A home remodeling or renovation job can make one excited, nervous, and nostalgic as they may grapple with large decisions such as whether to create a new kitchen. One might worry about the outcome of the remodeling or renovation job and if it will truly meet their needs.  To help you find someone who will exceed your expectations for your home, we’ve curated a list of the best contractors in Louisville, Kentucky. These firms have great track records, awards, affiliations, and excellent portfolios.

If you are thinking about doing a construction project we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

Bailey Remodeling

201 Meridian Ave. Suite #201, Louisville, KY 40207

Bailey Remodeling is passionate about creating fine homes for families. Brandon Bailey has led the firm since its establishment in 2005. The company is anchored on its core principles of being caring, humble, trustworthy, and positive, with a problem-solving mindset.

The company offers design and  build and interior design services to the Louisville, Kentucky community. Their works are heavily anchored on the concept of “at-home,” reimagining the important parts of our homes and making them better to live in. This framework has garnered Bailey Remodeling the Best of Houzz Service award from 2016 to 2022. It is affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders and the Home Builders Association of Kentucky

Bailey Remodeling has an extensive portfolio consisting of works that truly reflect their team’s goal of crafting spaces for your comfort. From kitchen remodels to bedroom renovations and new additions, the firm’s attention to detail and attenuation to each family’s needs and vision is impeccable. 

Stonehenge Construction

3510 Wilderness Trail, Louisville, KY 40299

With 24 years of experience in the industry, Stonehenge Construction remodels homes for families through their unique ability to design and build. At the core of this company is Karen McKechnie, who graduated from the University of Reno with a degree in shelter and environment. She now works with her three sons who share her passion for remodeling homes.

This mother and sons team offers design and build services to the Louisville community. The firm’s portfolio includes remodels of kitchens, bathrooms, family offices, and garages and gazebos. Their beautiful traditional and rustic designs have garnered them the 2015 best of Houzz service award. It has also been on the “top 10 remodeler” list since 2010. Karen’s dedication was imparted to her sons, and that is evident in each work they produce, as well as how they provide unique results for families and exceed their expectations. 

Artisan Signature Homes

10636 Meeting St, Prospect, KY 40059

Artisan Signature homes was built on one’s passion for construction. Its portfolio includes traditional and historical architecture, with high-luxury interiors. This is what the company is known for and does best. 

Artisan Signature Home was founded by Jason Black, who discovered his passion for construction while working his corporate job. By 2002, Jason founded his first construction company, and his second followed in two years. Artisan Signature Homes is his current and proudest venture bringing luxury with a classic touch to Louisville, Kentucky.

The company has awards for its craftsmanship in Shingle-type homes. A notable project, the Hampton Pointe, was awarded in 2016 for Favorite house and Favorite Interior design in the Grand Awards.  Its portfolio includes traditional and historical architecture, as well as high-luxury interiors. It creates marble kitchen islands, all-wood wine cellars, and full stacked toilets and baths. Jason’s passion for building new homes is evidenced by the countless positive testimonials it has received.

The Buttorff Company

7610 Pollock Ave, Pewee Valley, KY 40056

The Butteroff Company has been led by the Butteroff family for 27 years, serving the Pewee Valley area. At the helm is Rick Butteroff, who has overseen almost all their projects. His presence ensures exceptional attention to detail in every project, making Butteroff Company one of the most sought-after contractors in Kentucky. Roxanne Butteroff, head of design, walks clients through the process of their builds or remodels, helping them visualize their ideas and turn them into exceptional homes.

Butteroff’s craftsmanship and creativity have enabled it to win the President’s Grand Best Builder for Home Design Awards at different price points. Its traditional Tudor Style homes and remodeling jobs reflect the company’s meticulous nature and ability to turn houses into homes for raising families. This utmost form of commitment stems from their philosophy of treating their projects as if it were their own home. 

Wolford Built Homes

7804 Springfarm Glen Dr, Prospect, KY 40059

Established in 1974, Wolford Built Homes is one of the leading home building and remodeling companies in Louisville, Kentucky. Ron and Martha Wolford expertly lead the luxury custom home builder and remodeler. Martha, a graduate of prestigious design schools, is at the helm of designing these beautiful custom luxury homes, while Ron is the foundation of the company. Having established and grown it while earning the community’s trust and many home-building associations.

Luxury is the name of the game for Wolford, from luxurious bathrooms to living rooms fit for a large family. Their custom-builds have been in the hit TV show MTV Cribs and lifestyle magazines Kentucky Home & Garden and Sophisticated Living. Their builds range from traditional, historic, and contemporary designs.

Kimbel Construction

13706 Windy Haven Way, Louisville, KY 40299

Kimbel Construction gives its clients homes that fit their unique needs, and it prioritizes professionalism and integrity. The firm started in 1998 and then became a leader in energy-efficient construction. It constructs distinct homes and always prioritizes the client’s vision through tailored renovations.

The Building Industry Association (BIA) of Greater Louisville has recognized Kimble Constructions’ works. In 2019, Kimbel reconstruction got the Best Remodeling Design for a Whole House Remodel. It is also affiliated with prestigious groups like the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the Home Builders Association of Kentucky. 

Redsmith Construction

110 S. Crestmoor Ave, Louisville, KY 40206

Friends Jay Redenbaugh and Jeff Smith got their start in the construction business doing insurance restorations before expanding to larger renovation jobs. Their success as a duo enabled them to excel and expand their company, Redsmith Construction, through reliability, trustworthiness, and quality craftsmanship.

Redsmith Construction offers residential services covering preliminary design, estimation, construction, and finishing details, as well as storage rooms. The firm has also remodeled numerous commercial establishments in Metro Kentucky. As a result, it has garnered awards such as the 2014 Building Industry Association of Louisville Remodeler of The Year, and it holds membership with associations like the National Association of Home Builders.

