Since Glendale is the fourth largest city in Los Angeles County, it has one of the most active economies in the region. While this aspect has attracted young professionals and growing families to stay and settle in this vibrant California city, a more interesting factor makes it an extra special place: its historic communities. The city currently has more than a hundred historic properties with architectures that remind the community of its long and colorful culture. 

Similar historic themes and old-world elements can be found in the residential scene. Many of the city’s homes feature thriving details of the traditional, transitional, and other timeless home styles. To make these homes more functionally relevant and structurally enduring without losing touch with its significant origins, the region relies on the knowledge and expertise of some of the best general contractors and remodeling companies in the field. 

This article features the best general contractors in Glendale. The firms included here have been serving the region for years and have completed multiple projects in the area. The companies were qualified based on their project scope, completed works for remodeling, renovation, addition, and new construction, as well as the quality of reviews and testimonials given by past and repeat clients. Additional criteria includes the firms’ principles, awards, industry affiliations, and collaborations with other industry experts. 

Built to Perfection, Inc.

22222 Sherman Way Suite #202, Canoga Park, CA 91303

When Founder and CEO Asher Ben Haim decided to pursue his homebuilding career, he formed a team of seasoned designers and builders to establish Built to Perfection. The company opened its doors more than two decades ago, and since then, it has catered to a comprehensive range of residential services throughout Southern California. Aside from designing, remodeling, and building interior and exterior spaces, the firm also provides outbuilding installations, water-damage repairs, insulation, security systems, mold remediation, and solar-panel installation, among others.

As a remodeler, the company regularly earns five-star reviews and soaring testimonials from the leading review platforms in the industry. New and repeat clients highlight the firm’s consistency in providing a prompt, transparent, cost-friendly, and detail-oriented approach in designing and constructing custom residential spaces. The results are spaces that enhance the lives of its homeowners and, at the same time, represent their individualities and style preferences. 

As a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and Build It Green organizations, the company knows how to evolve with the trends. For one, the firm incorporates some of the most innovative and latest approaches to every project. The company also offers a complimentary 3-D remodeling design to its renovation clients, giving them a glimpse into the potentials of every project even before the construction process begins. This allows clients to make early adjustments without compromising the budget and the timeline of their projects.

One example of the firm’s work is this Glendale bathroom remodeling project, inspired by the rustic design movement. The room not only features stained-wood cabinetry and wall tapestry, but also highlights charming fixtures.  

Cielo Construction Company

6350 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Suite #404, Los Angeles, CA 91606

Cielo Construction Company is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in remodeling bathroom and kitchen spaces, as well as constructing concrete driveways and hardscapes. The firm is also trained to install outbuildings and backyard structures, including decks and patios, among others. The firm’s small size is a strategic management decision that has allowed it to offer a boutique approach to every project—an advantage that lets the management, led by Principal Mike Simon, to personally visit job sites and be actively involved in every aspect of the project. Many of these works can be found throughout Greater Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California.

Another attribute that makes the firm stand out is its advocacy that champions clean and eco-friendly remodeling and construction methods. Aside from having an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lead-Safe certification, the firm uses delivery approaches that adhere to the latest standards in green-building practices. In addition, the firm offers a wide range of financing programs, especially for projects designed to contribute to the region’s growing green-building movement. The company currently works with organizations, such as Ygrene Energy Fund, California First, and GoSolar California, to address clients’ diverse budget requirements.

In Glendale, the company has completed multiple projects that follow the same green standards and detail-oriented approach. Many of its remodeling and addition projects are characterized by modern and contemporary details, sleek and minimalist designs that exude simplicity and comfort. The featured bathroom, for instance, is designed to provide a bright and open atmosphere through its use of a neutral and unimposing palette. Its choices of materials such as wood, natural stone, and modern fixtures add character and uniqueness to this project and every build. 

Coram Design Center

3800 Foothill Blvd. #B, La Crescenta, CA 91214

Coram Design Center is an emerging remodeling company under the leadership of Michael Chung. Specializing in every aspect of renovation and remodeling work, the firm takes on a wide array of projects for the residential and commercial sectors.  One aspect the firm is known for is its detail-oriented design practice. The company makes sure every project is creatively designed according to clients’ functional and aesthetic needs while ensuring that every build follows the best industry standards without compromising the budget requirement and project timeline.

