Kansas City is a fast-growing metropolitan area spanning two states, which gives it a unique local culture and vibe. The Kansas area of Kansas City holds most of the area’s suburbs, while the Missouri side contains the majority of the city’s energetic and active neighborhoods, including the Downtown district and the historic Westport area. As a whole, Kansas City is known for being one of the most affordable places to live in America. Therefore, families, individuals, and young professionals flock here to take advantage of the low cost of living while pursuing careers in the local industries, which include manufacturing, animal health, technology, and finance. The city is also home to several prominent academic institutions, including the University of Missouri-Kansas, Rockhurst University, and the Metropolitan Community College. 

For those who are interested in the opportunities that Kansas City offers, we have created a list of the area’s best home remodelers. Whether you are looking to move into the city or update your current home there, the firms on this list can help you. They are known for their tailored approaches to projects that prioritize quality and client satisfaction, as well as their dedication to incorporating clients’ ideas and feedback throughout the entirety of the remodeling process.

Schloegel Design Remodel

311 West 80th St. Kansas City, MO 64114

Schloegel Design Remodel is a locally owned and operated remodeling firm that has been in service since 1980. The firm’s approach puts client satisfaction at the center of operations, ensuring that clients are heard and involved. To achieve this, the firm employs professionals from a variety of backgrounds and industries who all use their expertise to elevate both the project quality and experience. Publications like Design KC Magazine, Kansas City Homes & Style, and SPACES Magazine have featured Schloegel Design Remodel due to its dedication to its clients, strong ethics, and high work quality.

One of Schloegel Design Remodel’s Kansas City projects is this Central Street Kitchen. It features a transitional kitchen with farmhouse elements, including white inset cabinets and Cambria Dunmore quartz countertops. The gray island with a Cambria Waverton quartz counter provides an interesting contrast and focal point. The firm also installed an open cabinet for the homeowner to store cookbooks, as well as glass front cabinets that display dishes and glasses.

Owen Homes

201c NE 91st St. Kansas City, MO 64155

Owen Homes is a design-build firm specializing in custom home construction and renovation. Its projects use collaborative designs that are born from working closely with clients to understand their needs and lifestyles. The team’s construction professionals, project managers, and interior designers demonstrate their dedication, craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail through the creation of these customized homes. Owen Homes approaches each project with responsible management, thoughtful planning, creative design, and sustainable design, all of which have led it to be featured in publications such as Northland Lifestyle Magazine, City Lifestyle, and The Kansas City Star.

This Jayde Transitional Kitchen project is part of Owen Homes’ remodeling portfolio. The firm created a large space for homeowners to enjoy by merging the home’s  small kitchen, dining room, and living room. To provide structural support for the changes, Owen Homes added large support beams across the rooms, removed load-bearing walls, and expanded the back exterior wall by two feet. The kitchen’s new design includes stained maple hardwood floors, a large island with seating, roll-out shelves, LED lighting, and a farmhouse sink. Owen Homes worked in close collaboration with both the client and with Built Kansas City, LLC to create the design and select the finishes.

City Wide Remodelers

9736 Wornall Rd. Kansas City, MO 64114

City Wide Remodelers has been serving the Kansas City area since it was founded in 1955 by Joseph Brocato, making it the oldest firm on the list. Brocato’s son Michael led the firm from 1992-2017, when he passed leadership onto his nephew, Carl Mannino. Manino now leads the firm using the experience he accumulated over 25 years of service, as well as the principles he learned from earning his bachelor’s degree in construction management.

Working with the motto “Where quality is a trademark” at the heart of its work, City Wide Remodelers uses a refined approach to ensure successful projects. This five-step approach starts by setting up a meeting with clients in which they can lay down their thoughts and ideas and the firm can provide helpful insight to create a project proposal. Once the proposal is submitted, clients can review the details and make material selections before moving forward to the design process. City Wide Remodelers uses software and 3D designing to create designs, making it easier for clients to offer feedback and visualize their homes. The firm then writes up a completed contract, estimates the project timeline, and begins the construction phase.

