This list contains 15 of the best kitchen remodelers in Long Beach. These firms were chosen based on skill, expertise, background, and some of their most notable projects. All of these remodelers showcase excellent craftsmanship in the area’s most popular designs, and some have their own showrooms for clients to get a better idea of their products and style.

Some of these firms also boast of being able to take on high-value kitchen projects, which you will be able to see as you go further down the list.



15) Palatin Remodeling, Inc.

28720 Roadside Dr. Suite #152, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Palatin Remodeling offers a complete range of renovation services and specializes in kitchens, bathrooms, and home additions. It also provides gate repair, painting, and fence construction work. With over 20 years of experience, all of its kitchens are made of exclusive materials and are remodeled under the supervision of its principal and namesake Gil Palatin, a builder active since the 1980s. Prior to his establishment of the firm, he worked independently on several home improvement projects before finally getting a complete sense of the projects he wanted to focus on, which led to his establishment of the company.

The firm’s portfolio provides insight into an extensive gallery of modern and traditional designs. The featured work showcases an example of its more transitional work. Here, they retained the traditional elements of the room through the choice of wood as a recurring theme but added a more modern touch with generous use of lines and black and white countertops.

14) Built To Perfection, Inc.

22222 Sherman Way Suite #202, Canoga Park, CA 91303

Built to Perfection extends its services throughout Long Beach and works on amazing kitchen remodels. It is best known for its unique transitional and craftsman inspired designs and boasts its very own showroom, where clients may take a look around at some of the firm’s previous projects and the materials it works with. It offers free consultations as well as 3D designs for its kitchen work. In addition to its kitchen remodeling, it also works on garage conversions, bathroom remodeling, roofing, flooring, masonry, additions and ADUs (granny flats).

Manned by a team of skilled and seasoned professionals, it offers nearly two decades of design and construction experience. The firm’s work is also distinguished by its unique fixtures, custom finishes, and excellent woodwork.

13) A-List Builders, Inc.

13935 Chandler Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91401

A-List Builders offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor remodeling services and restoration work. It employs a design-build approach and also takes on energy efficiency upgrading projects. Servicing the entirety of Long Beach, the firm’s projects cost $12k on average. Now on its second generation of builders, the firm is a family-owned business with a hands-on principal who assures each project the firm takes on receives the benefit of his experience. Each product that it goes into each of its projects is also backed with a warranty and that its team is comprised of only skilled and licensed technicians capable of any remodel, large or small.

In terms of designs, the firm’s work is often distinguished by its minute yet inviting and elegant countertops and kitchen islands, as showcased below. Here, the firm opted for an earthy palette of white and brown, thus giving the kitchen a more homey, warm feel.

12) Horizon Construction & Remodeling, Inc.

614 S Euclid St., Fullerton, CA 92832

Horizon Construction offers a full range of construction and remodeling services and has been in the industry for the past ten years. It specializes in a wide array of designs which include modern, colonial, and European inspired themes. Led by Mark Besnos, the firm is manned by a team of highly skilled construction professionals and is affiliated with the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association (NKBA) and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). It takes pride in its stellar reviews and has been recognized for its excellent customer service. Its service range includes Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Bernardino.

The featured project is an example of its modern take on an otherwise traditional theme. Here, it incorporated several contemporary elements into a French-inspired space. You can see this in the unique overhead rack.

11) 7 Point Construction

201 Covina Ave. Suite #4, Long Beach, CA 90803

7 Point Construction provides complete home remodeling and restoration services and is best known for its interior work. With over 14 years of experience, it handles projects of all sizes from minor home improvements to full-scale commercial build-outs. The firm extends its services throughout Southern California. When it comes to kitchen projects, its team handles every part of the process and aids its clients through every step of the way. And homeowners don’t need to worry about looking for subcontractors or hiring extra specialists; the firm handles tile and cabinetry installations as well.

The firm’s portfolio displays a gallery of chic, contemporary kitchens often distinguished for having breakfast nooks and beautiful quartz countertops. Its designs often use excessive palettes of whites with only hints of gold or brown, as you can see in the picture below.

10) Masterworks Construction Services, Inc.

1376-B Coronado Ave., Long Beach, CA 90804

Founded in 1992,  Masterworks Construction is led by Bill Leisy, a Certified Graduate Remodeler, Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist, and a Certified Green Professional who brings over 30 years of design and construction experience to the table. He maintains a hands-on approach and makes sure to be the first point of contact for each project the firm takes on. Together with his team, Leisy provides comprehensive general contracting services which include architectural design, construction, and landscape design. Since its inception, the firm has worked on over 200 remodels and has been honored with a Guildmaster Award for its excellent service. Its work has also been on the pages of publications like GC Magazine.

