan was founded in 1982 to design spaces unique to its clients, the community, and the environment. As the country’s largest African American owned and operated architecture firm, Moody Nolan believes that great design comes from meeting new ideas, different points of view, and a dedication to excellence. The firm is backed by a team of diverse professionals that offer an advantage to its clients by focusing on genuinely understanding how each space affects culture, society, and the economy. The firm takes a collaborative approach to meet each client’s goal and give access to the right people and ideas at the right time. The firm has offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Nashville, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC, as well as their main office in Columbus, Ohio.

The River & Rich is an exciting, new mixed-use development project in East Franklinton. In Phase I, the firm built about 24,000 square feet of shops on the ground floor along Rich Street, a 300-space parking garage, and more than 200 apartments. The two more significant buildings—designed by Moody Nolan—face Rich Street. These mixed-use buildings have a base made of concrete and a top made of wood. Large windows and balconies that look like they belong to factories are built into the residential units to make the public streets more exciting.

MA Design

775 Yard Street, Suite #325, Columbus, OH 43212

MA Design is an architecture and design firm that focuses on creating unique spaces for the future, intending to improve communities and improve people’s lives. For over 42 years, MA has had a progressive design and development vision which can be seen in its diverse portfolio, which includes a list of ground-breaking and award-winning projects in a wide range of industries, including mixed-use, multifamily residential, retail, community, workplace, healthcare, higher education, and senior living. Through a collaborative, all-encompassing, client-centered, and creative process, the firm is dedicated to pushing the limits of architecture to create unique built environments customized to meet their clients’ needs. 

This second Phase of the modern mixed-use development, Pointe at Polaris, adds more high-end apartments, retail and office space, outdoor courtyards and trails, and parking into the structure. The buildings have a mix of modern architectural details and materials, using colors and textures that go well together. The Pointe at Polaris community is about giving its residents and workers things that make their lives easier and bring them closer together.

Schooley Caldwell

300 Marconi Boulevard, Suite #100, Columbus, OH 43215

Schooley Caldwell was founded in 1944 as a full-service company with architects, interior designers, and planners. This award-winning firm has an impressive portfolio that includes civic/government buildings, academic spaces, student housing, multi-unit residential buildings, cultural and recreation centers, offices, and mixed-use developments for both public and private markets. The firm believes that working closely with its clients makes for the best projects. As a result, the firm takes a collaborative and integrated approach that makes ideas more potent. Its forward-thinking abilities allow it to be more flexible in its mission to work with each client to build a better world. 

The well-known Columbus architect Frank Packard designed the Columbus Savings and Trust Building—now the Atlas Building. It was built in 1905. The long-awaited renovation of the historic building was designed by Schooley Caldwell. It has shops on the ground floor and 98 apartments on the second through twelfth floors. From the beginning of the project, one of the main goals was to keep or restore the building’s original features and character. The renovation also included new building systems, updated elevators, and the building up to ADA and building code standards.

archall architects

49 E 3rd Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201

In 1976, Mike Fitzpatrick and John Oney founded archall architects through personal relationships and attention to detail on every project. With grit, a “roll-up-your-sleeves” attitude, and a healthy dose of lively spirit and good fun, the firm has remained committed to its clients by delivering unique projects through smooth and seamless project delivery. As a result, the firm offers its extensive experience of over 40 years and an impressive portfolio of over 2,000 projects. The firm has completed diverse projects, including commercial, mixed/multifamily residential, and hotel architectural designs. The firm has a broad reach and is licensed in various states such as Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Minnesota, Kansas, and Oregon.

Located in Franklinton—just west of Downtown Columbus—this new-build mixed-use project is one of the firm’s most notable projects. This site is visually pleasing and eye-catching, with high-design spaces, amenities, and a modern 240,000-square-foot, 255-unit multifamily apartment complex. It also includes a 60,000 square feet corporate office building and a five-level, 560-car parking garage.


232 North Third Street, Suite 300, Columbus, OH 43215

Christopher Meyers founded Meyers+Associates in 1999 as a full-service architecture and interior design firm that works on diverse projects. The firm is dedicated to delivering designs that help people connect with each other, change the community for the better, and create long-lasting results. The firm is backed by a team of award-winning architects with more than twenty years of experience. The firm takes an integrated approach to architecture, letting the context drive the design through carefully considered collaborative work. Through its long-term relationships with clients, the firm has developed a deep understanding of the client’s visions and goals while still being flexible when those goals change.