P.L. Lyons Architectural Builders

11503 Main St, Middletown, KY 40243

P.L. Lyons Architectural Builders has built high-end homes in Louisville, Kentucky for 40 years. Perry Lyons and his team of builders and designers have worked together since the company’s founding, offering new construction, remodeling, custom homes, and commercial space services. Its designs blend classic and modern American opulence, a testament to the ever-changing times, and it has completed over 1705 projects. 

P.L. Lyons provides competitive pricing, giving homeowners an economical way to achieve their dream homes, remodels, and additions. It offers the same competitive pricing  for its commercial builds without diminishing quality and attention to detail. It works with each client and their budget to achieve their dream commercial space. 

Ramage Company

900 East Jefferson St, Prospect, KY 40205

Ramage Company builds bright, inviting spaces that are conducive to comfortable living and productivity. Through collaboration, the firm elevates the ideas of its clients. With 17 years in operation, Ramage Company has consistently built dream homes for its clients.

Ramage Company also caters to commercial builds, and it turns commercial spaces into inviting areas where businesses can grow and thrive. This company’s collaborative skills evoke the same bright and inviting feel that its residential projects create. It is also known for its high-quality materials and meticulous processes. 

Stacye Love Construction

4500 River Rd, Louisville, KY 40222

Stacye Love Construction was founded by Stacye Love, who specializes in high-end residential construction. The firm has built exceptional luxury designs since 2002, and it works to help clients express their personal style while maximizing function and value. The company has received various awards, such as the 2016 and 2017 Best of Houzz Service Award and 2015 to 2017 Best of Houzz Design award. It is also a member of the Building Industry Association of Louisville.


One of its notable projects is a ranch remake. It turned the simple long bungalow into an opulent home with high ceilings, cream-colored walls, and wood floors. It successfully maintained the rustic barn feel by using wicker chairs, and old-style stools. The firm blended these elements with the modern redesign of the interior.  It creates elegant projects to distinguish itself from other builders. 

Vincent Abell Contracting

1850 Taylor Ave, Suite 4, Louisville, KY 40213

Vincent Abell Contracting is a household name in Louisville, Kentucky. It was founded by Vincent Abell, who has over 30 decades of experience in both commercial and residential construction as a carpenter. This led him to start his own contracting company in 2000, imparting his eye for detail and craftsmanship. The company has won many awards, including the Best of Houzz Service award from 2016 to 2018. It has continuously won Angie’s List super service award since 2010.

It offers kitchen, bathroom, and deck remodeling. It has a diverse portfolio, demonstrating its attenuation to each client’s vision. The firm’s impressive portfolio of deck and screen rooms stand out, as deck and  Screen rooms are a Louisville staple. These might have cedar wood walls and posts, a whole deck extension, and a screen room fit for a large family. Vincent Abell Contracting excels in historical preservation as well. One of their notable historical presentation projects is the 1920’s bungalow restoration. This project gave the home a whole new look with a modern twist.

Ben Tyler Building and Remodeling

1115 Lexington Rd, Louisville, KY 40204

Ben Tyler Building and Remodeling offers premium creative construction solutions and has amassed numerous awards, with its first-ever accolade in 1992. Its portfolio includes classical, historical, and ranch design homes. Ben Tyler has a strong commitment to exceptional customer service, ensuring each customer is satisfied throughout the build process. Its dedicated project managers are highly skilled and knowledgeable, and they anticipate any delays, keeping clients on track in the development of their dream homes.

The firm offers new home construction and full-service remodeling. Its designs are made with exceptional quality in mind and attention to detail.  These projects have placed them in the top 5 firms on Business First’s List of Full-service remodelers. It has won numerous awards, such as the 2015 Guild Master Awards and the 2008 Louisville Remodelling awards.

Louisville Handyman & Remodeling

13000 Middletown Industrial Blvd, Suite B, Louisville, KY 40223

Louisville Handyman & Remodeling has completed 14,000 jobs in 19 years. This family-owned business was established in 2002 and has since expanded immensely. It believes in the importance of  “higher standards, better results.”

Louisville Handyman & Remodeling offers whole house remodeling, as well as basement, porch, and sunroom remodeling. Its attention to detail is unparalleled, as evidenced by how it consistently exceeds clients’ expectations. Remodeling is their bread and butter. Be it for bathrooms or basements. One of their notable projects is the Cherokee Gardens Kitchen Remodel where they brought it to life by putting up brighter walls with printed accents.

Wescott Construction

3304 N Buckeye Ln, Louisville, KY 40026

Wescott Construction has 13 years of experience building homes, barns, commercial spaces, golf courses, renovations, and new additions. It also does concrete work and offers shotcrete, foundations, and flatwork. 

The firm offers design and build, hardscapes, remodeling, swimming pools, and synthetic turf.  It has numerous commercial offerings as well. Westcott prioritizes honesty and quality craftsmanship in each build.

Designer Builders

1448 Hugh Ave, Louisville, KY 40213  

With 42 years of experience in the industry, Designer Builders has expanded its arsenal of services with commercial builds. Designer Builders operates under Ray Rumancik, and his son, Stefan Rumancik, who lead with their experience and knowledge. The firm provides green and custom remodeling, house additions, and more. Their process comes with the goal of livable remodeling. Making sure that your house is not damaged in the process. And that you are still able to live in your home while remodeling is taking place. 

Designer Builders provides sustainable practices and energy efficiency in its builds. Its planning process for builds and remodels includes proper placement of LED lights and efficient insulation for energy efficiency. It also has durable finishes that ensure lasting structures.


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