Located right next to the Rocky Mountains and just a short drive north of Denver, Fort Collins is consistently regarded as one of the best places to live in Colorado. It is one of the state’s fastest-growing cities and is the perfect area for growing families and retired couples looking for a quaint place to settle down.

The site offers excellent weather throughout the year, which makes it a great fit for families engaged in various outdoor activities. It provides terrific trails for hiking, open spaces, and parks. It is also noted for its great livability and lively social scene. Homes here vary in design, and this list showcases 15 of the best general contractors behind some of Fort Collins’ best ones. If you’re looking to move into the area or are already a resident hoping to revamp your space, this list can help you decide. These firms were chosen based on merit and their portfolio, range of services, and experiences.

HighCraft Builders

429 S Howes St., Fort Collins, CO 80521

Headquartered in the heart of Fort Collins, HighCraft Builders has been operating in the area since 1998. Its team is comprised of licensed architects, interior designers, experienced project planners, and seasoned artisans who have worked towards securing an excellent reputation for the firm. The firm primarily utilizes a design-build approach, which means that it handles every phase and aspect of a project from start to finish. This process allows it to keep everything in-house. This lessens its clients’ worries of looking for extra subcontractors. The firm is a proud member of professional organizations, both local and national, and is also the recipient of many local, regional and national awards that have lauded the firm for its designs, customer satisfaction reviews, and practices. 

HighCraft Builders is also no stranger to the pages of essential industry publications. Some of these include
Qualified Remodeler and Professional Remodeler. The project above best showcases the firm’s expertise for transitional themes. It features clean finishes, custom cabinetry, and various minimalist elements. 

Associates in Building + Design

4803 Innovation Dr. Suite #1, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Associates in Building + Design utilizes innovative and creative techniques. It takes on projects regardless of size, from small remodels to large-scale entire home renovations. Its portfolio also depicts a handful of commercial projects. As its name suggests, the firm uses a design-build approach to oversee the whole project from start to finish. The firm has dedicated, trained, and focused staff who work closely with its clients to ensure that their visions, needs, and lifestyles are met and included in all of its projects. ABD also has its own showroom. Its selection includes a complete range of interior finishes, including flooring, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing, lighting, and even furniture. Additionally, ABD is noted for its excellent and seamless space planning and creative conceptual designs.

The firm maintains affiliations with various vital organizations like the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). It is also the recipient of several industry awards since its establishment. The firm’s portfolio depicts a variety of rich and challenging themes. 

Poehlmann Construction

2600 Canton Ct. Unit B, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Poehlmann Construction offers a complete and comprehensive range of custom home building and custom home remodeling services. It also takes on commercial projects, from time to time, and draws experience from over four decades of industry experience. It has revamped and constructed projects in some of Northern Colorado’s finest communities and neighborhoods. The firm has been recognized multiple times for its work and contributions to the industry and prides itself on its meticulous methods. The firm provides detailed timelines and cost estimates, ensuring that all of its spaces and homes are finished on-time and within the agreed-upon schedule. It further bolsters this with regular meetings and updates throughout the entire process. Some of the firm’s best work can be seen in the neighborhoods of Harmony, The Hill, Lake Loveland, Lindenmeir Lake, Highland Hills, and the Horsetooth Reservoir area.

The firm’s long list of distinctions includes several Chrysalis Awards. It is also affiliated with the NAHB, the Northern Colorado Home Builders Association, and the National Association of Home Builders’ Remodeler’s Council. The firm’s portfolio depicts a showcase of luxurious spaces, best distinguished for their custom woodwork, finishes, and various intricate details. 

Spanjer Homes

5131 S College Ave. Suite A Fort Collins, CO 80525

Extending its services throughout Northern Colorado, Spanjer Homes is a family-owned and locally-operated firm that has been in business since 1978. It provides an insightful and highly hands-on approach in addition to a complete range of custom home building and remodeling services. The firm has a dedicated team of project managers assigned to each of the firm’s projects and communicates every detail to its clients throughout the entire process. The firm’s work also comes with an onsite supervisor who real-time quality control and quality assurance, ensuring that its overall plans are executed faithfully down to the very last detail. Spanjer Homes supports Colorado State University and typically hires students from the Construction Management degree program during the summer to perform tasks and attend to minor details. 

The firm showcases an extensive range of resources and can take on any remodel or ground-up construction project, regardless of scale or complexity. It has worked on numerous home additions, wings, and garages, as well as transformed basements. Spanjer Homes is also noted for its excellent home offices and specialty for aging-in-place elements.

Armstead Construction

375 E Horsetooth Bldg. 4 Suite #102, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Founded in 1991, Armstead Construction provides custom home building and remodeling services. It meticulously crafts no two homes or spaces alike, and emphasizes the importance of active client participation throughout the entire process. The firm maintains affiliations with organizations like the NAHB and is also a Certified Green Building Professional and Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist. This ensures that all of its projects are crafted and designed with sustainable materials and methods. Further, clients with aging-in-place needs such as accessible ramps or other elements can avail of the firm’s services. The firm is led by Jeff Schneider, who personally walks its clients through the entire process from start to finish. He is involved in every aspect of a project and oversees the nitty-gritty details like finalizing plans, creating a budget, and material selection. 