The company is not only a one-stop center for residential design and construction, but it is also a preferred designer and contractor for the hospitality industry. Over the years, it has partnered with renowned companies, including Ritz Carlton, Pacific Hospitality Group, and Marriott Hotels, among others. As a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and as a certified remodeling and cabinetry specialist, the firm looks at every project from a thoughtful and informed perspective, guiding clients to choose the right products, palette, and materials. From selecting the tiles, sinks, vanities, fixtures, glass, and other elements, the company lets project owners explore the best possible design options.

One of the firm’s remodeling projects in Glendale involved the transformation of a master bath into an elegant haven set in a dominantly beige and neutral palette. The bathroom’s flooring features ceramic tile marble and a master brown tile, complemented by white cabinets, beaded inset cabinets, and quartz countertops. The choice of a contrasting, yet blending blue tone introduces a cool and calming ambiance to complete a tranquil and soothing haven.

Greenworks Construction & Design

20301 Ventura Blvd. #222, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Since the founding of Greenworks Construction & Design over ten years ago, it has established a reputation of reliability and quality craftsmanship. Licensed, bonded, and insured, the family-owned company is also known for its energy-efficient projects, favorable financial options, and transparent, budget-friendly, on-time delivery.  Through the firm’s comprehensive design-build approach to every project, it provides an in-house team of designers and builders to complete every project regardless of size, value, and complexity. This makes it one of the most preferred contractors in Southern California, catching the attention of not just homeowners, but also of the design and construction community.

The firm is a constant guest contractor for the home-improvement and real estate channel, HGTV, and has been featured in some of the show’s renovation episodes. Hit real estate show, Million Dollar Listing, has also highlighted some of the company’s luxury new construction projects, including a high-end home in the Culver Crest neighborhood. The firm has also completed several projects for many Glendale residences. These projects not only celebrate the firm’s fluency in transitional, traditional, and contemporary designs, but also highlight its ability to transform homes into functional and practical spaces that cater to the modern lifestyle of its users. 

An example is this contemporary kitchen remodeling project that features sleek lines and minimalist details. For this modern, dine-in kitchen project, for instance, the company relied on the elegance of fine lines and symmetry to create a space that carefully balances sophistication and simplicity. The contrasting palette of white walls, a white island, and white cabinets, against black fixtures— and complementing black furniture—amplifies this harmony. To complete the overall look are top-of-the-line finishes and high-end kitchen equipment.

ING Construction

5627 Sepulveda Blvd. Suite #208, Van Nuys, CA 91411

For over ten years, ING Construction has been serving Los Angeles and Ventura Counties to deliver a wide range of home construction and design services. As a licensed B general contractor, the firm offers residential construction services regardless of size or complexity. Its rich portfolio includes single-room addition, remodeling, and renovation projects, as well as full-scale home construction works. It is known for enduring quality and timeless designs. 

Reviews from its long list of clients highlight the company’s attention to detail and its ability to ask the right questions by creating an environment of collaboration, transparency, and open communication. Most importantly, for many of its works, project owners have consistently emphasized how the company solves unforeseen challenges without compromising the schedule and budget requirements of the project. Under the leadership of Golan Danino, the firm follows the same customer-centric approach to every project. The result is a portfolio of projects from repeat businesses and clients gained through referrals. 

As a general contractor that also serves nearby cities like Glendale, the firm has gained the trust of the city’s most sophisticated homeowners. To cater to clients in need of a highly custom-designed and built home, the firm works closely with home owners to complete personalized, intimate, and unique living spaces that represent the lifestyle and taste of its inhabitants. One example is a full remodel of an outdated space—transformed into a modern, fully-equipped kitchen, incorporated with homey, natural stone and wood elements to complete the overall look of this traditional-style kitchen.

Luxe Remodel

329 N Wetherly Dr. Suite 205, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Specializing in residential and commercial construction, Luxe Remodel is one of Southern California’s fastest emerging general contractors that offers a fresh and innovative approach to building. The firm’s Principal and Founder Oren Levy established the company over ten years ago as an answer to the growing need for more relevant and modern delivery methods, especially for custom-home remodels and construction. 

Today, the firm operates from its California offices, in Los Angeles and Orange Counties and offers design-build, kitchen and bath remodeling, new construction, pool construction, and ADU construction. As part of its client-centric approach, the company assigns an exclusive team of managers and builders to focus on one specific building project, from planning to completion. In Glendale, for instance, the firm assigned a team to work on a special residential remodeling project for a local family. The client’s primary objective was to update the style and functionality of their kitchen and make it more relevant to today’s needs. 