Its kitchen gallery showcases a wide array of designs and themes. From contemporary barn inspired spaces to exquisite colonial kitchens, its design team exhibits its expertise through its cabinetry, doors, and custom finishes.

9) Supreme Remodeling, Inc.

14545 Victory Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91411

For over 30 years, Supreme Remodeling has been constructing and renovating homes in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Its kitchen remodeling process entails a thorough process which includes 3D sketches and renderings, electrical work, and any installations a project may need from cabinets to countertops and other fixtures. The firm also offers custom cabinetry, sanding, painting, custom countertops, and floor installation services. In terms of designs, it constructs and remodels in a variety of themes. It has worked on numerous modern, traditional, and farmhouse inspired spaces and assures its clients it has the ability to capture any specific visions they may have for their new space. That ability to turn creative vision to practical reality has landed the firm’s work on the pages of Voyage LA.

The following feature is an example of the firm’s contemporary take on the classic farmhouse style. Here, it used a barndoor to give it a more authentic feel and opted to use one of its signature brick backsplashes.

8) Baum Construction & Development, Inc.

6901 E 10th St., Long Beach, CA 90815

Established in 1977, Baum Construction is an award-winning firm best known for its entire house renovations and custom home building services. Its kitchen remodels typically cost around $116k on average, with its actual price range going from $100k to $250k. Aside from its high-quality remodeling services, it offers its clients three exclusive benefits. These benefits include a guaranteed contracted budget, an entire house clean up upon project completion, and $200 for each day it goes beyond an agreed upon completion date. It also provides each client with complimentary interior design services, which entails an hour-long session with one of the company’s top designers. The firm is led by its namesake Michael Baum who also wrote a best-selling book on contractor selection. Under his leadership, the firm has been featured on CBS, Fox News, and Long Beach Magazine.

As for design, the firm often favors modern kitchens. You can best understand the firm’s approach by looking at what they do to space: the expand and install any cabinetry needed to make the kitchen more functional. The firm also often opts for open floor designs to give a kitchen a more spacious feel, and for better incorporation of entertainment spaces such as breakfast nooks and kitchen islands.

7) Harding Design & Construction

4040 E Vermont, Long Beach, CA 90814

As its name implies, Harding Design & Construction uses a design-build approach and offers whole house remodeling, interior remodeling, and historic restoration services. It also works on several specialty trades such as cabinetry, finish carpentry, and flooring, making it a one-stop shop for clients looking for a firm that will be able to handle every aspect of their new kitchen without requiring subcontractors. It also holds several green building certifications—it’s well-equipped for higher efficiency construction. The firm has had its work featured on several publications such as the Grunion Gazette and the Long Beach Business Journal. It was also twice featured on the LA Times’  blog.

The firm’s portfolio provides insight into a gallery of colonial, craftsman, and contemporary kitchens. Its work is often distinguished by its trimmings, finishes, and exquisite woodwork as you can see below. For this kitchen, the firm incorporated the modern elements of the kitchen into the cabinetry to give it a transitional look. It also showcased the carpentry and style through the elaborate finishes you see below.

6) Hi-Tech Builders, Inc.

5435 Balboa Blvd. Suite #200, Encino, CA 91316

Hi-Tech Builders is a premier construction company headquartered in Los Angeles that offers remodels with an average price of $17k, with 1% earning of project earnings being donated to the Larger than Life charity foundation. It has been in the industry for the greater part of two decades and offers a full range of interior and entire house remodeling services. Its work has been featured on Qualified Remodeler and was even recognized as among the nation’s Top 500 firms. The firm is led by David Lahyani, a former demolition specialist who worked his way up the company ladder before finally assuming leadership of the firm. He makes sure to come into contact with nearly all of the firm’s clients to personally ensure they are satisfied with the firm’s work.

Known for its cutting edge designs, the firm’s portfolio is a gallery of modern and transitional design. The firm often uses unique backsplashes, as seen in the project we’ve selected. For this kitchen, the firm opted for a warm color palette in its choice of wood, lights, and countertops.