Armstead Construction utilizes a design-build approach for all of its remodels. This allows it to closely monitor a project’s expenses and various changes, which lessens the possibility of overbudgeting or significant revisions. As for the firm’s designs, its skills are best seen in the project above. This space depicts one of its basement revamps and shows its expertise in designing dens and entertainment spaces.

Illusions Complete Home Solutions

3703 Cosmos Ln., Fort Collins, CO 80528

Servicing the entirety of Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor, and surrounding areas, Illusions Complete Home Solutions is regarded for its exceptional remodeling and interior design services. This family-owned and operated business draws inspiration from over two decades of industry experience. Its remodeling contractors and interior design team work closely with trusted plumbers, electricians, and HVAC specialists. Together, they have worked on kitchen and bathroom remodels, living room remodels, entire house renovations, and home additions. The firm is also known for its excellent project management and space planning services. It does not limit itself to a single architectural theme. Instead, it showcases a portfolio of varying designs.

One of its best projects is seen in the project above. The firm’s team opted for red brick finishes and various modern farmhouse elements to give it a more transitional appeal for this space. Several unique fixtures may also be observed, as well as numerous customized features.

Fish Creek Construction

PO Box 1733 Fort Collins, CO 80522

Fish Creek Construction offers a broad range of residential construction and remodeling services. From small spaces to luxury build-outs, the firm can handle any project regardless of size or complexity. It is noted for its excellent attention to detail, hands-on approach, and attentiveness. The firm’s in-house crew includes artisans and experienced and licensed professionals who closely monitor all of the firm’s projects throughout the entire process. Bill Beach and John Hendricks lead the firm. Beach is a Colorado native who is experienced in every aspect of the construction and remodeling process. This includes various other related fields such as excavation, septic installation, custom cabinet building, welding, wood flooring, and framing. 

He established the firm in 2008, first specializing in kitchen and bath remodels, and has helped in cultivating Fish Creek into the excellent company it is today. On the other hand, Hendricks offers nearly five decades of construction experience and specializes in both commercial and residential projects. Our editorial team was very impressed by the project above. We loved its transitional elements, wood-paneled flooring, and its excellent use of ambient light. 

Hammersmith Structures

201 Commerce Dr. #1, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Hammersmith Structures specializes in custom home building, large-scale home remodeling, and commercial tenant finishes. It extends its services throughout Northern Colorado, with some of its best projects located in Fort Collins, Loveland, Timnath, and Windsor. It utilizes a high-end design-build approach and has frequently worked on numerous complex and challenging projects. These are embodied in the firm’s portfolio, which depicts various exciting work such as indoor pools, a geothermal system, and a two-story waterfall that leads to a koi pond in the basement. That said, it can handle any upgrade or project no matter how challenging. Uniquely, Hammersmith uses a project delivery system. This technology allows its clients to track budgets and schedules throughout the entire process and communicate easily with the firm’s team. 

As for its designs, the firm is notable for its expertise in modern themes, for which it has been award with numerous distinctions. This is best encapsulated by the bathroom project above. The Hammersmith team opted for unique fixtures for this project and a skylight, a chic black and white palette, and a recurring theme of straight lines.

Elevated Design Build

144 Racquette Dr., Fort Collins, CO

Elevated Design Build provides its clients with a full range of design and construction services specializing in timber framing and various shell packages. It draws experience from over six decades of combined experience and, since its inception, has worked on over 800 projects in 14 states and four different countries. As the firm’s name implies, Elevated Design Build uses an integrated design and construction method. Its design team is capable of developing a client’s ideas and seeing them through actualization and completion. The firm collaborates with only the best and most experienced subcontractors and architects that help formulate cost-effective solutions. Elevated Design Build guides its clients throughout the process, from procuring materials and obtaining permits to scheduling inspections and managing safety plans and cost controls. Additionally, the firm often uses 3D modeling once designs are finalized so clients can get a better idea of their new space or home. By doing this, the firm reduces the probability of time-consuming revisions.  


The remodel above features clean finishes, warm exposed beams, and a cool palette of various hues of blue. Several windows allow in a rich amount of ambient light. The firm also installed several unique fixtures.

Frameworks Inspired Homes

208 Racquette Dr. Unit F, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Headquartered in Fort Collins, Frameworks Inspired Homes is a general contracting, land development, and custom timber frame home builder that extends its services throughout Colorado and Wyoming. It specializes in large-scale remodels and modern home renovations, and guides its clients throughout the entire process. The firm’s remodeling processes are noted to be both quick and accurate. Further, all of its projects are overseen by a project manager, who keeps the entire project organized and within the agreed-upon budgets and schedules. The firm begins its process by getting to know its client and understanding their lifestyles and needs. It then proceeds with working on estimates, design and selection, and engineering.