For this transformation, the homeowner wanted to incorporate the textures, textiles, and natural materials of a transitional-style kitchen into the minimalist and practical lines, surfaces, and fixtures of a modern space. The firm delivered just that and added thoughtful details, faithful to its design inspiration: quartz countertops, stainless-steel appliances, white marble backsplashes, shaker cabinets, blue cabinetry, and an undermount sink with a white countertop.

Pearl Remodeling

6803 Yarmouth Ave., Reseda, CA, 91335

From offering basic remodeling services to a full-scale new construction project, Pearl Remodeling is a general contractor that has been in the industry for more than 20 years. The firm started out as a five-man team in 1997 and has since been led by cousins Jacob and Doron Cohen. Experts in traditional craftsmanship, the firm also evolved with time and incorporated modern construction and design technologies into its comprehensive process. 

The firm offers free design and estimation services to clients. In addition, it makes sure that every project procedure follows the industry’s most stringent standards, as well as abides by local zoning laws and construction codes. This attention to client satisfaction and reputation of reliability allowed the company to complete a portfolio dominated by referrals and repeat business. 

As a remodeler, the firm has caught the attention of Southern California’s building and design community, with projects featured on HGTV and KTLA Fox Insider. These projects are commended for their uniqueness and attention to detail. For instance, some of its projects in Glendale present a wide range of styles, including transitional, modern, contemporary, rustic, and farmhouse styles, and even a balanced blend of two or more themes. 

The firm turned the featured kitchen into a modern space with state-of-the-art materials and a stylish design, including a white brick tile backsplash and white custom cabinets, combined with blue-gray walls, stainless steel fixtures, and wood flooring.

SES Builders

15643 Sherman Way, # 120, Van Nuys, CA 91406

Since its establishment in 2007, SES Builders has been driven by one goal: to help residential homeowners bring their ideas to life by providing thoughtfully designed and built spaces they can call home. This focus on a customer-first approach has helped it gain the trust of the Southern California market, winning some of its most unforgettable commissions through referrals and repeat customers. Additionally, this client-centered approach helped the firm secure its A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) status, a certification that highlights the firm’s ethical business practices and client satisfaction.

Eli Susan leads the firm’s everyday practice. Under Susan’s guidance, the firm has collected an extensive portfolio of custom-home renovations, kitchen and bath remodels, room additions, and garage conversions, among others. From its headquarters in Van Nuys, it expands its services to cover some of the biggest residential communities in Southern California, including Glendale. 

One of the firm’s biggest projects is its complete remodeling work of a two-story traditional home. Aside from updating some elements of the home’s exterior, including its wood siding and shingle roof, some of the most interesting features can be found inside. Wood remains its primary material, a consistent choice for its timeless architectural origin. One of the aspects that adds character to the home is its beige wall entryway set against a black front door. Additionally, the interior’s large, open-concept space features a transitional light wood flooring that blends beautifully with its muted gray walls. Both elements extend to other areas of the home, including the kitchen and living room. 

Spazio LA

10620 W. Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601

Since opening its doors more than 15 years ago, Spazio LA focuses on helping clients realize their ideas by designing and building spaces that are both beautiful and functional. The firm’s portfolio comprises high-end residential designs and remodeling works, some of which have been featured in the media and other publications, including highlights from Dwell magazine, Interior Collective, and remodeling and real estate channel, HGTV, among others.

Essi Safdie, the firm’s chief designer and CEO, leads the firm’s highly acclaimed practice. Prior to becoming a home remodeler and designer, Safdie has already built a reputation as a painter, sculptor, and designer of high-fashion jewelry. This multi-faceted background and perspective as a true artist has helped the company develop a more creative and innovative approach to every build. Many of these works can be found in residential communities across California.

For one of its projects, the firm delivered a complete home redesign and remodeling project for a family in Glendale. One of the biggest parts of the transformation was removing the wall that separates the kitchen area from the dining room—a move that visually and structurally expanded the living space, creating a more open and inviting home for a bigger family. At the end of the kitchen, the firm added a new walk-in pantry. White shaker-style cabinetry, dark quartz counterpart, stained wood flooring, custom seating, and unique light fixtures that shine below an island with a dark quartz countertop complete the overall transitional theme of the space. The team also installed new full-glass windows and doors to let in an abundance of natural light.

If you want to see more from Spazio LA, you can visit their website here.