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People often say that Honolulu, Hawaii, is one of the best places in the country. It has that laid-back island feel, a fascinating mix of cultures and races, and a business district just a short walk from the ocean that is lined with palm trees. The tall buildings in downtown Honolulu and the white sands of Waikiki Beach are all part of the Honolulu urban area. The beach, surfing, and sand are significant parts of residents’ daily lives. 

This article lists eight of the best home remodelers working in Honolulu, Hawaii. The impressive companies were selected for their skills, experience, knowledge, and ability to go above and beyond. 

Atlas Construction

2222 Kamehameha Highway, Honolulu, HI 96819

Atlas Construction is a full-service design-build firm that has helped countless clients across Hawaii. Since its inception in 1990, the firm has put together an impressive portfolio of custom homes, remodels, and additions. No matter the project’s size, scope, or complexity, the firm takes an integrated, personalized approach to understanding the client’s vision and turning that vision into a reality. This team of expert designers and builders offers years of experience, expertise, and skills to deliver high-quality projects on schedule and within budget. Over the years, the firm has gained massive recognition for its quality and professionalism, earning many awards as well as features in Hawaii Renovation and HONOLULU Magazine and on KITV.

One of the firm’s notable projects is this stunning master bedroom remodel. It features a transitional design with its light walls and warm, hardwood floors, creating a welcoming atmosphere—it’s perfect for relaxing after a long day. The windows bring a lot of light and breeze into the space.

HK Construction

2046 S King Street, Honolulu, HI 96826

HK Construction is a general construction firm that offers a one-stop-shop solution to its clients. Since its inception in 2005, the firm has provided exceptional projects and extensive services for its clients across Honolulu and the surrounding area. From the initial project conceptualization until the final project handover, the firm takes a personalized, hands-on approach to every detail. Its impressive portfolio and solid track record testify to its ability to deliver exceptional projects on schedule and within budget. The firm’s experts are dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction, ensuring every project offers the best value possible.

This bathroom remodel features a transitional design with a unique mix of classic and contemporary elements. The muted beige tones in the walls and flooring create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, and the large windows bring in a lot of natural light. The bathtub serves as the space’s focal point, adding visual interest to its stone accents. 

Graham Builders

1144 Young Street, Honolulu, HI 96814

Graham Builders has solidified its reputation as an industry leader by delivering exceptional projects across Hawaii. Since its inception in 1990, the firm has provided diverse projects including multigenerational, extended-family, aging-in-place, and single-family homes. The firm believes that the key to its success is its customers, so it focuses on understanding its client’s vision and turning that vision into a space that will meet their needs and demands. Its team of skilled, informed people take a hands-on, personalized approach to consistently deliver high-quality homes on schedule, within budget, and live up to their owners’ standards. Over the years, the firm has put together an impressive portfolio and a long list of satisfied clients willing to testify to its quality and professionalism. 

Photography by Hawkins Biggins Photography

This stunning home addition is one of the firm’s notable projects. The firm seamlessly integrated the new space with the home’s original character. The firm built the new living room, wet bar, and stairs. Adding three bedrooms and two full bathrooms over the open patio created a large covered porch for the whole family. The finished job gave the young family a stunning place to live. 

MOKULUA High Performance Builder

1156 Luna‘apono Place, Kailua, HI 96734

MOKULUA High Performance Builder is committed to delivering exceptional projects that exceed expectations. Since its inception in 2005, the firm has remained committed to its goal of building in a way that has a minor effect on the environment and gives its clients the best quality of life. The firm combines a personalized and hands-on approach with creative techniques, sustainable practices, and the best possible materials and technologies. Its well-thought-out processes, streamlined operations, and attention to detail allow it to deliver high-quality projects on schedule and within budget. Its expert designers, builders, and project managers are committed to offering the best value possible on its clients’ hard-earned investment. 