5) Mr. Cabinet Care

4375 E La Palma Ave., Anaheim, CA 92807

An award-winning family-owned business, Mr. Cabinet Care was established in 1987 by the Jaridly family. Their patriarch, Moe, and his sons have been committing themselves to quality service, with a  staff composed of the best design consultants, in-house engineers, and five-star certified installers in the industry. For 10 years, the firm has been named the Best Kitchen Remodeling Company and has been recognized by Remodeling Magazine as one of the 50 best remodeling firms in the nation. The firm is a proud recipient of the Big 50 Award. Considering the finest details, Mr. Cabinet Care provides its clients with a wide array of options when it comes to wood types, door styles, countertops, and, naturally, kitchen ideas. From its warm, transitional-style doors to their sleek, granite countertops, the firm offers kitchen and bathroom remodeling, tile and lighting work, and countertop installation.

The featured work displays its more colonial and traditional work. In this kitchen, the team made used a unique tile backsplash with an ornate pattern above the stove. The firm also opted for a pebble hills door cabinets in addition to matching granite countertops.

4) Kitchen Cabinets Express, Inc.

6282 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, CA 90621

For the past 20 years, Kitchen Cabinets has successfully worked on over 10,000 projects. The firm specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodels. The firm is affiliated with NKBA and the American Society of Interior Designers and is a comprised of a team of skilled and experienced professionals. It takes pride in having its very own 4,000 square foot showroom where clients may see its products and designs firsthand. The firm’s work has graced the pages of Qualified Remodeler, wherein it was named among its annual list of the country’s leading 500 firms and on HGTV.  The firm is also a distributor of leading cabinet brands such as StarMark, Merillat, and MidContinent Cabinetry.

The firm’s kitchens often feature unique fixtures, which can be seen in its lighting choices and backsplash designs. It favors open space designs and is known to make kitchens more functional through the addition of extra storage and entertainment spaces like kitchen islands.

3) Morey Remodeling Group

| 2501 E 28th St. Suite #120, Signal Hill, CA 90755

Morey Remodeling Group is an award-winning firm that has been in the industry for over 37 years. It uses a design-build approach and displays expertise for a wide variety of designs. Throughout its years in service, it has worked on several chic and elegant European inspired kitchens, in addition to numerous modern, transitional, and eclectic themed spaces. It is the proud recipient of a Home for Life Award from the National Association of Home Builders and a Master Design Award from Qualified Remodeler. The firm was also hailed by Remodeling Magazine as one of its annual top 50 builders and remodelers.

The firm offers a vast range of designs but is known for its close attention to detail, custom finishes, trimmings, and cabinetry. Some of its previous projects also display excellent skill in backsplashes and crafting custom kitchen islands.

2) Zieba Builders, Inc.

400 E 3rd St., Long Beach, CA 90802

Established in 1988, Zieba Builders is a design-build general contractor that extends its services throughout Southern California. It works on entire house remodels and is known for its master suite additions, bathroom remodels, and kitchen remodels. It is led by its founder and namesake Joe Zieba, a civil engineer who first worked in the government prior to his founding of the firm. He has a background in both construction and architecture and still maintains a hands-on approach by working with the firm’s carpentry team. Under his leadership, the company has been honored with several GuildMaster and NKBA awards, along with a Chrysalis Award for its interiors. It was also recognized with an Industry Icon Award from the Building Industry Association of Southern California’s Remodelers Council. In addition to all of these, it was also once featured on Professional Remodeler, which named the firm as among the “Best of the Best.”

The firm’s excellent style and craftsmanship are embodied in the following project. For this kitchen, it made use of a black and white palette with hints of gold, to give it a more sophisticated and regal touch. The firm made use of a contemporary farmhouse theme and managed to maintain the more traditional and distinct elements of the style through the use of bricks and flooring.

1) Treeium, Inc.

5352 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Suite #200, Valley Village, CA 91607

Treeium is a green building remodeling company decorated with numerous industry awards. It has been recognized by Qualified Remodeler in their Top 500 list for six consecutive years and has been featured in the Remodeling 550, which serves as a snapshot of the entire remodeling industry. Treeium has had the privilege of ranking second and fourth in the years 2016 and 2017, respectively. The company was also featured by Forbes magazine for its innovative vision. Led by Moty Ginsburg, Treeium has been hailed as one of the country’s fastest-growing companies by INC 500. Its services include additions, extensions, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, roofing, and flooring. Projects with the firm typically cost $2k all the way up to $4 million.

The firm’s designs often center on the team’s exquisite kitchen islands, granite countertops, and the incorporation of several modern elements. The following project showcases the firm’s contemporary work. For this kitchen, its team emphasized straight lines and a neutral color palette. It also displayed its fine woodwork in the marvelous flooring.

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