The firm’s portfolio showcases various architectural themes ranging from the most timeless pieces to the latest contemporary work. The project above depicts its excellence in wood finishing, stucco touches, and expertise for intricate custom pieces. 

Adaptive Habitats Construction

116 N Grant Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80525

Adaptive Habitats Construction draws inspiration from over five decades of crafting and designing new homes and revamped spaces, adhering to a highly collaborative method coupled with consistent communication during the entire process. The firm is comprised of a team of hardworking and talented professionals who work closely with all of the firm’s clients. Together they provide creative and functional solutions, resulting in innovative and timeless spaces. The firm is personally led by its owner Morgan Cate, who holds a degree in Construction Management from Colorado State University and is experienced in high-end residential and sustainable construction. He has worked throughout Vail and Boulder and, before establishing the firm, first gained experience building resort homes in the Steamboat Springs area. He also has experience working with commercial projects before finally launching the firm. 

Under Cate’s leadership, Adaptive Habitats specializes in advanced construction systems and renders its projects in an extensive range of architectural themes. It also maintains affiliations with vital industry organizations, including the US Green Building Council and the Occupational Safety Health Administration. 

Streamline Enterprises

7808 Allott Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80525

Streamline Enterprises is a full-service remodeling firm operating out of its offices in Fort Collins. The firm has over three decades of industry experience, and can handle various home improvement projects from initial design to completion. It specializes in interior remodeling and woodworking services and can serve as a one-stop-shop for a client’s remodeling needs, lessening the challenge of outsourcing for materials or subcontractors. It has an in-house team of artisans, subcontractors, and suppliers. Together, the firm’s team works on basement finishes, custom cabinetry, interior trim work, specialty rooms, window, and door replacements, and entire house remodels. The firm is particularly noted for its custom cabinetry since it is an authorized dealer for Wellborn Cabinetry, a high-quality and customizable cabinet line. Additionally, Streamline is known for its excellent ability to repurpose underused spaces, which it often showcases in most of its work. 

For the project above, the firm depicts its expertise for the previously mentioned custom built-in cabinetry. In this space, the firm opted for clean finishes, an open floor plan, and unique fixtures. As pictured, the cabinetry comes with large shelves. 

Lamar Valley Craftsman

2620 Brush Creek Dr., Fort Collins, CO 80528

Established in 2001, Lamar Valley Craftsman provides custom home building and remodeling services and is the firm behind some of Northern Colorado’s best homes. The firm is personally led by its owner Barry Schram, a professional involved with all aspects of the building process. A talented team of architects, engineers, interior designers, and several other trade contractors. It has secured solid relationships with numerous clients throughout the area, some of which the firm has had the privilege of working with more than once, and is noted for its excellent methods. Lamar Valley provides open book pricing, which means that clients can see all proposals and invoices throughout the entire project. It also utilizes project management software that allows its clients to access all communication, document storage, scheduling via the internet. 

The project above showcases one of the firm’s best modern projects. It features in-floor heating by geothermal wells and cooling via an air handler, imported doors and windows, integrated solar shingles, and underground car storage. Some of its more unique spaces include a wine room and sauna. 

FoCo Home Remodel

242 Linden St., Fort Collins, CO 80524

FoCo Home Remodel services Fort Collins and the surrounding areas. The firm is known for its excellent kitchen and bathroom remodels, as well as its large-scale custom remodels. The firm draws inspiration from over a decade of industry experience, and is comprised of a talented team of in-house designers and professionals. FoCo’s portfolio depicts various designs, from the latest modern and contemporary themes to the most timeless and classic architecture. Home remodeling is typically the best option for homeowners looking to revamp particular spaces in their homes, or clients hoping to save money. FoCo further enhances this with its projects often noted to increase the value of their clients’ homes and upgrade their home’s efficiency and sustainability. 

The project above is one of the firm’s best bathroom remodels. Often, bathroom remodels are regarded as one of the most challenging spaces to renovate. FoCo’s packages include cabinet refinishing, appliance installation, countertop work, and other improvement repairs. These packages come with competitive pricing, depending on a client’s budget. 

Artisan Remodeling & Design

1125 Twinberry Ct., Fort Collins, CO 80525

As its name suggests, Artisan Remodeling & Design provides a full and comprehensive range of design and remodeling services in Fort Collins and the surrounding areas. It takes great pride in its excellent client reviews, solid reputation, and commitment to high standards. The firm is particularly well-known for its superb kitchen and bathroom remodels and its extraordinary basement transformations. Artisan also has its own showroom, making it a one-stop-shop for clients’ remodeling needs where they can pick out tiles, cabinets, flooring, and more. Clients can take advantage of the firm’s various packages, which they can customize to their particular needs and ideas. The firm’s portfolio showcases modern and transitional themes as showcased in the project below.

Paul Bilbro, the company’s owner and principal, leads the firm. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from Colorado State University and is experienced in every aspect of the building process. He ensures that all of the firm’s projects benefit from his experience and takes the time to understand each client’s ideas.