One of the firm’s notable projects is this transitional kitchen remodel. It features warm, muted beige tones that give it a warm and welcoming feel, perfect for hanging out with family, cooking meals, and entertaining guests. The kitchen island is strategically placed at the center to create a more efficient workflow and workspace. 

Barker Kappelle Construction, LLC

970 N Kalaheo Avenue, Suite A306, Kailua, HI 96734

Since its inception in 2006, Barker Kappelle Construction (BKC) has put together an impressive portfolio as a general construction and home remodeler firm in Honolulu, Hawaii. With over 17 years in the industry, the firm has helped clients reach their goals by creating quality, even greatness. It is committed to delivering high-quality, cost-effective jobs to clients while giving them an excellent building experience. The firm has experience building new homes, remodeling existing ones, and adding to them. The firm offers all the capabilities of a big firm while maintaining the personalized approach of a small one. The firm’s approach is shaped by the values of trust, transparency, and open, honest communication. The firm’s highly-skilled, reliable, and careful office and management team are focused on doing good work and ensuring client satisfaction. As a result, the firm has earned its reputation as an industry leader time and time again. 

In the featured project, BKC focused on delivering a stunning transitional kitchen with a warm and airy atmosphere. It has clean lines, tools that use less energy, and windows that go from floor to ceiling to let in natural light and frame the view of Diamond Head. The large glass sliding doors blur the line between the indoors and outdoors. 

Josh Design Build

1039 Wiliki Drive, Honolulu, HI 96818

Josh Design Build is a Honolulu, Hawaii-based general contractor firm that has repeatedly helped clients achieve their construction and remodeling goals. Since its inception in 2011, the firm has solidified its reputation as an industry leader with its award-winning work, high-quality goods, and excellent services. Josh Design Build pays close attention to every detail, from the design to the construction and final handover. The firm’s personalized approach allows it to deliver style, space, and customer satisfaction on every project, regardless of size, scope, and complexity. Over the years, the firm has focused on building solid relationships with its clients, subcontractors, and trade partners to ensure smooth project delivery and an enjoyable experience. 

One of the firm’s notable projects is this modern bathroom remodel. It features a unique mix of materials and design elements that give the space a lot of visual interest. The patterned backsplash, muted tones, and white porcelain fixtures create a relaxing space, perfect to come home to after a long day. 

Schatz Construction

275 Iliaina Street, Kailua, HI 96734

Since its inception in 2000, Schatz Construction has focused on delivering one job at a time. Brian Schatz and his builders work with subcontractors who work well together to build each project on schedule and within budget, and always with the highest quality possible. Its integrated and personalized approach, combined with streamlined processes, allows it to focus on each project, whether it’s a new construction or a home remodel. The firm’s impressive portfolio showcases its ability to guarantee satisfaction and exceed expectations. Its dedication to quality, honesty, and customer satisfaction has led to many happy clients.

This kitchen remodel features black countertops and white cabinetry that create an excellent contrast to the space. Its unique U-shaped layout allows it to maximize the space while creating a functional workflow, additional workspace, and storage. The window brings in a lot of natural light and allows fresh air to circulate.

Beyond Builders, LLC

1833 Kalākaua Avenue, #802, Honolulu, HI 96815

Beyond Builders is a general construction company that has been around since 2014. With a decade of experience, this up-and-coming firm offers high-quality building and renovation services for residential and commercial projects. It takes an integrated, streamlined approach that allows it to understand each client’s vision and turn that vision into a reality. It has built long-lasting relationships with clients and stakeholders to ensure the best customer service, smooth project delivery, and an enjoyable, stress-free experience. It offers a one-stop-shop solution for its clients, allowing them to handle every part of the project, from planning and design services and repair and rebuilding. 

This simple and minimalistic kitchen perfectly exemplifies the firm’s quality and professionalism. The all-white color scheme and light hardwood floors created an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. The kitchen island now serves as the space’s focal point, creating an efficient and functional layout. The gold hardware and stainless steel appliances accentuate the overall aesthetic. 


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