Charleston is one of South Carolina’s oldest and largest cities, with a thriving population of more than 150,000 residents. Charleston is a city steeped in history and striking neighborhoods that can accommodate families of all sizes. Its growing population stems from its attractive culture and history. As a result, its multifamily market has also increased in the past decade. Multifamily projects in the city are designed to accommodate more residents while maintaining a high quality of life by providing a variety of amenities and facilities. 

The following list includes the best multifamily architects in  Charleston, South Carolina, to help potential customers wishing to relocate to the city discover the right architect to meet their needs. These architects were chosen based on their knowledge, qualifications, experience, industry awards, client testimonials, and media exposure.


205 King St., Charleston, SC 29401

LS3P, founded in 1963, is a South Carolina-based multidisciplinary firm providing architectural, interior design, and planning services to a wide range of clientele around the region. The firm delivers outstanding design solutions that benefit the environment and give outstanding service and connection to its clientele. The firm has received multiple awards from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), and IIDA throughout its years in the industry. 

Marc Marchant, one of the firm’s principals and CEO, is responsible for pushing the firm’s objectives and strategic goals, forming partnerships and fostering a dynamic engagement culture. This approach yields effective, unique, and remarkable initiatives that maximize client loyalty and satisfaction. Marc is also a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and a LEED Accredited Professional. 

LS3P’s portfolio ranges from education and healthcare structures to residential and multifamily buildings. The Hoffler Place is a perfect example of one of the firm’s spectacular multifamily designs in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina. This seven-story apartment building is a completely equipped and modern complex that caters to every resident with its twenty-four-hour exceptional fitness facility, courtyard pool on the second story, and study spaces on every floor. The design integrates an urban structure with its ageless architectural environment, maintaining a significant corner in a dynamically redeveloping neighborhood.

Goff D’ Antonio Associates

34 Radcliffe St., Charleston, SC 29403

Goff D’Antonio Associates (GDA) is an architectural, interior design, and planning firm driven by a commitment to foster meaningful and trusting relationships with its clients. It focuses on listening to its clientele to develop and turn its project vision into reality. At GDA, cooperation and trust are crucial components in delivering novel and creative design solutions.  

At the forefront of the firm are its founding principals, Garey Goff and Hank D’Antonio, who have helped build the firm’s strong reputation for three decades. Garey and Hank are both members of the American Institute of Architects, with Garey having an additional certification as a LEED AP. Under their supervision, the firm has focused on emphasizing intricate design processes and sustainability, which has garnered it several awards, including the 2017 Merit Award for Excellence in School Building and Design. 

A prime example of the firm’s refined approach to projects is Element 29, a 190-unit multifamily apartment in Charleston. The project comprises two large buildings over podium parking and a central connection that connects the different available facilities, including the fitness center, a business center, a soothing pool, an energizing sauna, and a clubhouse with a fully-equipped professional kitchen. The firm also included expansive walk-in closets, contemporary kitchens with quartz countertops, large bathrooms, and private patios or balconies in select units.

Glick/Boehm & Associates, Inc.

493 King St., Suite 100, Charleston, SC 29403

With a long work history of over forty years, Glick/Boehm & Associates, Inc. has had numerous opportunities and ample time to mark its place in the architectural industry as one of the leading brands in the area. With its exceptional designs, client-centered services, and strong commitment, it has developed the ability to transform and elevate its users’ lifestyles and spirits. The firm now works across multiple market sectors, but it initially started as a residential architect, which means its roots and expertise still lie in the mentioned sector, including multifamily residences. 

This firm proves incredibly successful because it has three principal architects to manage it. With Myles Glick, AIA, LEED AP, Gary Boehm, AIA, LEED AP, and Shawn Mellin, AIA, LEED AP, the firm has a cumulative experience that exceeds one hundred years of service over different architectural feats and designs. With their leadership and guidance, the firm has also garnered certifications aside from their individual accreditations, such as ABC, USGBC, and NCARB. 

Featured is Atrium Villas, a Seabrook Island Condominium. The firm was tasked to redesign the exterior theme of the complex, which enabled the firm to utilize various materials, styles, and elements to match the functional needs of the project. The new design contains a tropical atmosphere, which is complemented by its setting, natural landscape, and surrounding vegetation. Overall, the firm provided a timeless complex that provides a scenic outlook on the beach.

Bello Garris Architects

76B Spring St., Charleston, SC 29403

With only six years in business, Bello Garris Architects has proven itself as an architectural firm that can manage projects of all sizes and complexities. This is because of the collective experience of its specialized team, such as its founders and principal architects, Eddie Bello, AIA, LEED AP, and Eric Garris, AIA. 

Eddie and Eric have outstanding work histories and credentials. While Eddie served as principal director and architect for previous firms, Eric worked as a skilled designer. Together, the two manage the firm in achieving greatness and  delivering exceptional results.

The firm has earned several awards over the past decade. One example of its award-winning projects is Sanctuary Court, an eight-building complex in Charleston’s Historic District. The residence results from the firm’s approach to mixed-use development, which incorporates its expertise in multiple market sectors into one project. It has fourteen units, each with its corresponding amenities, such as a two-bedroom/two-bath plan and a three-bedroom/three-bath plan. The resulting project won the AIA Charleston Honor Award (2019).

Beau Clowney Architects

1 King St. Suite 102, Charleston, SC 29401

Among its many effective work principles, a notable one is centered around client-based services and commitment. Beau Clowney Architects understands that to deliver excellent projects that are perfectly suited for each user, it has to attentively and closely collaborate with its clients. The firm has always adhered to this notion and has maintained it throughout its projects, both locally and internationally. 

Throughout its twenty-seven years in business, the firm has been featured in various magazines, such as Luxe (several issues over different years), Charleston Magazine, Keen Eye Marketing, and Southern Living. It has also earned awards that exemplify its architecture around individuality and personalization, such as Gold List Honoree in Architecture (2020/2021) and Best in Show (2018). 

Fort Sumter House Apartments is a multifamily residence that the firm completed. It has a primarily Spanish Colonial house style, with a light color scheme to accentuate its casual and warm atmosphere. It has six stories above the ground floor and sixty-seven total units in its condominium-type residence. The units all have corresponding facilities, which their tenants and guests share.

Neil Stevenson Architects

680 King St., Suite B, Charleston, SC 29403

Neil Stevenson Architects has been in service of Charleston, South Carolina, for over three decades now, dealing with the area’s contemporary needs on top of its historical renovation projects. During this time, the firm has had a steady pace of both development and dedication to its clients. Its architectural services vary across multiple market sectors, from residences to offices, resulting from its extended period of experience and service. 

It has garnered multiple awards throughout its history, including the City of Charleston Award (2012) for Design Excellence and Best In American Living Award (2008). It has also been accredited by associations, such as the Chamber of Commerce. 

Midtown of Charleston is a prime example of the firm’s work in modernized historical projects. As the residential project is situated within the city’s Historic District, the project was designed to retain its traditional qualities, with some mixes of modern standards. This contrasting design sets the project as a timeless modern urban residence within a historical community.