Hurst Construction, Inc.

750 Cheyenne Ave. Kansas City, KS 66105

Hurst Construction, Inc. provides services for a variety of custom home-type projects, including new builds, renovations, full house remodels, and additions. It uses a craft-based approach to construction, which prioritizes quality, dedication, and durability. Hurst Construction’s team of designers, craftsmen, and business professionals all work together to create thoughtful and finely crafted homes, each of which is designed to enhance the lives of the homeowners, as well as the community. Many of the firm’s projects have been featured in publications, including Kansas City Homes & Styles, KC Spaces Magazine, and Kansas City Homes and Gardens.

This Zecy Residence is one of Hurst Construction’s renovation projects that it completed in collaboration with RDM Architecture. The firm completely renovated the kitchen and constructed a butler’s pantry, a family room, and a screen porch, all while maintaining the home’s original style. On top of respecting the client’s request for symmetry, Hurst Construction also worked on bringing more light into the space, fostering a sense of openness, and creating a connection between interior and exterior spaces.

Meridian Construction Corp.

3718 Washington St. Apt. 4, Kansas City, MO 64111

Meridian Construction Corp. has been providing clients in the Kansas City area with quality service since 2011. Its team is made up of professionals who are dedicated to creating homes with artisanal care and attention to detail, and who have extensive experience in completing additions, remodels, and ground-up construction projects. Each home the firm has worked on features thoughtful designs, long-lasting craftsmanship, and extensive architectural and engineering planning.

As a firm that understands how important it is to feel comfortable in a home, Meridian Construction Corp. collaborates with clients to lay down goals, expectations, and ideas. The firm consistently establishes open communication and client involvement regardless of project type, ensuring that homes and experiences are tailored to their owners. A recent client review commended Meridian Construction Corp.’s work and approachability, stating that the firm was genuinely attentive to their needs, as well as the project’s functionality. The client was also particularly impressed with how Meridian Construction Corp. often took the time to explain alternatives, materials, and solutions to them.

Studio 605

8604 Sagamore Rd. Leawood, KS 66206

Studio 605 is a Leawood-based design firm that focuses on producing sustainable and quality residential architecture. Each of its projects aims to blend professional expertise with client creativity, resulting in affordable, stylish, and efficient spaces. The team uses an approach that balances guiding and following the client, ensuring that its expertise does not diminish the client’s personality in the design. Studio 605 offers design, construction management, real estate, and interior design services.

John Schutt, who serves as Studio 605’s guiding principal, grew up in California and was exposed to architecture and construction by his father. The two of them built models, furniture, toy planes, battleships, and small-scale houses together, all of which serves as the foundation for Schutt’s passion for architecture. He later moved to Arizona, where he earned his Master’s in Architecture, before moving to Texas. The move between states exposed Schutt to different types of architecture, helping him ultimately establish Studio 605.

Trends Kitchen & Bathroom Specialists

22 Wallingford Dr. Platte City, MO 64079

Trends Kitchen & Bathroom Specialists (Trends KBS) is a design contractor that focuses on whole house remodeling and kitchen and bathroom design. It works to create the dream spaces of its clients, collaborating with them to understand their unique needs and lifestyles. Founders Damon Fowler, Jonathan Bullard, and Randy Reschke lead both the firm’s team and the clients in figuring out how the ideal space will look for each project. They use their 80 years of combined experience to achieve success on a wide variety of project types.

As a firm dedicated to quality design and construction, Trends KBS offers professional contracting services that also include consultations, conducting reviews, and addition construction. The firm provides clients with three of Kansas City’s best detail-oriented mastercraftsmen to work with, ensuring that quality is maintained across projects. Client testimonials have commended the firm for its ability to exceed expectations, particularly with its professionalism, politeness, and value for the price. According to them, the firm always leaves them satisfied with both the team and the results. Several clients have also said that they will refer the firm to friends and family, as well as return for future projects.