Affectionately referred to as ABQ by locals, Albuquerque is known for having terrific living conditions. This city has a lot of good things going for it beyond the gorgeous mountain views and lively festivals, including a cost of living lower than the national average, affordable real estate, low property taxes, and a state income 31% lower than the national average. Young professionals and university students can also find something for themselves here. The diverse job market is particularly attractive to people in the aerospace, bioscience, technology, and film industries. Meanwhile, local universities are well-known for programs in nursing-midwifery, medicine, dentistry, trade and industry, and accounting.

For those who are interested in living in Albuquerque, we have created a list of the best home remodelers in the area. These firms are led by professionals who have completed numerous projects over the years, giving them the experience necessary to achieve complete client satisfaction. They are also known for listening to and incorporating client feedback to create spaces that are unique to the owner.

Dreamstyle Remodeling

1460 Renaissance Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107

Dreamstyle Remodeling provides clients with a full range of home remodeling expertise, including access to quality home products and installation services. Headquartered in Albuquerque, the firm typically serves clients in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, California, Idaho, and West Texas. Dreamstyle Remodeling’s dedication to customer service and quality workmanship has been recognized by several publications, including the Professional Remodeler and Albuquerque Business First. The firm was also acknowledged by Remodeling Magazine as the Number 1 Full-Service Remodeler nationwide.

Co-founders Larry Chavez and Joyce Hitchner serve as the guiding heads of Dreamstyle Remodeling’s operations. Chavez, president and CEO of the firm, initially worked as a CPA before establishing Dreamstyle Remodeling in 1989. He has helped develop the firm into one of the largest remodeling firms in America, which currently has over 600 employees and has served more than 125,000 clients throughout Western America. Hitchner, meanwhile, primarily works as the secretary-treasurer. She is a key proponent of the firm’s expansion and overall strategic planning. Hitchner also monitors talent evaluation and succession planning.

TC Building & Realty, Inc.

8100 Wyoming Boulevard, NE #159, Albuquerque, NM 87113

With over 30 years in the industry, TC Building & Realty, has built numerous homes for clients in the Albuquerque area. These homes reflect the firm’s artistic and passionate approach to home construction; its designs take inspiration from old-world architecture and Spanish haciendas. TC Building’s high level of intricacy and devotion to precise work has resulted in the firm receiving several accolades over the years. Its awards include the 2020 Home Builders Association (HBA) of Central New Mexico Best Kitchen and Premier Award and several 2017 Parade of Homes awards in categories like Best Outdoor Living Space and Most Innovative.

Founder and president Thomas Cardenas is a lifelong resident of New Mexico, and he grew up as a second-generation home builder. After graduating from the University of New Mexico, Cardenas began his professional career with the establishment of TC Building in 1989. He leads the firm using the experiences he accumulated from over 35 years in the industry. Cardenas’ skills include design, new home construction, renovation, commercial construction, and real estate development. He combines his expertise with his art background, allowing him to combine different materials, antique elements, and intricate details with modern green building principles and energy-efficient technology.

Euro Fe Remodeling

7601 Montgomery Boulevard NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109

Euro Fe Remodeling’s team includes skilled professionals who value collaboration, creativity, and passion. The firm believes that these principles are necessary for creating well-designed and constructed spaces that can lift the spirit. With a team capable of providing concept-to-completion design and remodeling services, Euro Fe Remodeling typically works on kitchen, bathroom, and whole home remodeling projects across New Mexico. The firm also works with long-time partner craftsmen in the local industry to maximize the potential of each home. Some of its projects have been featured by Su Casa Magazine and HGTV.

Originally a professional musician, founder Steve Appolloni learned everything he knows about woodworking and craftsmanship from world-class artisan Jack McAdams, Sr. Appolloni has always enjoyed working with wood, which led him to found a fix-it company in 1980 with entrepreneur and craftsman Jack McAdams, Jr. By 1986, Appolloni relocated to Albuquerque and worked for a local remodeling firm, where he discovered his knack for design while working as a liaison between clients and architects. His experience allowed him to understand how to balance meeting client needs and desires while creatively elevating specific spaces.

Altair Homes

13505 Quaking Aspen Place NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111

Operating since 1977, Altair Homes is the oldest firm on this list. It specializes in incorporating modern materials and using green building practices to produce cost-effective, energy-efficient, and sustainable homes. The firm’s expertise has resulted in being certified Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Green Builders. Each of the firm’s projects uses designs and floor plans combine style, architecture, and nature while fitting the homeowner’s tastes and lifestyle.

Altair Homes works with clients to transform their houses into unique, functional, and stunning spaces that can grow and evolve as their needs change over the years. Staffed by a team of capable and skilled craftsmen, the firm uses a direct and personalized approach to completing projects and establishing relationships. Client reviews have commended the firm for treating them and their homes with respect, while also patiently guiding them during decision-making. Several clients have also expressed being impressed with Altair Homes’ architectural expertise and its eye for design.

D.B. Bryson Remodeling LLC

12928 El Vado Avenue NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112

D.B. Bryson Remodeling LLC works to restore the quality and comfort of kitchens, bathrooms, and entire homes in the Albuquerque area. Its team’s expertise allows the firm to provide clients with cost-effective and turnkey services. Each project is assigned a lead and assistant carpenter who will oversee everything from start to finish. The lead and assistant carpenters will also act as the point of contact for clients, ensuring their needs and concerns are heard and met. As the firm works on its projects, it works hard to foster long-lasting partnerships with clients. Establishing relationships allows D. B. Bryson Remodeling to understand who the client is and what they want for their homes.

Owner David Bryson established D. B. Bryson Remodeling in 2013, leading the firm with over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. His attention to detail allows him to respect traditional remodeling principles and learn modern techniques. As a leader, Bryson encourages his team to observe integrity and honesty to elevate both their work and the client experience. This approach to remodeling has resulted in plenty of positive client feedback and repeat clients. Several clients have also commended Bryson and his team for their ability to complete small and large projects with consistent professionalism and skill.