As the trend toward living in cities spread to Columbus and the number of people wanting to live downtown grew, the client chose the firm to turn the 199 S. Fifth Multifamily Residences into modern luxury living. The result is a group of condos that people want to live in because they are lively and full of energy. This has led to a welcome revitalization of the neighborhood.

Berardi + Partners, Inc.

1398 Goodale Boulevard, Columbus, OH 43212

Berardi + Partners started out in 1979 as Berardi/Plaisted Architects in a historic part of Columbus, Ohio, called German Village. George Berardi, the firm’s founding partner, wanted to make a company that meets the client’s design needs through sound architecture. With over 43 years of experience, the firm has remained committed to its culture and values which are based on respect for its employees and clients. The firm sees its business as a part of our family and the communities it serves. The firm has experienced steady and consistent growth, including a staff of more than 50 who work on more than 900 projects. 

The Jackson marks the north end of Columbus’s Victorian Village. This seven-level housing development has set a new standard for housing in the Short North. It stands out as much as the Ohio State University Gateway on North High Street. The building was built to be used for more than one thing. There are shops at street level, and all the upper floors are condos. There are two levels of parking below the building’s ground level.


2029 Riverside Drive, Suite #202, Columbus, OH 43221

BBCO DESIGN aims to create spaces that inspire people and solve real problems. It is dedicated to providing exceptional to its clients that feel unique and practical. It works with the vision of big companies and the agility of small ones to ensure a smooth, seamless, and enjoyable project experience. With its dedication to excellence, the firm is always looking for the most efficient and effective way to design and build projects on its own and with clients, consultants, and partners. The firm focuses on careful planning and scheduling tasks, sticking to work plans, and being prepared for and knowing how to deal with problems that often arise on complex projects. 

Jeffrey Park is a big neighborhood near the Short North Arts District and the Italian Village in Columbus. During the different stages of construction, BBCO design took on different roles, such as Façade Design, Design Architect, and Architect of Record. The project had eight three-story facilities with the same floor plan but needed to look further. The firm designed three different façades in two colors, placing them strategically on the site to make enough design differences and create a varied streetscape.

Abbot Studios

471 East Broad Street, Suite #1700 Columbus, OH 43215

Abbot Studios has taken an integrated approach for more than 60 years to give clients solutions that work. The firm has a long list of satisfied clients that have trusted it to manage the process from design to construction to the end of the project. With years of experience, commitment to quality, and putting the client first, the firm has continuously honed its creative and technical skills by taking the time and effort to listen to and understand its clients’ ideas and needs. This helps build long-lasting relationships based on trust, earning Abbot Studios’ reputation as a well-known leader that always comes up with intelligent, creative solutions.

The Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority runs Bollinger Tower, an 11-floor apartment building in the Short North neighborhood of Columbus. Abbot Studios was hired to do design and construction document work to improve the existing site, the outside of the building, and the common area on the first floor. The site improvements included many landscaping changes to the front and back entrance plazas, a new fenced patio enclosure, repairs to the sidewalks and curbs, and a new parking area.

The Columbus Architectural Studio

405 North Front Street, Columbus, OH 43215

The Columbus Architectural Studio is an architectural and design firm founded in 2016. Although the firm has only been in operation for over six years, it is backed by a team of expert architects and designers who have a stake in every project. The firm is dedicated to delivering a smooth, easy, and seamless project. Relationships come before egos thanks to the firm’s hands-on, open way—a long list of satisfied and returning clients has been the result. The firm focuses on improving its community to build more local projects and long-term partnerships.

The Parks Edge Condominium is a transitional building that connects the edge of McFerson Commons in the Arena District to North Bank Park on the riverfront in Columbus. The firm’s design team worked closely with the client to ensure that as much of the stunning view as possible could be sold. It is made of limestone, which fits in with the style of architecture along the riverfront in Columbus.

red architecture + planning LLC

589 W Nationwide Boulevard, Suite B, Columbus, OH 43215

red architecture + planning is an architectural and engineering design firm that offers a full range of services across the United States. Since its inception in 2006, the firm has continued to evolve and expand to include a broad understanding of all aspects of architecture and engineering and to holistically incorporate those principles within a project. This ability is kept up by putting together a team of professional designers who share the firm’s desire to learn from and improve each design while keeping their own unique points of view to better judge the moves made as a project develops. The firm’s attention to detail and the quality of its work have served as a testament to its reputation as an industry leader. 

The firm was hired by Mid-Ohio Development to help with their Bennington Pond Apartments because the water was getting in through the outside walls. The firm was able to come up with a cheap way to fix the water problems that would look good with the rest of the building’s materials and design. The project also included some renovations to the building’s façade. 


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