Nicknamed “The City Different,” Santa Fe is known for being a hub of artistic activity. It has several historic sites, art galleries, and a colorful culinary scene that attracts tourists and prospective residents. The weather here allows residents to experience an average of 300 sunny days each year, which makes the living experience a pleasant experience. Being located on a desert mountain in the southwest means Santa Fe experiences low humidity, warm summer days, and cool summer nights.

For anyone interested in moving to Santa Fe, we have a list of the best general contractors in the area. These firms are known for their client-centric approach; this allows clients to take the reins in the creative process while the firm handles the rest with industry-standard techniques.

Tierra Concepts

1512 Pacheco St. Suite d206, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Tierra Concepts has designed and built 175 custom, contemporary, and Santa Fe-styled homes in the past 30 years. Client testimonials have attested to the firm’s ]ability to go beyond the current standard for quality. Clients who work with the firm report that working with Tierra Concepts made the building and remodeling process easier.

Tierra Concepts’ experience in construction has allowed it to develop the necessary skills to meet the unique needs of each client. This resulted in better quality for its design skills and time management. For its skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail, Tierra Concepts is one of the only builders in Santa Fe to have won seven Grand Hacienda Awards.

Palo Santo Designs

1300 Rufina Cir. Unit B3, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Palo Santo Designs LLC is a Santa Fe-based general contractor that specializes in design and construction for custom homes, renovations, and commercial spaces. It provides services like new construction, architecture, remodels and additions, green home building, and planning and construction. It has received several awards including Haciendas: A Parade of Homes Best Craftsmanship, Best Design, Best Master Suite, Best Energy Efficiency, and Best Water Efficiency.

Palo Santo Designs is committed to providing the highest quality craftsmanship and project management to clients. Testimonials have lauded the firm’s professional and disciplined approach to construction. The firm was also complimented on its ability to complete projects on time and within budget, with one client stating their project was finished five weeks ahead of schedule.

D Maahs Construction, LLC, d/b/a DMC

1570 Pacheco St. Suite C-1, Santa Fe, NM 87505

D Maahs Construction, LLC, d/b/a DMC provides Santa Fe and surrounding areas with services like consultation, design and budget, 3D rendering, and installation. Its quality of services has led it to become the exclusive representative of LEICHT, a premium German kitchen brand known for innovation and modernity. 

DMC’s experienced team has worked on hundreds of projects, including modern, rustic, and minimalistic work. Clients are guided throughout the project duration to ensure each step meets both industry standards and client expectations.

Zachary and Sons Homes

218 Camino La Tierra, Santa Fe, NM 87506

Zachary and Sons Homes was created to create homes that both excite and match the client. The firm puts quality and attention to detail at the forefront of its process, which is one of the reasons why it produces a handful of homes each year. This allows Zachary and Sons Homes to focus on designing the home, handpicking the materials, and supervising the construction.

Zachary and Sons Homes collaborates with clients by keeping the lines of communication open. The reason for this is that founder Zachary Shultz believes that clients have the right to expect and demand perfection for their homes.

Sarcon Construction

2044 Galisteo St. Suite #1, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Sarcon Construction has a reputation for delivering quality services like designing, planning, and construction to Santa Fe and surrounding areas. This is the result of the firm actively working to communicate with all parties involved, from partners to clients. Having open communication allows Sarcon to avoid misunderstandings and stay on track throughout each project.

Sarcon’s ethics are based on the principles of sustainable design, building, and execution. Its team is made of skilled employees who are involved in each stage of the project, up until completion. The skill level of the firm’s team is why it can act as either a construction manager, a general contractor, or a design-builder depending on what the client requires.

K.M. Skelly Inc.

PO Box 23086, Santa Fe, NM 87502

K.M. Skelly, Inc. is owned and operated by certified green professional and graduate master builder Kevin Skelly. Skelly partners with architects, designers, and clients globally to ensure the spaces he creates are high quality.

As a firm, K.M. Skelly, Inc. uses an approach that emphasizes giving attention to detail to produce outstanding customer service and products. The firm only accepts a handful of projects each year, which allows it to focus more on each aspect of the project. This enables the firm to build trust and confidence with clients.

Design Solutions

1415 W Alameda St. Santa Fe, NM 87501

Design Solutions has designed and built homes in Santa Fe and surrounding areas since 1996. Through the years, the firm was able to create an approach that allows them to offer flexible design and building services. This allows Design Solutions to meet the needs of its clients while maintaining industry standards.

Design Solution collaborates with clients to combine their ideas and concepts with its industry experience. In doing so, the firm works to complete the project on time and within budget to help clients save money without compromising quality.